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This article ( appears to be a response to what we have been writing.... below is my analysis viz-a-viz KSB's view.

India is the homeland of spirituality.

Take this!! spirituality has a homeland !! as per my understanding of spirituality it is universal, not even global, how can a universal term be confined within political boundaries of any country ? spirituality, just like gravitation is universal ! it exists everywhere, even in those area's which are not known to us, the process of creation and subsequent destruction is part of same cosmic intelligence. Process to understand this cosmic intelligence is what is commonly understood as spirituality, it is the same force which holds the planets in their orbit, it is the same force, which create a galaxy from black-hole confining spirituality to a homeland is a mind controlling tactics presented in such a manner that since India is homeland of spirituality therefore a pilgrimage to the same is must just like "HUJ" is mandatory in Islam! (Remember Religion divides, but these cults UNITE !) drones !!!

From pre-historic times, followed by the Vedic and epic periods, many saints, sages and seers have emerged in this holy land. They gave their heart and soul to their pursuit to reach human perfection, realisation of God or Self-realisation.

How many civilization's are we aware of from "pre-historic" times ? there were(/are/will be) many saints, sages and seer's who emerged in India, but their knowledge cannot be confined within political boundaries of India, if there is origin, there will be an end !! this is universal cycle! that which starts ends.. hence emergence in itself leads to destruction, claiming that saints have emerged in India is in a way presenting a universal term, a universal love and a universal understanding in a much confined manner, which defeats the very purpose of knowledge expressed by the same saints, sages and seer's!.

Lumbini (birth place of Gautam Buddha) is in Nepal.. So from this statement, Nepal is the birth-land of spirituality ? or homeland of Buddhists !! Am I wrong when I use the term "ZOMBIE" to these cult member's ?

After reaching their destination, they tried to train many of their fellow human beings, to uplift them from their sufferings in this world. We find evidences for this in the Vedas, the most ancient literature of this world, texts on Yoga and other schools of Indian philosophy.

Destination ? what is it ? enlightenment ? and what is that ? this is yet another mind controlling tactic's wage and absurd statement's like destination nobody knows what destination are they talking about ? enlightenment is simply knowledge, difference between an enlighten personality and one who is still ignorant, is knowledge of self, "we have the cosmos within" this knowledge is what is called enlightenment, there is no other difference, no-human being can ever be divine, accept this fact, if a human can be divine, s/he will not be human, only difference is in knowledge of cosmic intelligence, they both have same hands, eye's ear's mouth hands and legs. We all have same soul. There is no difference other then degree of knowledge, and that knowledge cannot be confined within the Veda's even, (those who have read the veda know this) or any other form which can be expressed. That infinite knowledge is not limited within philosophy, or Yoga or text. It is a self experience, which cannot be explained. The saints, sages and seer's this zombie is talking about explained the need to understand this cosmic intelligence, and provided a roadmap, for gaining this knowledge, which has infrastructure of Religion around it, spirituality is the very essence of all religions known in human history, again remember "Religion divides and this cult unites".

Sahaj Marg, the modified system of Raja Yoga, stands on the foundation of these noble teachings of the scriptures.

Truth cannot be modified ! If there is any scope of modification then the system is not perfect to start with ! if they claim that they have modified "Raja Yoga" they in essence say that Raja Yoga is not perfect, is not universal, is not applicable to all, cannot lead mankind to what it claim's, God does not change with time, and hence way to understand God also cannot be changed with time, If a system is not perfect, how can its distorted version be perfect ? This is the reason as why Sahaj marg leads to ruin ! they claim to have modified something which is eternal, why don't you modify the Veda's then ? this brainwashing cannot stand in front of logic.

These scripture are building blocks of Religion. If you claim Sahaj marg "stands in foundation of these noble teachings" then how come Religion divides and Sahaj Marg unites ? how, where and when Sahaj Marg de-associates itself from Religion when slogan for zombies is "Religion Divides and this cult unites!!' either Religion's do not divide or Sahaj Marg divides more!

but like many other schools, it too has its own philosophy and unique practice

hold on please read this talk given by cult figure Chari on New Year's Day, 2005 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam, INDIA

As you know, Babuji Maharaj spoke very little. He said, "If and when a guide has to speak, it should be only to teach us about what we have to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, and of course, why to do it." There is no room for philosophy in speeches of Sahaj Marg. In fact, Sahaj Marg has no philosophy. It does not rest on any philosophy. It is neither advaita nor dvaita nor vishishta advaita.

Why is it, that everyone contradicts each other ? indeed this is a SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATION LOL

The word Veda comes from the Sanskrit root Vid, "to know". It consists of passages in prose and poetry that are prior to any other literature of this world. The Vedic saints are called Rishis, which etymologically means, �those who have seen the mantras�(1) . This required the practice of penance, austerity, meditation, celibacy and so on.

Veda's are the texts on which Hindu religion is based on, and remember the slogan for zombies "Religion divides and this cult unites" why use religious text, base your teachings on religion and then in the same breath say it is divisive ? either they are drone's or they think rest of the world is drone !

The Vedas contain the highest knowledge, the transcendental knowledge that cannot be obtained by other means like perception through sense organs, inference, and reasoning. Hence the Vedas have been accepted as the authoritative source of knowledge by all orthodox schools of Indian Philosophy.

What has Sahaj Marg of Chari got to do with this ? Again Veda's are the basis on which Hindu religion (Sanatan Dharma) is based and according to Sahaj Marg " religion divides" ! this is contradicting the very basis on which they claim Sahaj Marg is build ! you may be a zombie but rest of the world is NOT. This is clear case of manipulation, systematic mind control tactic's !!

Those who deny this authority to the Vedas have been classified as heterodox or atheist schools of philosophy. The Charvaka (materialists), Buddhism and Jainism come into the latter category.

Charvaka's which is based on B'rhaspatya-sutras and originated during Murya period of Indian history, is also part of all accepting Hindu philosophy, they were allowed to shout from the temple's that they do not believe in existence of God, even Buddhism is also accepted as part of, extension of, Hindu philosophy, it is stated that one should have mind of a Hindu and heart of a Buddha. BTW what has sahaj marg got to do these divisive approaches.. they are all RELIGIOUS.

It should also be pointed out here that even among the orthodox schools (2) Sankhya and Mimamsa do not accept the existence of God, but they accept the authority of the Vedas and hence they are considered as theists or orthodox.

Variation of Sankhya and Mimamsa school of thought is only on Brahmasutra which declares that God is "Karta sastrarthavattvat". Karta means the doer, one who does, it (Brahmasutra) declear's that God is the creator of this universe, in addition to this, it also states that it is the God who vouchsafes us the reword of our acts, if it is accordance to vedic principles it is considered good, and will be reworded, whereas if against vedic principles, it will attract punishment, from God, the Sankhyas however state that Lord is not the creator or the doer, but is "pure knowledge" janna.

The Mimamsa on the other hand, is silent on subject of "karta" the doer, but states that it is not the Lord which vouchsafes the fruits of action, but they depend how the act, or the intention behind the act is viewed in the veda's or the shastra's

The Yoga school of philosophy founded by Patanjali, whose period is fixed by modern scholars as 150 BC, accepts both the Vedas and the existence of God. Sahaj Marg, it may be pointed out, also holds the same view as that of Patanjali. It closely follows the principles enunciated in the Vedas and in Patanjali's Yoga system.

So Sahaj Marg is part of Hindu Religion ? and is heterodox and reject the statements of other school of thoughts have they done any debate ? hindu religion is based on arguments and counter arguments for and against each and every aspect which is not perceived by direct perception. Has sahaj marg established itself as such ? till that happens, Sahaj Marg is nothing more then a mind controlling, brainwashing, manipulating, dangerous and harmful CULT.

Can Sahaj marg provide any reference in the veda's which lays any emphasis on the needs of brainwashed preceptor's roaming around like Dracula's, hunting for victim's ready to suck their blood and make them also another vampire, yet another Dracula hunting again for a new victim, but they must realize that Dracula's are operative until dawn, one ray of light, burns them into ashes

Yoga is generally classified into two main divisions viz., Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga, though later on many other branches of Yoga came into vogue.

Bhakti Yoga, Janna Yoga, Karma Yoga they all came into vogue later ???? this demonstrates lack of knowledge of the author. Any approch must educate and develop the complete self, the heart, head and hand. One-sided development is never commendable. Karma Yoga purifies and develops the hand. Bhakti Yoga destroys vikshepa and develops the heart. Raja Yoga removes the veil of ignorance and develops will and reason. Therefore, one should practice all the four Yogas. There is no distingution however, as in case of rainbow, we can see the difference, but where the difference actually starts is not visible, similarly, these four yoga's are induced in each other and are not sperable !

Hatha Yoga mainly deals with practices that help one to keep his physical body hale and healthy, by means of exercises such as postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and so on.

Breathing technique's are essential for each posture, those who know, inform the pupil's how to breath during various asanas, Pranayam however is not exclusively part of Hatha Yoga, but is one of the eight steps as mentioned in Patanjali's Raja Yoga.

Raja Yoga, on the other hand, mainly deals with the mind. It endeavours to restrain the tendencies of the mind from going out, (like the reins of a horse) and brings the mind to a state of perfect calmness, equilibrium or balance. Patanjali's Yoga belongs to this category.

What has Sahaj Marg got to do with this? Yoga is indispensable part of Hindu Religion, and according to Sahaj marg, Religion divides!!

Sahaj Marg also follows the same principle. The practice of Sahaj Marg meditation regulates the mind and strengthens the will power.

This is the biggest lie of this cult, and is the basis of manipulation, mind control and brainwashing!!.. Practice of Sahaj Marg, which requires a medium, a preceptor who transmits, applies mind control on the victim, and victims will power is simply drained out, and the victim is left with NULL decision making capacity, s/he is TRANSMITTED, need to OBEY the cult figure Chari, celebrate his birthday, (three day BIRTHDAY BASH FROM 22nd July to 25th july each year!!) donate money, buy books, where in his 196 Aphorisms has Patanjali's emphases the need to celebrates Chari's birthday ? where in Raja Yoga, sitting with a lusty, sex frustated, fetish for girls preceptor mentioned ? where in Raja Yoga, attacking a 65 year old women prescribed ? and beating the family mamber's of their own GURU ? where in Raja yoga fighting court battle for control over property prescribed ? where in Raja Yoga raping women's prescribed ? where in Raja yoga not to ask questions prescribed ? where in Raja yoga, simply obeying prescribed ? lies will not be hidden anymore ! IT WILL BE EXPOSED

The precepts and practice as advocated by the masters of Sahaj Marg are not contradictory to those given in the Vedas or ancient Yogic texts. Some examples are given below to prove this point.

I. Practice :

Sahaj Marg emphasises that one should do one's practice regularly. Patanjali also opines the same, when he says (3) ,

Is this the only way Sahaj Marg is similar to Raja Yoga ? this is yet another manipulating statement, this can be used to brainwash people. There is a saying "Practice makes man perfect" is this the only why as how Sahaj Marg is related to Patanjali's Raja yoga ? whoever made that statement is also following MODIFIED version of Raja Yoga then!! why not follow him ? why Sahaj Marg then ?

Sahaj Marg says that meditation means "to think of an object continuously". Patanjali endorses this view in his Yoga Sutra(4). He gives importance to the moral and ethical values to be followed by all without any exception. He calls them Yama and Niyama each of which contains five principles. Sahaj Marg also emphasises the same, through its "Ten Maxims".

"to think of an object continuously" the registered trade mark "constant remembrance" of "Chari" truth cannot be hidden, Patanjali sutra's have no where mentioned that one needs to think about a criminal constantly, this is psychological terrorism, being induced on innocent victims.

The Ten Maxims of Sahaj Marg is here:-

1. Rise before dawn. Offer your prayer and puja at a fixed hour, preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and seat for worship. Purity of mind and body should be specially adhered to.

Early to bed and early to rise, very old saying, what is new or unique in this ? the prayer.. "I AM SALVE" also their purity of mind is displayed here..

2. Begin your puja with a prayer for spiritual elevation, with a heart full of love and devotion.

Begin saying "I am slave" love and devotion towards representative of God, i.e criminal Chari. This is sahaj marg.

3. Fix up your goal which should be 'complete oneness' with God. Rest not till the ideal is achieved.

Complete oneness with representative of God on earth.. i.e criminal Chari, goal is complete drain out of intellectual, emotional, monetary and psychological power's of humans.... this is what this cult aims at.

4. Be plain and simple to be identical with nature.

Be naked ? see this.. Back in the Pooja room, the family was ready for the ritual. Their guru's pooja hung proudly on the wall and the family was in full attendance, Pragyas grand father, father, mother, brother and two sisters all without a stitch of clothing on their stark naked bodies

5. Be truthful. Take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be thankful.

See this truthful !!

6. Know all people as thy brethren and treat them as such.

See this sahajmarg is an atheist cult which does not believe in any kind of familial ties., �its only religion being open sex�. There are no brothers, sisters, father or mother. All human beings are same.

7. Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts.

See this

8. Be happy to eat in constant divine thoughts whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings.

Registered Trade Mark.. constant remembrance of Chari.. !!

9.Mould your life so as to arouse a feeling of love and piety in others.

Indeed, see this

10. At bedtime, feeling the presence of God, repent for the wrongs committed. Beg forgiveness in a supplicant mood, resolving not to allow repetition of the same.

Don't be with your spouse, but remember presence of Chari ? and this is great for familial happiness.. Sahaj Marg explained !

Sahaj Marg prescribes "meditation on the divine light in the heart". The Upanishads, which form the end, and the most important part of the Vedas, also opine the same. The Katha Upanishad (4.13) (belonging to the Yajur Veda) says: �The Self, the lord of the past and the future, is like a light without smoke; he is verily the same today and tomorrow�.
Katha Upnishad is once again part of hindu religion, and according to Sahaj Marg Religion divides !! transmission is from Chari�s heart to the preceptor�s heart to the victims heart�
The Mundaka Upanishad (III.1.5.) (Belonging to the Atharva Veda) says: �When the impurities dwindle, the ascetics or the self-controlled, behold Him � stainless, resplendent within the body�.

When Religion divides, how can religious texts be used... ? This is clear case of manipulation, brainwashing and cultic mind control.

The Mahanarayana Upanishad (II.7) (of the Yajur Veda) says : �we meditate upon Him, the limitless, the changeless, the seer, the end aim of the ocean of existence, the source of all Bliss in the heart, which is like a lotus bud�.

Religion divides

The Svetasvatara Upanishad (4.17) (also of the Yajur Veda) says: �the divinity who created the universe and who pervades everything always dwells in the hearts of the creatures. Those realize him become immortal�.

Religion divides

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita (18.61), �the lord is seated in the hearts of all the beings�.

Religion divides!!!

There are also many other passages in the Vedas which recommend meditation on the �light in the heart�, which is being followed by the practitioners of Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga.

Once again Religion divides, Sahaj marg � is a contradiction in terms.

Raja Yoga means the King among Yoga systems. The mind is said to be the king of all the sense organs and, since this Yogic practice mainly deals with the mind, it is called Raja Yoga. Gorakshanatha, a well-known Yoga master of 9th -10th cent, A.D. also asserts the same(5). But the ancient schools of Yoga prescribe many difficult practices, which are impossible to be adopted in modern times.

Patanjali�s Raja Yoga is most simplest to practice, if speaking truth is impossible to adopt in modern times then no yoga can help, Sahaj Marg should first correct itself, before pointing towards deficiencies of any other system.

By practising yama and niyama, the Yogic student purifies his mind. By practising asana, he gets steadiness and firmness of body. By practising pranayama, he removes the tossing of mind and destroys rajas and tamas. By practising pratyahara he gets mental strength, peace of mind and inner life. By the practice of dharana, he gets ekagrata state of mind. By practising dhyana, he fills the mind with divine thoughts. By practising samadhi, he destroys the seeds of births and deaths, and gets immortality, the final beatitude. You cannot erase any of these steps, just to modify and suite your needs.... you cannot be a lier and a true teacher at the same time !!

Also some practices like breathing techniques, though beneficial if practiced correctly under the guidance of an adept in Yoga, would produce unwanted diseases if done wrongly. The most popular text on Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Svatmarama (12-15 cent A, D.) caution the practitioners in this regard(6) . Hence, a simplified system of Raja Yoga is the need of the hour.

Simplified or modified for manipulation, mind control and brainwashing ? Pranayam as prescribed in Patanjali�s Raja Yoga can be explained in one line� breath in from one side immediately breath out from other side� hold on for 8-16-32 sec�s and then repeat. Breathing is directly proportional to thinking process, in essence, pranayam is controlling of thoughts medium is breath !.

The method known as Sahaj Marg which is practiced in Shri Ram Chandra Mission. It is a simple, subtle, safe and sure method which takes the aspirant towards human perfection in the shortest possible duration.

Shortest possible duration ? and what is that ? another mind control tactic's, name one zombie who has achieved human perfaction and in what time ? also Which "Shri Ram Chandra Mission" there are two at this time, another one is called ISRC ! court case is going on...

Human perfection ! See this �I tried it for 2 days and I felt so odd I stoped. I didn't know what to make of my feelings,�

The greatest advantage in this path is that, the guru or the Master or the guide, whatever one may call him, takes the responsibility of transforming an individual into a perfect human being without much effort on the part of the practitioner.

So according to Sahaj Marg, Chari a criminal himself, (convicted by the law under IPC 398) can make people knowledgeable without any effort. ! indeed this can happen ONLY IN SAHAJ MARG

This is made possible through the unique method adopted by the Master, which is termed �Pranahuti� in Sahaj Marg. Pranahuti means �offering one�s life energy�. The Master, offers his own life-energy, directs it to the hearts of the disciple through his will power, and awakens the Soul which lies dormant in the heart of the seeker. The seeker has just to receive it in his heart, which he can feel once he turns his attention inwardly. The Pranahuti is defined as �The utilization of the divine energy for the transformation of man�. Sahaj Marg does not bar any one from experiencing this divine energy. Any one without any barrier of colour, caste, creed, sex, religion, nationality etc., can derive the benefit of the Master�s services, without paying anything in return!

This is hypnosis, this approach, described above is very very dangerous for normal human�s, it is because of this TRANSMISSION only that people become mindless objects, simply obeying, zombies and drones. This is very harmful for psychological health of the victim, a word of caution, stay as far away from this mind controlling, psychological terrorism as possible !. this is very harmful for mental health, and psycological well being ! These people are blood sucking vampire's, they are animals disguised as human's, to add more... they are not noble animals like donkey's or Dog's but cunning and degerous animals like snakes, scorpien and crocodiles..

Now, naturally a question arises whether this is true or just a fancy. Is there any such reference in early texts on Yoga where such phenomenon was available in ancient times(7) ? The answer is �Yes�. We do have many such references in ancient texts where the Yogic energy or the divine energy was transmitted by the teacher to the disciple, resulting in the transformation of the latter. We shall see just a few of them here.

What is stated in the texts is not displayed here, what is stated is truly modified to suit the present day needs of these selfish people, and is modified in such a way that it drains a person of all his thinking, reasoning and intellectual power�s, and transforms him/her into a mindless obeying object.

The Yoga Vasishtha, ascribed to the legendary saint Valmiki (who wrote the Ramayana), contains reference of the great saint Vasishtha transforming his disciple lord Rama at once, using this method of transmission. Here three methods of Yogic transmission, viz., by touch, by sight and through words are mentioned(8) . The Sutasamhita, which forms part of Skandapurana, which is at least one thousand five hundreds years old, adds one more to the above list. It includes transmission through will power (or thought) and says that this is the subtlest and the highest method of transmission. It may be pointed here that Sahaj Marg adopts the same method.

Once again Religion Divides, why use divisive text�s, why base on something which according to Sahaj Marg divides ? Once again it is self evident that Sahaj Marg � is a contradiction in terms !

In ancient and medieval Sufi systems, this technique of transmission from the heart was known as Tavajjhoh. It may also be noted that ancient Chinese Buddhism also contains references to such practices. The 9th -10th cent A.D. text on Kashmir Saivism also contains references to such method of Yogic transmission adopted by the Master in effecting spiritual evolution of the disciples.

Uniqueness in Sahaj Marg is modification of these techniques into a mind controlling, brainwashing method. which is modified to manipulate innocent victims into blood sucking vampires.

Lord Krishna transmitted the divine energy to Arjuna on the battle field and made him an immortal hero, as can be seen from the great epic Mahabharata.

Religion Divides. Correct ? They are all Hindu Texts. and Hindu religion is divisive.

In recent times, 19th cent, A.D. the great Master of Bengal, Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa transformed his disciple, Narendranath into a Yogi of immortal fame viz., Swami Vivekananda, through the method of transmission of divine energy, Such is the efficiency of this method. The tradition has continued from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Swami Vivekanada would never say repeat everyday.. �I AM SLAVE�

In the 19th cent. A.D. the great saint Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fategarh (U.P.) (1873-1931) affectionately called Lalaji by his disciples, made this process available to all human kind in great numbers. He is rightly called as the first guru of the Sahaj Marg system and it is in his name that Shri Ram Chandra Mission was established in 1945 A.D., by his dearest disciple and successor, who also bore the same name (i.e. Shri Ram Chandraji). This illustrious personality was born in 1899 in Shahjahanpur (U.P.) in India. He established this Mission in remembrance of his Master and travelled to many parts of India and abroad to offer spiritual service to all human beings without expecting anything in return. Such was his devotion to his Master that he continued to serve everyone without any distinction, till his last moment in this mortal world, which he left in 1983. His followers affectionately called him Babuji.

Great Saint Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fategarh (U.P.) ? great in what sense ? what has he done to mankind ? apeared in dreams of a psycopath ? and that is his greatness ? he can be a great human being... but great saint that too of the order of Swami Vivekananda, Lord Kirshna... Drones, enough of manipulation. these brainwashing tectic's will not work anymore ! true face of this cult is availabe here

Babuji�s most devoted disciple and successor Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately known as Chariji, was born in 1927 near Chennai in South India. He was mainly instrumental in spreading the noble teachings of the earlier Masters in more than 80 countries, spread over all the continents of this world (9).

Really !!! what is this ?

All the Masters lead a simple life, true to the term Sahaj Marg, which literally means �The natural path�. There are no religious dogmas, rigorous rituals, preaching of sermons and so on in this method. It is simple, subtle and any one who has the willingness to transform himself into a perfect human being can experience its efficacy.

Chari�s birthday Bash, sitting with preceptor, praying I AM SLAVE what is this then ? thinking about Chari, while in bed with your spouse..... very simple, and most spiritual.

Sahaj Marg does not condemn any religion but goes beyond the religious precepts and unites all the people. It is said that �religion divides people but spirituality unites people�.

And use all the religious texts at the same time... where you out of your mind when you were stating all the passage's from RELIGIOUS TEXTS like Gita, upnishads and Veda's etc ? religion divides only when you please correct ?

Spirituality is the very essence of all religion, if religion can divide, its core cannot unite, this is contradiction, religion in addition to spirituality, also offer�s a societal living. There is no other difference then that amongst all religions of the world, baseline is same i.e spirituality, depending on geographical condition�s, way of living differs. Religions DO NOT DIVIDE PEOPLE, IT IS CULT's LIKE SRCM WHICH DIVIDES PEOPLE

Another notable point in Sahaj Marg is that it offers the same practice to all the people without any reservation.

This is what is called Brainwashing

It may also be noted that the women get the same equal status as men in this system, unlike the ancient spiritual systems.

Why cannot womens become master of Sahaj Marg ? name that ancient spiritual systems which holds other view !

Yet another unique aspect of Sahaj Marg is that it does not recommend any one to renounce the family life, as advocated by many schools of Indian philosophy where the life of the renunciate or mendicant is a must for spiritual pursuit, as is the case in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. On the other hand, Sahaj Marg says that one should neglect neither the worldly life nor the spiritual life. In fact it says that �the material life and the spiritual life should go hand in hand, like two wings of a bird, equally glittering.�

Sahaj Marg not only distroyes family, but demolishes the very basis on which our society is build.. here is the proof of this statement.

The Pranahuti, the unique flow of transmission from the Master to the millions of aspirants, plays an important role in the evolution of man into a perfect human being. It checks the mental tendency from going astray and helps one to regulate his mind, and thereby his senses and activities, thus bringing him into a state of perfect balance and moderation. This is one of the definitions of the term Yoga, given by the lord in the Bhagavad-Gita (II.48).

Gita is a religious text, and if religion divides, how can Gita unite ?

It can be seen from the above brief discussion that Sahaj Marg is a modified system of Raja Yoga, built firmly on the noble principles enunciated in ancient scriptures. It is to be noted that the base or foundation, without any structure built over it, is useless. Also no structure without any firm foundation will last long. Both should be equally strong for giving shelter and peace to people who live within it. This world is the home built with love and sacrifice by the great Masters, where we all live. May this world ever remain an abode of peace and love.

This world cannot remain an abode of peace and love till there are cults like Sahaj marg operating.

References :

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References :

NONE, Direct, self experience, accept it or reject it.

In 2005, Chariji has nominated Mr. Ajay Kumar Bhatter of Kolkotta, as his successor, thus ensuring the continuity of the lineage of the Masters.

His credentials ?

Why I am not the master of Sahaj marg ? Do I posses less knowledge then Chari or Ajay ? I also have a brighter world, and from there i have received this message, last night only, that i should appoint myself as lord of this universe... This is not only my statement but same is echoed by Swami Vivekanada, lord Kirshna and Buddha, Jesus has also supported my claim of the sole representative of God on this earth... ask them if you don't believe me... they also communicate in your BRIGHTER WORLD AS WELL. Ask them, they will not lie.

And i communicate directly with these people.. there is no intermediate french lady doing this job for me !


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