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Why bother? Concentrate on your practice.

When a member of sahaj marg encounters our blogs or gets in touch with something which indicates, that what he is doing is wrong, he convinces himself by saying “I should not bother about these issues, it does not matter to me… I will concentrate on my practice” and by thinking this (from heart)… s/he suppresses his own doubts and does not try to find out if the practice he is doing is causing good effect or is actually deteriorating him to below human standards. As a consequence degrade the societal standard.

This is the basic reason for the emotional and mental weakness demonstrated by members of SRCM, these people are not strong enough to accept the truth that they are being fooled in name of spirituality. They follow sahaj marg thinking that they are following a spiritual system, which is far from truth and when someone makes them realize that sahaj marg is not a spiritual system but a business scheme, just like Amway or any other MLM’s, they prefer to ignore this and try to engross themselves more into the fraud of sahaj marg. We all should know that these zombies are not the culprit but the victim, it is not their default behavior but association with sahaj marg has made them so weak that they have lost all power to face the truth, a person who is afraid of truth cannot become a spiritual person, because spirituality is the art of knowing. nothing but the truth, and when a person gets scared of truth and put their head deep in sand and refuse to acknowledge the glaring reality in front of him, how can that person know the infinite???


To get a glimpse of spirituality we need not wonder here and there, all we need to do is to look up…

There are two worlds, the microcosm, and the macrocosm, the internal and the external. We get truth from both of these by means of experience. The truth gathered from internal experience is psychology, metaphysics, and religion; from external experience, the physical sciences. Now a perfect truth should be in harmony with experiences in both these worlds. The microcosm must bear testimony to the macrocosm, and the macrocosm to the microcosm; physical truth must have its counterpart in the internal world, and the internal world must have its verification outside.

External world is visible to everyone, even a child, our universe is waste, and the human race has not been able to find out almost anything about our universe, the cosmos is part of that spirituality which the sages strive for in the past and are doing so now.

We are part of Milky way galaxy, and this galaxy itself is so huge that our sun is like a dust particle as compared to overall size of our galaxy, diameter of our galaxy is 90,000 light years, nearest galaxy is the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy which was discovered in 1994, and there are billions of such galaxies with every possibility that life exists at more places in this infinite universe. Our vision of cosmos is limited in time and not space, there are many dimensions of existence other then what we know currently and knowledge of this infinite is what all souls yarn for…

Sahaj Marg defines spirituality as obedience to Mr Parathasarthi Rajagopalachari, who claims himself to be a representative of God. Do they have any idea as what God could be? The galaxy shown above, and billions of such galaxies in our universe are part of that God, Chari and his sahaj marg is limited in brighter world and their spirituality is defined by how obedient a person can become to Mr Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari... God is not human and as such there cannot be any human representative of God, because if there is a human God there has to be a dog God, a cow God, tree God so on and so forth..

That mind which understand this waste universe and the subtle particles which constitute this universe, is called a spiritual person, Hindus have understood the basic constitutional particle of this universe and have named it "Prana", Patanjali formulated a method to control this "prana" by proposing "Pranayam", patanjali's theory, called Raja Yoga, was tested and verified, and then came people like Parthasarthi Rajagopalachair who utilized the established path and gave their business the name of Raja Yoga and begun fooling people.

According to P. Rajagopalachari,

We have to bypass the brain if you are going to be a spiritual person seriously interested in your evolution. Anything that you subject to your brain for evaluation will only doom you to further slavery. I hope you will take this last warning of mine to heart - put away your head completely.

Such kind of statements are very dangerous for our society, thinking is an attribute which is limited to humans, and by not thinking, by not using your brain, you are not becoming spiritual but animal like, if you don't use your mind, you are called idiots, and idiots are not spiritual people, uplifting the cause of society, but are a curse for the society and the society has build mental health clinics for such kind of people, who refuse to use their brains and apply basic logic before committing to any act or thought

Mind is that part of human body which has the potential to let us know God, heart is that part of body, which keeps the body running by pumping blood, it is the mind which gives us the discriminative power and power to apply logic, it is mind which can develop faith, heart can be transplanted, mind cannot be, every mind is unique, humans have won over heart and can successfully change a person's heart, a person can live with heart of an animal, it is medically possible, and has been tested, mind has never been replaced, heart can be replaced.

Every spiritual person known in human history is said to have used his/her brain to maximum possible usage, and this usage has not exceeded 5% of its potential, known to humans.

Just imagine what would have happened if people like kepler, Darwin, Krishna, Vivekanada, Buddha etc used their heart insead of their head? or were part of a concept like sahaj marg??? Humanity would have slumped into hell and there would not have been a single person who would have had the capacity to think freely and with his vision transform the nature of humanity!!! And change the direction in which human race moves.

This is the power of knowledge, and knowledge comes through mind, spirituality is gaining this power through knowledge, and obedience to a tainted person cannot bring about this knowledge of spirituality, but will defiantly slump a person in hell, which is made up of constant fear, hallucination, mental diseases, psychological and emotional turmoil’s. A perturbed life defines sahaj marg today, knowledge, truth of existence, courage, logic, and fearlessness are something which members of sahaj marg are told not to bother about, they are told to be simply obedient and follow whatever dictate comes from SRCM working committee, just imagine plight of Lord Rama, or Lord Krishna, or Lord Buddha, if they had followed the concept of sahaj marg and relied on “messages from brighter world” to erase their “samskara”. This is not spirituality my friends, this is foolishness at its best, stupidity streched to its limit, and it is very dangerous because members of srcm are asked not even to think about their development, they are made absolutely obedient in name of spirituality, members of srcm are controlled and manipulated to the point that they loose all contact with world and get into depression and face numerous psychological and emotional problems, spirituality does not induce hallucination and mental diseases, it heals a person from such diseases, sahaj marg is opposite of spirituality and members Must think about their association with this cult.

Sahaj Marg verses civilized society.

If we compare sahaj marg on a scale of benefit to society and humanity we will find that sahaj marg as a concept is the one which is holding back the growth of humanity, sahaj marg, which claims that to know spirituality one must become obedient to a person who has several criminal cases running in various courts, is the culprit for the downfall of those who are/were associated with this concept at any point of time in their life.
Why bother? Why not concentrate on the practice and follow what preceptor is saying?

Because we are answerable, we are responsible, and we are accountable for our actions.
We are answerable, responsible and accountable for our actions because we are part of society, we were born in this society, we have taken social, emotional and financial security from this society and maintaining the law of the land is responsibility of every human.

Those who renounce society, family and all contacts with infrastructure provided by society can claim that they are not answerable, responsible and accountable for this society, but if we are reaping benefit from our social infrastructure we cannot simply run away and refuse to answer for our deeds, which has caused pain to other fellow humans of our society.

We cannot simply follow what is told to us by those who are facing charges by society, spirituality is bonded with responsibility, and each and every member of this society is answerable for his/her deeds at least.

Association with sahaj marg is a questionable act, and those who are members of srcm need to clarify their stand and answer the society as why they should be given social security when they defy all rules of the society.

Breakdown of social norms:-

There has been many cases of divorce directly associated with practice of sahaj marg.
These poor people have suffered the unspeakable pain and undergone unexplainable suffering only because their partners were brainwashed by this cult of sahaj marg. Who is responsible for these suffering? It is very easy for brainwashed members of srcm to blame the victim of sahaj marg by saying that it must have been their fault for divorce, but this is far from truth, one person cannot be wrong 100% they all have blamed sahaj marg for their divorce, and they have provided verifiable proof’s to substantiate their statements, their partners were brainwashed and manipulated by SRCM and they were in a way separated from their family by SRCM because SRCM provided them with alternate family and relatives who were from their own group.

This isolation of the victim and breakdown of marriages in name of obedience and spirituality is an act of crime against society and Sahaj Marg and Shree Ram Chandra Mission is directly responsible for this horror.

They have to answer this and must pay for their deeds against the social justice and social system because SRCM take benefit from our society and cause harm the same society. We as a responsible part of civilized society seek answer and frame responsibility for sufferings of our fellow humans.

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