Monday, October 06, 2008

Recruitment in Sahaj Marg

Love Bombing

How people are controlled and isolated from their family can be understood from initial love bombing of this group. If a new person come's and visit's any preceptor they will show enormous love and attraction towards the new person, and the new member will feel bliss, she/he will develop the feeling that these people actually love them a lot, and a bondage of love is created. This is just the beginning, Once this love is established, development of trust between preceptor and abhyasi is the next step of "mind control" when two people are in deep love and trust each other completely now the person who initiated this love begins to manipulate the new recruit, The new person unable to understand this tactic feel's love and devotion towards the preceptor, and hence get's isolated from her/his family.

Now the new member begins to share thoughts and start's explaining her/her problems in daily life, and become receptive to whatever is told to her/him by the preceptor, and thus they are fully controlled by these dangerous creature's.

Love bombing is first step of mind control. They (cults) use this to manipulate and apply absolute "mind control" over new person and finally capture's their thinking and modify that person into a zombie blindly obeying everything whatever is stated to her/her.

If you are going to a new place and you find that people are showing over affection (more then what a normal person would do) get aware immediatly, understand it, that this love is not authentic but is for applying control over you.

Now again target here is women's only, as if women's mind is controlled entire family can be controlled, If you observe condition of a family who is involved in this group, things will become absolutly clear to you, each and every menber of the group is in love with her/her preceptor who inturn controll's life of individual, and this connection with preceptor will eventually lead to de-attachment from family member's. Hence in families where people are intoxicated by this cult, there will never be any bonding, that family will be distanced from each other and their life will always be unsettled BECAUSE that attachment, love, bonding with preceptor is NOT authentic. Authentic love/attachment/bonding is there inside family, and since cult member's are not involved with their respective families, hence that family is BOUND TO GET BROKEN.

Only if people involved understand these aspect's, they would never suffer, it is very hard to differentiate between geniun love and a fake love, people who are not very very sharp will never understand this methodology of cults, you MUST understand this sequence of fake love of preceptor which as a consequence gets you de-associated with your family. Preceptor's will leave you at-once if they find themselve getting into trouble because of you. If you want to be happy then let Love/Trust/Attachment remain where it is suppose to be, and that place is your own home, your own very personal spouse, your very own love of life.


More info about how cult's start to manipulate and control your thoughts can be seen in the vedio provided below.

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