Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fake currency in Sahaj Marg

In the recent past, few spiritual groups from India are in media view for all the wrong reasons. First one is that of Aasaram bapu, he is charged with attempted murder and various other similar charges, other one is Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Just a few days back (30th Dec. 2009 to be precise) two foreign national were held by Chennai police for overstaying their visa period and possessing fake currency notes.

Kindly refer to news article published Deccan Chronicle (http://www.deccanchronicle.com/chennai/iranian-woman-nabbed-counterfeit-currency-mall-712), the report says that both these abhyasis of sahaj marg had overstayed their valid visa period and for reasons best known to Shri Ram Chandra mission, it was not checked or informed to the police that these two abhyasis are overstaying in India.

Complete article reads as follows:-

Dec. 29: The city police on Monday arrested an Iranian woman who reportedly possessed fake currency and tried to purchase several articles from a well-known mall in Mylapore. They also seized counterfeit currency with the face value of Rs 27,500.
Further investigations revealed that the accused Ashraf Murtazavi (62) and her daughter Salomi Afthahi (29) hailing from Iran, held visas that had expired a few months ago and had overstayed.

The duo claimed that they came to India a few months ago to take meditation classes at a centre in Manapakkam. On Monday evening around 5.30 pm, the two went for shopping at a popular mall in Mylapore. When they handed over Rs 4,000 at the cash counter for settling the bills, the shop owner suspected the authenticity of the notes and alerted the police. The Mylapore police who rushed to the spot found that the currency notes were fake and picked up the two women for enquiry. Investigations revealed Ashraf Murtazavi was the one who held the fake notes and her daughter had no connections with it. “Ashraf Murtazavi claims that she got the currency notes from a Noor money exchanger which is under the supervision of Central bank of Iran. After enquiry we seized counterfeit notes with the face value of Rs 27,500 including the notes they had given at the mall,” said A.G Mourya, deputy commissioner, Mylapore.

This news article was published in various newspaper across india, which include times of india, Chennai town, The Hindu, Zee News and many more...

There are more details in the Times of india report which has published the statement of Mylapore deputy commissioner of police, it says:-

Asraf and Salom-e-Abtahi were in Chennai to attend meditation sessions at the Sri Ramachandra Mission Babuji Meditation Centre in Manapakkam. They had visited the city in July this year and stayed for more than 15 days.

“We have to verify whether Asraf had collected Indian currency from the exchange in Iran. We are also verifying if she had contacted any other person during her stay in the ashram in Manapakkam. We inspected her room in Manapakkam and collected some documents. We have asked immigration officials to check whether they are frequent visitors to Chennai and how long they had stayed here earlier. Also, whether they tendered fake currency at other shops in the city,” Mylapore deputy commissioner of police AG Mourya told The Times Of India.

These two abhyasis in addition to overstaying in india also had fake Indian currency notes, one of them is now arrested and other one is detained for questioning. Babuji Memorial ashram in chennai was also searched in this connection by police and their other contacts in SRCM are also under police scanner.

Sahaj marg as a practice promotes money laundering, and dealing in black money, if we take the comment of Joelly at its face value, P. Rajagopalachari insists on having money in cash and not in form of cheques or in a form in which it can be traced.

So is this spirituality? like Aasaram bapu, P. Rajagopalachari is a fake manipulative cunning and dis-honest person, these people are playing with the emotions of innocent people who seek spirituality, while looking for spirituality victims are trapped in fraud and manipulation and are made to commit crimes which under normal circumstances they would not have done.

In case of Aasaram bapu, those who follow him are called "Sadhak" (one who practice) in case of SRCM followers are called "Abhyasis" (one who practice) these cult use such names to trap people.

If you are a follower of sahaj marg and are reading this note, kindly open yourself to the possibility that sahaj marg is a fraud, it has got nothing to do with spirituality and all the gooblygoody talks of brighter world are nothing more then fooling tactics to milk you of your money, open your eyes and see the truth.

If you do not wake up now, you might well be caught doing some illegal activity like the two foreign national abhyasis of SRCM arrested in India for indulging in illicit activities, or like many followers of Aasaram bapu, or like followers of Dera saccha sauda.

Wake up before it gets too late and all doors are closed to you.
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