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Criminal cases against Parthasarthi Rajgopalachari (the leader of this cult) and list of his fraudulent activities.

More information can be found at Surviving Sahaj Marg

1. Criminal Chari is currently a fugitive in India, Charge Sheet against him and 6 of his associates has been submitted by the state of Uttar Pradesh here is the scanned copy of the charge sheet filed in court.

Chari and 6 of his associates are charged under section

147/148/442/395/397/504/506 , case number 284/07 case is registered in police station RamChandra Mission, Shahjahnpurt Uttar Pradesh india.

2. Fraud nomination letter produced by Criminal Chari to support his claim.

2.a. Nomination letter produced by Umesh Chandra Saxsena.

3. Original Constitution of Sahaj Marg, registered in 1945 by Babuji and presented by Navneet Saxsena.

3.a. Fake constitution of Sahaj Marg presented by Criminal Chari.

4. Statement issued from Shahjahanpur administrative office dated 24th April 1990, stating that president of Shree Ram Chandra Mission is S.P Shrivastava.
Translation of this document is here:-
Office of District administrator city, Shahjahanpur

Letter Memo / Reg. legal
Shree Sarvesh Chandra
Joint secretary
Shree Ram Chandra Mission Ashram, Shahjahanpur

Your request letter dated 2-3-90 was cross-checked. District administrator Bhavlkheda has submitted his verification report dated 8-4-90. Based on that report it is confirmed that president of Shree Ram Chandra Mission is Doctor S.P Shrivastava, Shree V.D. Mahajan is secretary, Shree S.C Saxsena is joint secretary, apart from these, following are the members of the board.

1. Raghvendra Rao
2. P.C Saxsena
3. S.C Kishor
4. D.R Bithal Rao
5. N.R Gupta
6. Paramatma Swaroop
7. V.P Mathur
8. B. M Hewal
9. B . C Saxsena
10. R.D Pawar
11. L.K Sharma
12. M.K Gupta
13. Dr. Lalit Kumar Gupta
14. Rajan Kumar
15. Vasudev Singh
16. ChandraShekhar
17. Mrs. Ramakochar
18. M.D Jahangirdar
19. Naseeb Chandra
20. R. Ramchandra Reddy
21. Dr. S.B Shyam
22. Kantilal
23. Ramayati
24. R.B Mathur
25. Mrs. Manbhagwati Devi

Verification officer has also confirmed that above committee is taking care of everyday work of Shree Ram Chandra Mission.

Tasildar SadarShahjahnpur

5. Order passed by High Court, regarding ownership dispute of Shahjahanpur Ashram
Cover Page of the order
First Page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth Page

While dispute was still in court, Chari using his criminal gang, attacked the property in question and captured it forcefully. On the face of all these criminal activities, these people claim:-

1. Sahaj Marg fosters universal love and brotherhood

2. Chari is a spiritual person (Dram... then Jesus Christ was a criminal, as he prayed for welfare of those who killed him)

3. They claim Religion divides

4. They claim to get people married happily

5. They claim Sahaj Marg is modified version of patanjali's Raja Yoga, Where in Raja Yoga it is preached that one should use violence to capture properties.

When they follow the path of violence, how can they preach love to anyone else ? If you are member of this cult, think about it, when this cult follows path of violence, it cannot teach love, hence if you want to become a criminal minded person, a zombie, join this cult, BUT if you are looking for spirituality, Sahaj Marg is not it.

6. Chari's letter sent to Babuji after he was removed from the post of secretary of SRCM

7. Copy of letter sent by Navneet group to District magistrate regarding preventing Chari's gang people from entering the ashram of shahjhanpur which was later captured by chari's gang after beating womens and childrens present in the ashram.

First Page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth Page

8. Circular of 1984, declaring Umesh Chandra Saxsena as president of SRCM.

NOTE:- Criminal Chari has registeres his srcm and sahaj marg in USA in 1997.

9. Notice sent to chari's gang, from FCRA. This notice was sent asking why chari has submitted a different bank account, other than the one which was registered with FCRA, the bank account registered with FCRA was used by Umesh Chandra saxsena.

10. Letter sent from President of India office Ensuring rightful conduct from the administration of Shahjahanpur

11. Letter from Vice Preisdent of India office

12. Police Report of 1988, Section 145 of CrPCwas applied near the shahjanpur ashram in 1988, which was removed once Chari left the town.
The report clearly stats that since Chari is not around, there is no scope of violence in the town, hence people should be allowed to assemble and have fun, in other words, with chari's presence violence was for sure, hence the moment chari was out of town, people were free again.

Translation of this report is below

Office of SDM city Shahjahanpur
dispute number-2/11/88 section 145 crpc
Shree Dayal Verses Shree P. Gopalachari
date of order:- 1.1.88

duplicate report police station ram chandra mission date 6.1.88

Respected Sir,

Request is about case number 2/11/1988 section 145 crpc, related to shree ram chandra mission, the report is as follows

1. Shree Rajagopalachari has left the city of shahjahanpur after celebration of Basant festival.

2. Now there is no chance of violence, as P.Rajagopalchai has left the town.

3. Basant festival was celebrated with joy in the ashram premises, from 22.1.88 to 24.1.88, there was no incident of violence, during this time, P. Rajagopalachari celebrated this function from tondon house farm.

Sir, keeping in view the current situation, there is no need of crpc 145 now. Signed In charge police station ram chandra mission
date:- 26/1/88

13. Copy of the letter sent to Jangirdar part-1

14. Copy of the letter sent to Jangirdar part-2

15. Copy of the agreement reached between chari's group and navneet group about access to ashram in shahjahnpur.

Translation of this document:-

1. Shree Ram Chandra mission, situated at village-mishripur, divisional-Sadar, Police station Ram Chandra mission, district-shahjahanpur (Shree Navneet Kumar saxena side) by center administrator D. Krishna (first party)


2. Shree Ram Chandra mission, situated at village-mishripur, divisional-Sadar, Police station Ram Chandra mission, district-shahjahanpur (Shree P. Rajagopalachari side) by center administrator Shree Krishna tondon (second party)

Today on 08.11.2003 in presence of district collector, district magistrate, shahjahnpur, police superintendent, chief development officer additional district collector, additional district magistrate and additional police superintendent both parties on their free will and keeping in view law and order situation in the city, have agreed to sign the agreement for spiritual activities to be conducted in the ashram premises, under following conditions. With this agreement there will not be any effect on any of the cases pending in various courts about ownership of the group, nor this agreement will dilute stand of any group.

1. That first side, whose president is said to be Umesh Chandra saxena, and after him elected president is Navneet kumar saxena, will conduct their religious ritual every Sunday from morning 7 AM to 9 AM

2. That second side, whose president is said to be P. Rajagopalachari, will conduct their rituals every Sunday from 10 AM to 12 Noon.

3. That both the parties will not conduct any activity due to which any kind of law and order situation is developed, nor they will engage in kind of activity which may cause any kind of dispute.

First Party

Second Party

16. Breach of this agreement by chari's gang.

17. P. R Krishna manages SRCM, chari claims that spiritual transmission has nothing to do with blood relation, but this Hippocratic person, has his son managing SRCM, started by Babuji. Also note that Chari marries cult members inside his cult only, but his son was not married to a girl from SRCM !!! P.R Krishna's wife was not a member of SRCM before marrige, she joined srcm after marriage only reason for this hippocratic approach is obvious, no-one wants a contaminated women in their home (including chari), all women of sahaj marg are contaminated and are not fit for married life, if by any chance they get married out side the cult, marriage will end up in divorce, or family of boy will have to become zombies, there is no other option.
Below is the copy of letter sent to registrar of societies explaining immoral activities inside the Babuji memorial ashram Chennai.

First Page
Second Page
Third Page
Fourth Page
Fifth Page

19. Letter part-1 of succession now produced by Dinesh Kumar saxsena
Letter part-2 of succession now produced by Dinesh Kumar saxsena

Now we have yet another successor of sahaj marg and this time it is Dr. Lalta Prasad Srivastava

Discussion about this topic is here

Note:- This section will be updated often in coming few days, as we get scanned copies of documents.

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Sahaj Marg Transmission


People brainwashed by SRCM feel very good after transmission, why ? we must try and find out the reason, an analysis of the subject would revel that this feeling which is good, or what they call elevation is similar to the feeling what a drug addict has, he also feels bliss and reaches a state which he cannot explain, the magnitude of enjoyment while under influence of drugs is highly intoxicating, and those who start taking initially get addicted to this feeling of what they call divine bliss and then the drug captures their body, after a certain stage they cannot leave drugs even if they want to, they will begin to feel uneasy, and can do anything to get hold of drugs, same is the case with SRCM zombie?s, once the feelings capture your body and mind, you become slave and it takes a drug re-habilitation center to make you normal.

No call for reasoning, no emotional appeal can break through their armor of this self proclaimed joy, next question is what is wrong if a person feels good ? why should we oppose things which people enjoy ? this question must also be answered.

Once addicted, if they do not get transmission they will eventually feel bad and will not be able to get comfortable with their normal life, their mind is totally intoxicated with transmission, a person in a similar state of mind who is slave to such desires is very very dangerous, one such example is suicide bomber?s, can a normal person become a suicide bomber ? it is not possible till his mind is not fully controlled and operated by selfish people, and this is the state of a zombie.

As the drug depreciated reasoning power, decision making capability an normal operations of life similarly transmission also takes away these normal thinking power, no human being in his normal state of mind, can buy this dogma of brighter world, no person in normal state of mind will accept that Chari?s wife is sending messages from brighter world, next question, how is it possible that people are not even able to question such obvious things ?

Answer is brainwashing, mind control, they are subjected to such a great level of mind control that eventually they loose all their power to question in life, and hence they create problems not only for themselves but also for people around them, feeling are not spirituality. The state of ecstasy experienced by few enlighten people, is explained as neither joy nor suffering, it is a feeling-less state and any feeling is hindrance to that state which is termed as enlightenment, that is the state of absolute knowledge, absolute truth and absolute bliss. ?Sat-chit-anand? that cannot be transmitted but only experienced through the process of un-learning, when all learned explanation of God and divinity is dropped only then can true self can be understood, as learning is the only object which causes deviations from truth, as truth is already present, we need not learn it.

This state of bliss according to Chari group can be learned by ?regulating the mind? changing the object of attachment, from family to Chair, and this is how one can become divine, this is stupidity, attachment is still there, which is cause of suffering, only those who do not want to suffer must not get attached, replacing attachment is a selfish act, in this way the person who is not able to decide and has become a zombie due to transmission, will suffer eternally, as he/she has some or the other object of attachment such as spouse children pets etc. and this attachment is authentic, it causes pain no-doubt, but it is this attachment only which cause pleasure also, and that person who has never experienced love, has never been attached, escapes all miseries as well, but is no better then a wall, s/he is a dead man, life is there to be enjoyed, it must be experienced, with all the power of attachment, and sufferings, as well, there is no escaping, only suffering can make us feel pleasure, only pain can tell us what is bliss, without one second does not exist, and this is what is explained in the concept of ?advitya? non-dual. All is same.

With your will power you can get de-addicted to this transmission, start thinking and become normal. Life is not to be destroyed for a group, or a mission, it worth a lot more then any mission, any master or any method, getup and realize your self, it is not for mission method or master, it is for you

you right buddy that this transmission intoxicates one's brain and gets them addicted. But while giving first 3 sitting any preceptor does not speak any type of suggetions to control your mind. They just say that "think there is a diving light in your heart" that's it. no more suggestions. So how they control once mind? And why chariji is doing these type of activities?? What is his goal?

Question that we all should ask is WHAT WHY AND HOW.

What is mind control ?

To understand the basic we can refer to advertisements, commercial?s are the very primary kind of mind control, where you are encouraged to buy things which you don?t need, very basic definition of mind control would be that state of mind where people do not decide but act according to wish of those who are controlling them, this control can be direct as in case of cult groups, or indirect as in case of advertisements, here you own decision making capabilities are suppressed and you are moved or act according to what you are dictated to. This is a crude definition of mind control.

Why SRCM or Chari to be specific is doing this ?

This is obvious, allow me to illustrate this with an example, suppose a person named A reads few book and come to know about certain things from here and there, and then, A publish a book, or advertises himself as some-one highly knowledgeable, few people seeking information about that subject come read it and get impressed by it, few of them, who have accepted themselves as something mean and low graded will immediately accept that person as someone higher, and start admiring him, and become his advertisement agent, they in turn go round the world advertising A.

Now A is a selfish person, he wants to be worshipped, to be regarded as higher then rest of humanity gets highly intoxicated by this place where the low graded people (they can be called as animals) have placed him, his ego become so much big, that he claimed himself to be the sole representative of God on earth, and wants to be worshipped, hence he start selling his posters to his foolish disciples, claims that on his birthday he will spread divinity to those who come, and replaces himself with God. This lust for power and greed to be worshipped has demolished many people, Chari is no exception, another such example is Mata Nirmala Devi, that?s another Sahaj, they call it Sahaj Yoga

Chari is doing this only because he is highly selfish, and himself is unable to decide what should be done, he is just a normal person like us, just that he is intoxicated by lust for power, who does not like to be worshipped, who does not want slaves around him, all selfish people do the same.

The proof:-

We all know that there is a case pending in supreme court of India, about succession of Chari, if he was unselfish, he could have waited for that decision to come out and then may be he could have continued with this operation of spreading the message of babuji, but on the contrary we find that he is not only appointed himself as divine representative of God, but is also indulged in physically assaulting family members of the same person whom he claims that he love and is spreading his message, no unselfish person would indulge in

1. Court cases about property

2. Physical assault on babuji's family

3. Demanding love

4. Asking people to surrender there free will, without esablishing his credentials that, that surrender will not be used for his selfish motive.

Rajeev here demonstrated that, he is product of that selfish motive of Chari, and has been converted into an unthinking person. Selfishness and lust for power money and wordly comfort is what made chari do what he is doing.

Now this does not mean that there are/were no enlighten masters there are/were. But they on their journey towards self, realized this at the first step itself, and never claimed to representing divinity, they are always a servant to society, and master of their own self, they were people like Mahaveera, Tirthankara, Ramkrishna and Vivekananda, after they left their body, their pictures came into existence, they never allowed themselves to be worshipped, while they were preaching, and there is nothing that is preached in SRCM, only divine masters and nothing else, hence people also are unable to do anything beyond their divine masters.

One example of absolute unselfish nature is that of Mahaveera, the Jain guru, he use to put condition for begging, some of them were very absurd one, for example, once that condition was, he would accept food only from a princess who is chained, he did not eat for 13 days, he challenged existence, and said he will live only till that time, till existence wants him to live no master of past, used money

Now the last question How.

Sitting is a condition where supposedly Chari transmits divine energy from his heart to cult member?s heart via preceptor?s heart, this transmission is not possible till the cult member does not become receptive, once the member becomes receptive, he looses control over his mind, and all reasoning and logical thinking is dropped and state of absolute surrender is achieved, more absolute this surrender is, more ecstasy is experienced, this however is not divine, but simply a state of dizziness, where the cult member looses control over self, the situation is similar to what I have explained before, state of a drug addict, nothing in this world can convince that drug addict that this is harmful, not only mentally but also physically, since they surrender their mind, which becomes a habit, and hence they loose their power to think, question, and decide from right to wrong, in the world they live, feeling that something divine is happening to them and hence get addicted to it, whereas nothing divine is happening here, they are simply loosing their normal human capabilities, which they have named as cleaning, knowledge on the other-hand cannot come by this surrender, it is used for selfish motives of the person to whom you have surrendered, this knowledge of self can only come through question, going beyond mind, and to go beyond you HAVE to pass through, you cannot go in the reverse direction and claim that now I am beyond mind, infect you have become a zombie, that person is also beyond mind, but in the reverse direction.

Now as previously explained the state of surrender is needed, and when this takes place between a male and female, in the condition where male is transmitting and female is receiving, is the condition what I call as mental sex, some people object to this term very strongly, as why do I call this as ?mental sex? however you must remember, the biggest offender is truth, can there be any other name to this process ? a female receiving and a male transmitting ? in physical plane as well, this is what is sex, and hence on this plane as well, hence the pre-fix mental is added and not only sex, coz sex as we understand is on physical plane, now those who are doing this unknowingly betraying their partner?s, such a marriage can never survive, where husband and wife meditate with other person?s, harmony is lost, balance of love is lost, and hence divorce, they fail to understand the core reason behind problems in their life?s, and tend to blame to everything they can find, but since it was not the problem hence problem remains and trouble continues.

This is how, Chari for his selfish motive is destroying life?s after life?s and demolishing families after families, they want isolation of the member, they want people to be emotionally at unrest, because only such a person will tend towards such cult?s who seek refuge from world, they are week people to start with, and become more and more week as they remain in this cult. After having seen many lives after lives getting demolished by this cultic thinking I have taken up this task of exposing this dangerous cult, and I will not leave this cult before it pay?s for the pains of those to whom, it has caused tremendous pain and suffering.


In Chari we find that he is :-

1. No Knowledge of religious texts (According to him Religion Divides people, has no udnerstanding of religious concepts) hence he should not make comments about topic which he has no idea, it is like commenting about life on other planets about which he has no idea.

2. He is not sinless (Has been accused of murder and forgery, case is still pending in supreme court of India, its a sin to lie, and he has lied to you, another aspect, Has been involved in physical assault on family members of Babuji, was asked to leave Shahjahanpur in 15 mins by D.M and was put under IPC 398)

3. Has selfish motive (His motive's are utterly selfish. He wants to be loved and asks people to dedicate themselves to Sahaj Marg, even celebrates his birthday!! that demonstrates the height of ego present in him) Highly selfish person.

Hence in totality we find that Chari is not capable of transmitting, and is just a fake, cult leader destroying life's after life's.

Sahaj Marg, a contradiction in terms

Contradiction's and Harmful effects of SRCM

To add to the problem the concept of sitting which is used in SRCM is no different then mental sex, it is very dangerous for unmarried women's they are told to love master and keep master in their hearts which ideally should be the place for their spouse, after they get married the struggle starts about whom to love they are told to love master but their heart says this love is for my spouse, and they get troubled since there are always problems associated in marriages hence they tend to go back to their shelter in order to get a temporary relief in-turn they do not realize that this temporary relief will cause a permanent damage, there is very less scope of a sustainable marriage incase women is involved in SRCM. Their marriage is bound to break, thereby leaving them with nothing, SRCM as it is present only to take and since women now have lost everything will ultimately loose SRCM also they will find it heard to attain any more functions and if husband refuses to pay money or case is in court therefore money becomes a problem for them, and ultimately they loose both money and the pseudo support of SRCM, SRCM is there only for money this fact people realize late and when they do so relationship had already crossed the recoverable state.

See testimonial of people who experienced emotional problems after getting involved in this mind controlling cult

Another testimonial where people testified that they become EMOTIONLESS and are unable to decide between good and bad.

This is the only reason why SRCM has started marring inside their community, people are forced to renounce their identity and get married to people from a totally different background, result is once again a disaster, hence it is once again clear what are the aspects where SRCM is causing harm to the society and people associated with it

Main problem with people intoxicated with SRCM is they spread their disease, they are more dangerous then any other group people because they do not keep their disease to themselves they always try to spread their disease to others and this is the reason why they are so much harmful to the public in genral.

They are mentally slave people they are unaware of what is happening to them they tend to blame everyone else about their problems without realizing core of the problem is present in them which is teachings of SRCM. Once they are free from mind control of SRCM they will realize the truth. They fail to understand that no misery is undeserved, if they are in trouble or their marriage is in trouble problem is in them, there is no blame outside, they fail to see that what they are blaming on others is actually their own projection it is their in them since they do not realize that it is their problem and it is them who have to resolve it and not the other person they become more and more miserable. There is no brutality which cannot be conquered by love, but for a person who is immune to love of society family and spouse will fail to read this love and immediately blame others, this also is the outcome of teaching of SRCM. Which is why it is so dangerous

Become free from obligation of obeying a master, become free from obligation of working for mission and become free from spreading method, become absolutely free and declare your freedom to the world and specially to those who made u a fool and made you a mental slave, become free and work for the society you own a lot, pay back to the society, pay back to your parents and pay back the love of your spouse. Return love for love, do not replace mother with master, mother is the highest ever pure and ever chaste, she has no substitute, especially an external person cannot be replace to the grace of mother. Do not be a fool any more and leave SRCM Chari Group immediately.

Their Hippocratic nature is evident from the fact that they use name of Raja Yoga to fool people, whereas Sahaj Marg (tm) has nothing to do with what is called Raja Yoga, it is used as a selling point and incase anyone uses Sahaj Marg they take drastic steps like filing court cases against them and reserve their trade Mark name, this group declares itself as spiritual organization but behaves just the opposite, They have not invented Raja Yoga and their practice also has nothing to do with Raja Yoga, but they use this name. These people are stupid in themselves and are trying to fool all those who are seeking truth.

Normally only those people become part of such groups who are undergoing any emotional distress or are feeling lonely in their life's they seek support in these cult's which they find. When their life takes good turn, they are not able to get out of these cults and continue their association not understanding that life has all aspects in it, there cannot be bad part in your life without producing any good result similarly there cannot be any good part in your life without producing any bad result. hence All must remain un-altered when good or bad both phases cross your life. these cults will provide no help, in whatever phase you are in. hence do not be dependent on anyone hold fast to your Atman, everything in this world of yours will ultimately "PASS" nothing is going to stay with you forever, and there is no cure to miseries of this world, hence be sympathetic to those who are suffering and go beyond all joys and miseries, only this attitude will help u remain unaltered, when you understand that nothing will cure your miseries, do not invite more trouble in your life by getting associated with this cult, get disconnect and become absolutely free, non-dependence is only thing that can help you grow and become strong. Become strong and face life as it comes without any thought of remorse and pain, feel only joy, there is nothing good nothing bad in this world it is same thing just manifested in different form. Knowledge will help and dependencies will never help. Get out of this cult and love your family and society. Loving Master (Chari) or working for mission or spreading method not is a spritual practice, your fiath and trust is just used for selfishness of Mission and Master Know this fact, that you are used, and get out of this cult.

For those who are not really involved in SRCM but are aware of its existence, may kindly note the level of ego and self attachment of those who are really involved in this cult, just say few words which may not sound music to these infected people and see their response… you will be surprised by their reaction, they are so much intoxicated that it becomes really impossible for them to even think of the idea that they have a separate identity from SRCM, and this is what all the cults do, they give people an Identity, to which they declare that they belong, this is not a spiritual practice at all, at-least this is not what Raja Yoga has to say, one can only find his/her true self when s/he becomes free from all Identities, the hurting point in SRCM is they de-associate people from their original identity and give them a new one, this is just shifting burden from one shoulder to another, this concept in no-way will be beneficial to anyone, it will only cause pain to those who love the infected person, and also to the infected person, as Mother is now replaced with Master, mother will suffer now, as her child has declared a new spiritual mother, this is stupidity beyond imagination if looked properly.

You don't have to be associated with anyone, neither you need to depend on anyone for YOUR growth, if it was possible that any growth from outside was possible world would have been totally different, We all must understand one simple concept, neither pain nor happiness can be added or subtracted from what is present, as they both are actually the same, hence all those who preach that there can be happiness without pain are fooling you, it is not possible, this is law of nature, and no-one who is bound by this law of nature (i.e all those who are mortal) have any power over nature, only that person can help who is beyond nature, who can actually declare that s/he is immortal and hence is divine, but since, myself and defiantly you also have not yet come across any such object which is immortal hence, do not depend on those things which are mortal, seek that which is immortal, seek and you will find, throw off all the dependencies and throw off all obligations and pressure, and thus divine will be known to you. And this is what the Upanishads say "Neti Neti" not this not this, remove everything, what remains after removing the protons, and electrons this is what is God as known by those Rishi's who understood the Veda's and the Upanishads.

Only freedom can help you realize your true self and ignorance and dependency will only add to your misery which is shifted to you, by your own effort, your misery will produce joy to those who are in SRCM, as there has to be a balance, there cannot be a high rising wave without creating a hollow somewhere, similarly your joy will produce pain to some-one else. Hence get aware of this law, understand nature as it is and not as preached by those who themselves are slave to this nature, be unattached with absolute devotion to your spouse. As s/he is the only person from where you can start your journey towards your self.

In the same context note what Adi Shankaracharya had understood, he as we know him was not God, his true self was known to him only and this is what he preached :-
"Brahma Satyam Jagan Mithya Jivo Brahmaiva Na Aparah" Brahman (the Absolute) is alone real; this world is unreal; and the Jiva or the individual soul is non-different from Brahman.

The Atman is self-evident (Svatah-siddha). It is not established by extraneous proofs. It is not possible to deny the Atman, because It is the very essence of the one who denies It. The Atman is the basis of all kinds of knowledge, presuppositions and proofs. Self is within, Self is without; Self is before, Self is behind; Self is on the right, Self is on the left; Self is above and Self is below.

Brahman is not an object, as It is Adrisya, beyond the reach of the eyes. Hence the Upanishads declare: “Neti Neti—not this, not this....” This does not mean that Brahman is a negative concept, or a metaphysical abstraction, or a nonentity, or a void. It is not another. It is all-full, infinite, changeless, self-existent, self-delight, self-knowledge and self-bliss. It is Svarupa, essence. It is the essence of the knower. It is the Seer (Drashta), Transcendent (Turiya) and Silent Witness (Sakshi).

I have been asked by few SRCM zombies that why i am reffering to Shankaracharya, SRCM people say that for faith one needs to "reduce the insistance on logic" and we know that Shankracharya had just the opposite view, he proved that blind faith is of no use. Faith can also be logical, he was the one who proved that if faith is not logical it is bogus, blind faith is what sucide bomber's of islam also have, if we go by this POV their acts of killing people is justified, is it not? And this is why I am saying that faith must be supported by logic, else it will produce only zombies, like abhysis of SRCM, sucide bomber's of Islam etc. Help your self and help others also to renounce this cult group

In context of SRCM, they expect too much, i was reading one of the recent speech of Chari given at manipakkam people were moving out while he was still present, he got up and started saying that I am transmitting you the divinity, I am doing this and that and while i am still here you are going? i was really shocked that his ego has become so large, he is full of what is called as "Ahamkar". these poor people in SRCM they are running here and there after nothing, without realizing that if they cannot get peace at their home, they will never get peace anywhere, all bliss all love and all pleasure is in contentment, if we are content with whatever we have, and remain happy in all situation's we will ultimately become divine, whatever we do must be done with complete devotion, all these sitting and ashrams etc are just mind game, we feel pain coz we are controlled by mind, we feel pleasure coz we are again controlled by mind. If we can remain happy while helping others and content with whatever we have we are surly close to divine, we don't need a master to do that job for us.

Effects of SRCM poisoning

How SRCM affects you:-

Practice of SRCM makes people weak, with poor logical thinking, takes away their reasoning capability and destroys their mental strength, in addition to this, people in SRCM are left with almost NULL decision making capability.

When i am saying this i need to demonstrate as how this is possible in a so called spiritual group ? read on....

For normal person's it become hard to understand as why a cult member behaves in a particular way, for example, why a cult member ignores all love, affection and emotions of other person's except the object of control ? this is related to functioning of brain. The mode in which our thinking develops is according to "crest" and "truff" of our left and right portion of our brain. The left portion of mind is the intuitive, the immediate reaction's are controlled by the left portion of the mind and all logical and reasoning thoughts are controlled by the right side of the mind. take a simple test, visit THIS LINK This will demonstrate functioning of left and right brain.

Now having understood the difference between logical thinking and immediate response of brain, we must now see how SRCM effects this capacity of our's.

Now this "mind control", in SRCM is achieved during what they call as "sitting", where a person is forced to drop all logical thinking, and become absolutely receptive, and ask no questions and accept everything without questioning, as "sitting is "MUST" for growth in SRCM hence this behavior of accepting things without understanding becomes a habit, and it then enters the member's daily life. Daily life is not so easy, hence their action's which they do without understanding, without realizing the consequence of their action, causes them and their loved one's enormous pain and suffering's.

So as to say, that people in SRCM always take decision's based on reactionary part of their brain, which due to imeginations of TRANSMISSION become corrupt, and this is how their thinking power is diminished, and all their decision's normally go against all logical thinking also most of the time it goes against them.

more info can be obtained here



This software helps in identifiing mind controlling aspects in home. pls get some info, mind control will be explained

In nutshell, people in SRCM loose their

1. Thinking power

2. Reasoning power

3. Capability to judge

4. Capacity to calculate consequence of their action's

5. Loose all contacts with the external world

Now if these peoblems were only associated with psycological aspects, they could have been solved eaisly, but since the problem in SRCM is related to physical aspect, hence it is close to impossible to make these poor suffering people understand that they are distroying their own life.

Recruitment in Sahaj Marg

Love Bombing

How people are controlled and isolated from their family can be understood from initial love bombing of this group. If a new person come's and visit's any preceptor they will show enormous love and attraction towards the new person, and the new member will feel bliss, she/he will develop the feeling that these people actually love them a lot, and a bondage of love is created. This is just the beginning, Once this love is established, development of trust between preceptor and abhyasi is the next step of "mind control" when two people are in deep love and trust each other completely now the person who initiated this love begins to manipulate the new recruit, The new person unable to understand this tactic feel's love and devotion towards the preceptor, and hence get's isolated from her/his family.

Now the new member begins to share thoughts and start's explaining her/her problems in daily life, and become receptive to whatever is told to her/him by the preceptor, and thus they are fully controlled by these dangerous creature's.

Love bombing is first step of mind control. They (cults) use this to manipulate and apply absolute "mind control" over new person and finally capture's their thinking and modify that person into a zombie blindly obeying everything whatever is stated to her/her.

If you are going to a new place and you find that people are showing over affection (more then what a normal person would do) get aware immediatly, understand it, that this love is not authentic but is for applying control over you.

Now again target here is women's only, as if women's mind is controlled entire family can be controlled, If you observe condition of a family who is involved in this group, things will become absolutly clear to you, each and every menber of the group is in love with her/her preceptor who inturn controll's life of individual, and this connection with preceptor will eventually lead to de-attachment from family member's. Hence in families where people are intoxicated by this cult, there will never be any bonding, that family will be distanced from each other and their life will always be unsettled BECAUSE that attachment, love, bonding with preceptor is NOT authentic. Authentic love/attachment/bonding is there inside family, and since cult member's are not involved with their respective families, hence that family is BOUND TO GET BROKEN.

Only if people involved understand these aspect's, they would never suffer, it is very hard to differentiate between geniun love and a fake love, people who are not very very sharp will never understand this methodology of cults, you MUST understand this sequence of fake love of preceptor which as a consequence gets you de-associated with your family. Preceptor's will leave you at-once if they find themselve getting into trouble because of you. If you want to be happy then let Love/Trust/Attachment remain where it is suppose to be, and that place is your own home, your own very personal spouse, your very own love of life.


More info about how cult's start to manipulate and control your thoughts can be seen in the vedio provided below.

God of Sahaj Marg


Mr. Chari is of the opinion that God is of male gender, and womens cannot become spiritual guides because they cannot become distructive enough (!).

Lets examine first the GENDER of God.

How in the world can God be attributed to a gender ? there is a concept of Intelligent Design which tries to explain the origin of human race based purly on scientific analysis. This however ends at Irreducible Complexity , to go further in the subject we need to observe our sorrounding's.

If we try to trace the origin, we start with a time when there was "neither aught nor naught", i.e, when this world did not exist; Are we sure of that? What do we see around us? Take a little plant. We put a seed in the ground, and later, we find a plant peeping out, lift itself slowly above the ground, and grow and grow, till it becomes a gigantic tree. Then it dies, leaving only the seed. It completes the circle ? it comes out of the seed, becomes the tree, and ends in the seed again. Everything in nature begins, as it were, from certain seeds, certain rudiments, certain fine forms, and becomes grosser and grosser, and develops, going on that way for a certain time, and then again goes back to that fine form, and subsides...

Take another example We know that the huge mountains are being worked upon by glaciers and rivers, which are slowly but surely pounding them and pulverising them into sand, that drifts away into the ocean where it settles down on its bed, layer after layer, becoming hard as rocks, once more to be heaped up into mountains of a future generation. Again they will be pounded and pulverised, and thus the course goes on. From sand rise these mountains; unto sand they go. If it be true that nature is uniform throughout, if it be true, and so far no human experience has contradicted it, that the same method under which a small grain of sand is created, works in creating the gigantic suns and stars and all this universe, if it be true that the whole of this universe is built on exactly the same plan as the atom, if it be true that the same law prevails throughout the universe, it has been said in the Vedas, "Knowing one lump of clay we know the nature of all the clay that is in the universe."

Applying this course of reasoning to phenomena, we find, in the first place, that everything is almost similar at the beginning and the end. The mountain comes from the sand, and goes back to the sand; the river comes out of vapour, and goes back to vapour; plant life comes from the seed, and goes back to the seed; human life comes out of human germs, and goes back to human germs. The universe with its stars and planets has come out of a nebulous state and must go back to it... what is meant by this then ? the manifested or the grosser state is the effect, and the finer state the cause, and that destruction means going back to the cause. Therefore we learn that the effect is the same as the cause, not different. It is only in another form, shape or appearence, but in essence it is same, effect is never different from the cause, It is only that this effect is a reproduction of the cause in a grosser form.

Hence in essence if God being the cause, and we being the effect, how can we be different from God ? therefore explanation of God being MALE and female an inferior bread.. is not only insulting, derogatory, but stupid statement.

What about God of animals ? females have their own female God, males have their own male God, Cow's have their own Cow God, tree's have their own tree God !!! and there it goes... all hypothetical explaination of God, being male female, with gender, powerful, superior blabh blabh... all rubbish and outcome of ignorent mind!!

What is the gender of a tree ? what is the gender of a mountain ? what is the gender of river ? ocean ? air ? are they not extenssion of same cosmic intelligence ? if they do not have a gender then how come God have a gender ? All explainations God is outcome of human imagination, and these cults in specific, uses these to manipulate people, and use them.

God has no gender, it is what we are, if we are good, God is good, if we are bad God is bad, there is no external God.

God has no GENDER.
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