Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not to judge

In one of the post on website of Chari's SRCM Chari has said and i quote

So what do we go there for? Are we serious about what we are looking for? Or are we just going to re-evaluate this phenomenon that we call the guru, judge the sitting, but by what? "It was cold and you know there was a kankad [stone] under my… we sat mostly on stones, and…", you know. And judging the physical environment: the lack of comfort, the simplicity of the food, people even criticising it. "Yeh kutta bhi nahi khaayega [Even a dog would not eat this]," I have heard people say.

Chari also comes up with all the made up stories from hindu mythology which he does not hesitate to rubbish when it suites him.

It is very important to realize the importance of critical thinking, A person who cannot walk himself is trying to teach how to win a race!! Chari is not a guru but a wolf hiding behind a fake mask, various court cases and allegation of fraudulent activities are proof.

I would not like to comment myself about importance of critical thinking but instead i would like to present a proof about the same.

If you listen to what is said at 3:01 in the video above you will understand the importance of critical thinking, if you do not have capacity to think critically which Chari and his gang members try to erase, "YOU CAN BE BRAINWASHED" and remember sahaj marg exists today only because it is able to brainwash people. Start thinking critically it is very important for survival from beasts faking as spiritual person.

Apart from that, we already know that chari has labeled all bloggers are enemy of spirituality, and chari is convinced that entire civilization is enemy of spirituality

You know how much we suffer from our sophistication, our civilization. It has led me to believe that civilization is an enemy of spirituality.

Remember when you see everything wrong in the world, it is YOU who is wrong and not the world, neither the bloggers nor the civilization is enemy of spirituality but it is people like P. Rajagopalachari and cults like sahaj marg who are enemy of spirituality.
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