Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cannibalism in Sahaj Marg

Sahaj Marg run by P Rajagopalachari is based on fraud and manipulation, according to Puneet Saxena, grandson of Babuji and legal advisor of SRCM (Shahjahanpur), Chari has used his marketing strategy and appointed high ranking police and judicial officers, along with businessmen in his "SRCM working committee". These people in turn are lured into greed of being appointed in a post in "international organization" and then they fight for Chari in courts and in public, partly to save their own position in the company SRCM and partly to maintain the structure which is based on lies and manipulation.

here is puneet explaining the manipulation:-

Spirituality of SRCM (Chari group) as explained by senior citizen (65+) helpless and beaten by goons of P. Rajagopalachari, thrown out from their homes and roaming free... because the goons were once part of administration and used their influence to silnce the poor and helpless victims, primarily family members of the founder of sahaj marg system:-

In all there are 17 video's where deeds of fake, manipulative and cunning P. rajagopalachari is exposed, you can find all videos on youtube.
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