Monday, October 06, 2008

God of Sahaj Marg


Mr. Chari is of the opinion that God is of male gender, and womens cannot become spiritual guides because they cannot become distructive enough (!).

Lets examine first the GENDER of God.

How in the world can God be attributed to a gender ? there is a concept of Intelligent Design which tries to explain the origin of human race based purly on scientific analysis. This however ends at Irreducible Complexity , to go further in the subject we need to observe our sorrounding's.

If we try to trace the origin, we start with a time when there was "neither aught nor naught", i.e, when this world did not exist; Are we sure of that? What do we see around us? Take a little plant. We put a seed in the ground, and later, we find a plant peeping out, lift itself slowly above the ground, and grow and grow, till it becomes a gigantic tree. Then it dies, leaving only the seed. It completes the circle ? it comes out of the seed, becomes the tree, and ends in the seed again. Everything in nature begins, as it were, from certain seeds, certain rudiments, certain fine forms, and becomes grosser and grosser, and develops, going on that way for a certain time, and then again goes back to that fine form, and subsides...

Take another example We know that the huge mountains are being worked upon by glaciers and rivers, which are slowly but surely pounding them and pulverising them into sand, that drifts away into the ocean where it settles down on its bed, layer after layer, becoming hard as rocks, once more to be heaped up into mountains of a future generation. Again they will be pounded and pulverised, and thus the course goes on. From sand rise these mountains; unto sand they go. If it be true that nature is uniform throughout, if it be true, and so far no human experience has contradicted it, that the same method under which a small grain of sand is created, works in creating the gigantic suns and stars and all this universe, if it be true that the whole of this universe is built on exactly the same plan as the atom, if it be true that the same law prevails throughout the universe, it has been said in the Vedas, "Knowing one lump of clay we know the nature of all the clay that is in the universe."

Applying this course of reasoning to phenomena, we find, in the first place, that everything is almost similar at the beginning and the end. The mountain comes from the sand, and goes back to the sand; the river comes out of vapour, and goes back to vapour; plant life comes from the seed, and goes back to the seed; human life comes out of human germs, and goes back to human germs. The universe with its stars and planets has come out of a nebulous state and must go back to it... what is meant by this then ? the manifested or the grosser state is the effect, and the finer state the cause, and that destruction means going back to the cause. Therefore we learn that the effect is the same as the cause, not different. It is only in another form, shape or appearence, but in essence it is same, effect is never different from the cause, It is only that this effect is a reproduction of the cause in a grosser form.

Hence in essence if God being the cause, and we being the effect, how can we be different from God ? therefore explanation of God being MALE and female an inferior bread.. is not only insulting, derogatory, but stupid statement.

What about God of animals ? females have their own female God, males have their own male God, Cow's have their own Cow God, tree's have their own tree God !!! and there it goes... all hypothetical explaination of God, being male female, with gender, powerful, superior blabh blabh... all rubbish and outcome of ignorent mind!!

What is the gender of a tree ? what is the gender of a mountain ? what is the gender of river ? ocean ? air ? are they not extenssion of same cosmic intelligence ? if they do not have a gender then how come God have a gender ? All explainations God is outcome of human imagination, and these cults in specific, uses these to manipulate people, and use them.

God has no gender, it is what we are, if we are good, God is good, if we are bad God is bad, there is no external God.

God has no GENDER.


  1. Hi Shashwat,
    Good posts. I didn't read them all but sure I did read a few. I joined SRCM for 4 months and finally left it. I just wanted to know what it is. Being extremely logical no such thing can work for me. Only those who are not so strong minded end up with something like that. Basically there isn't any difference between religious extremism and such spiritual cults. The definition of spirituality is entirely screwed up for these people. I pity those who think meditation and spirituality are connected. Both are good but I see no need to connect them both. Do you know any friends of yours are not much of thinkers? Ask them to meditate...sure they will benefit from it but can they be called spiritual? Doubt it!

    Why the heck anybody who joins such organization calls himself spiritual then?

    Also have you heard these people talk about things like telepathy, vibrations, etc. Well well well...isn't that worse than religious fundamentalism? These are paranormal phenomenon!!!! Believer of spirits calling themselves spirituals..isn't that a joke. This is what spirituality in India thrives on(most of the times).

    I am off to my work which is more important and serves people better than talking about these non-sensible stuff.

    I suggest you do the same.

  2. Hi Anamika,

    I could not get your point clearly here, are you suggesting that i should remove this blog and continue with something else? elaborate pls


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