Monday, February 22, 2010

Sahaj Marg U turn

Over a period of time it seems the business-men running the sahaj marg and shri ram chandra mission company have lost sight of what the agenda was to begin with.

A glaring example of this is evident in the recent announcement made by their CEO Mr. P Rajagopalachari.

Mr. P Rajagopalachari has announced that it is beyond the scope of sahaj marg to erase samskara and one has to pay for its deeds, here is what he is saying:-

So, you see, you people better understand that nothing will change in your physical life, material life, except it be in your samskara. A poor man will become rich, if it is in his samskara. A rich man will become poor, if it is in his samskara. A healthy man will become sick. A sick man may become healthy, all subject to your samskaras. Unless you understand this clearly, every one of you is in danger of leaving this Mission sometime or the other when something which you don’t want to happen, happens. People will die. When people are born, they will die. That which comes must go. That which is born, must die. That is the law. Even the avatars died. You know how Lord Krishna died — by an arrow in his foot. You know how Lord Rama died — he entered the Sarayu and went away

This statement is published on their website under article "Understanding Sahaj Marg"

This understanding of sahaj marg however is quite different from what is propagated to new recruits, a person who is new to sahaj marg is promised that his/her Samskara's will be removed if they become obedient to these businessmen...

Here is what they explain in the FAQ section of their website:-

Sahaj Marg believes that it is crucial for a spiritual system to offer a solution for the accumulation of samskaras, which appear as coverings around the human soul. Through the combination of meditation and cleaning practices, we have the opportunity to live and act in the present moment, gradually becoming unencumbered from the thoughts, worries and emotions that color our lives.

And while explaining what is samskara in their website they claim that these impression from one soul are removed by practice of sahaj marg read this:-

The Sahaj Marg practice offers a method whereby our samskaras are dissolved and removed, opening the way for inner expansion and freedom from the weight of these impressions. This cleaning process leaves us with a feeling of lightness, as if more space has been created inside us for the Divine

Now  sir may I ask how, when and where did sahaj marg failed to dissolve samskara of their adherents?

This disclosure that sahaj marg cannot remove samskara is based on the fear that people are now leaving sahaj marg because they realize that they have been fooled in this mission, When the group promised them that their samskara will be dissolved and after spending good amount of time they find that it is having reverse impact on them and they are degrading from human to zombies they will leave...

And this is precisely what is happening, people are leaving sahaj marg because it has failed to deliver what it has promised and it was foolishness of those who got involved in this cult to start with thinking that their samskara's will be removed if they become a zombie... this is impossible, and this truth has now come out in public domain, now no face saving mechanism will save their lies.

If we observe the life of a abhyasis we will find that almost all of them are having marital issues and issues in adjusting in society and they feel getting divorced and breaking off relations will help them somehow... they are mistaken and will have to learn the truth the hard way, lies cannot remain hiding for long, and when it comes out.. it brings only embarrassment, same as what these cult members are facing.

Evil comes in various forms, most dangerous one is that form when it hides behind the viel of virtue, sahaj marg is one such evil which is hiding behind vial of spirituality.

Sooner you realize better for your life.   
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