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How P. Rajagopalachari manipulates people

P. Rajagopalachari has been fooling people for quite sometime now, he asks his victim for complete surrender to himself, this he asks by manipulation and distorting stories from Indian Mythology, he has used story of Parashuram many time to make his victims obedient to himself to the point that they should kill anyone he asks them to kill, and should not even think about what he has ordered.

Here is what P. Rajagopalachari says:-

One thing that our people must understand is, in obedience there is no place for thought. You are not to think whether this is to be obeyed or not. The Guru orders, you do it. The famous example in our mythology is Parashuram. When he said he was devoted and loved his father, his father said, "Will you do what I tell you?" He said yes. He said, "Cut off your mother's head." Chichick. And the head came off. Mother's head! - obedience. Of course, then the father said, "I am pleased with you. Ask for a boon." He said, "I want my mother alive again." And the mother came alive again.

Chari wants his victims to become absolute idiots, because as i have stated my times an intelligent person is bound to ask "WHY?" Chari says that in obedience there is no place for thought. You are not to think whether this is to be obeyed or not. The Guru orders, you do it.

Kindly note he is saying "The Guru orders, you do it" and then he presents a story from Indian Mythology about Parashurama. People who do not think will accept this story without questioning, as Chari has already stated that one must not think, simply OBEY.

Actual story of Parashuram is somewhat different, Parashurama did not killed his mother by obeying his Guru, but did so because his FATHER (not guru) asked him to do so...

If we follow the story presented by P. Rajagopalachari, the question aries:- when Parashuram obeyed his father, why should abhyasis obey their Guru and not their father? I am sure, a father is more loving then Guru can be in todays time.

More-so Parashurama was not present in 21st century, nor in 20th century nor in 19th or 18th century. Parashurama was present before Shree Ram of ayodhya took birth.

And there is no sure time line available in todays historical records about exact date of birth of Lord Ram. It is estimated that Lord Ram took birth on 10 January 5114 B.C i.e thousands of year back.

By distorting stories from Indian Mythology Chari is giving bad name to hindu religion as well.

Can P. Rajagopalachari establish himself as a person who can bring back a dead? if he can do that then if he asks someone to kill anyone else, it makes sense, but if Chari does not have power to bring back a dead to life, how in the world can he present such a story???

We must also know the actual story, as why Parashurams father asked him to kill his own mother?

Parashurams father was Jamadagni and his mothers name was Renuka

The story is:-

Renuka, the devoted wife of Jamadagni, had to get the Ganga water, for her husband's fire worship, and accordingly, proceeded to the river with a pot. The Ganga was flowing majestically. At that time a 'Gandharva' (celestial being) named Chitraratha was enjoying a festive bath and was engaged in frolic with his wives. Renuka was watching these activities for some time.

She had been somewhat mesmerized and after a while awakened herself realizing
her duty to carry the pot of water to her husband. She rushed back to the hermitage.
Jamadagni was a sage possessing supreme vision. He visualized
the reason for his wife's delayed arrival. He was angered at her and took umbrage
at her becoming 'impure' by witnessing Chitraratha with unbecoming interest. He called out his sons and ordered them to kill her. The children were shocked; they could not believe their own ears. How can they kill their own mother? They stood transfixed.

Jamadagni was now furious, seeing that his sons were not obeying him. Parashurama
returned after a while, and Jamadagni asked his son to kill his mother and also
the disobedient brothers.

Parashurama did not hesitate even for a moment. Readily he raised his axe, chopped off his mother's head and later killed his brothers. As he bowed before his father in reverence, the latter's anger subsided. However, five persons had been killed.

Jamadagni said: My son, your devotion to your father has pleased me. Tell me what is your desire and I shall fulfill it. Parashurama replied, O father, nothing satisfies me more than fulfilling your desire. If you want to grant me boons, please forgive my mother and brothers for their disobedience and kindly bring them back to life.As you wish, said Jamadagni. The dead rose to life and prostrated before the sage.

The ashram's rituals were resumed unhindered. Thus Parashurama saved his mother
and brothers.

Parashurama was not obedient to his Guru but to his father, he knew that his mother had done wrong and his brothers also did wrong, he did not killed his mother and brother without thinking, he knew that they did a mistake and asked his father to forgive them.

His father forgave them, Chari will make a new story out of this and claim that all father's who's children are abhyasis should be obedient to their children and state the same story.... Because he has already demanded that one must not think only OBEY!!

I hope people will verify what Chari says because he has established himself as a big manipulator. Because of manipulation of Sahaj marg numerous families have been destroyed till now, and if sahaj marg is not eradicated, many more families will be destroyed.

We need to save our family from Cults and the only way to be safe is to think, question and do not rest till you have found the answer.

Dear victims of sahaj marg, start thinking, your leader is a dangerous person, be-aware of his tactics and do not fall in traps of sahaj marg.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Analysis of Chari's mind by relative of a victim

This is a comment posted on previous post obedience and intelligence, I guess this analysis is worth reading by everyone directly or indirectly affected by Sahaj Marg.

Jo is responding to one of Chari's speech publish in SRCM website.

Hi shashwat,
My dear sister in the trap of sahaj marg. I am trying to wean her out and the following is a mail i sent her. You may like to use it as a post
The following is a long speech given by Chari in Mammalapuram in Kerala in response to a question. The interesting point to note is how he rejects all thoughts of criticism to sahaj marg by two ways - one - saying that none are qualified to comment on the 'marg' as they are outside the marg and two - that people are using their intellect to criticise sahajmarg whereas the true way to look at the world is through the heart. His method of recruitment is initiated by ridiculing all that the target communityis proud of i.e. 100% education, relative prosperity and their intellect.

The fact is that the heart is just a pump - a lump of muscle - just like your biceps or quadriceps or for that matter the gluteus. It is downright silly to think that one can 'think' from the heart. There is no grey cells in the heart and definitely no god - it contains only blood, soft tissue and some fat!

Read the speech and try to truly understand it. My comments are in inline.

Master: You want to stay one more day?
Abhyasi: Yes. You will stay one more day, Master?

Master: Oh no, no! We were supposed to stay, but you know… Babuji used to say, "Not too much enjoyment. Balance!"—what Brother Somakumar said just now, about contentment and happiness. Contentment is balance; happiness is overflow. [There should be] no overflow, no emotion. Contentment is a feeling, a state of mind, a state of heart. Happiness is an emotion. So, no emotion in Sahaj Marg. The secret of all this he forgot—now how does this Sahaj Marg succeed? You have been a prefect; how did you succeed in your work?

Comment :Emotion is human and was very important in the ultimate survival of the homosapien. It is a natural thing and prepares your body appropriately for the stimulus that you have got. Contentment, comfort and happiness are synonyms and mean 'absence of discomfort caused by pain, injury, guilt or unpleasant stimuli'. By grading synonyms the master is laying a guilt trap for you. You would now always be guilty whenever you feel happy - because no one can differentiate between contentment and happiness because they are the same thing! This is a way to control people.

Abhyasi: As a prefect? By trying to allow the Master to work through me.

Master: Yes. But, in real fact, what a prefect should do is to win the heart of the abhyasi. We have a saying that 'Love is God. God is love.' If that is so, when you work on the heart where God is supposed to be, what are you doing? Suppose you have a coach and four horses, and you are harnessing them to the coach. And then the boss comes and says, "You drive him." And he thanks you for taking him to wherever he wants to go. In reality, who is doing the driving? The horses. Why do they go? Because you love the horses. If you don't love horses and you hate them—neighhhhhh [sounding like a recalcitrant horse]! So you pat them on the neck, you brush them, you kiss them, give them a cube of sugar, and then they will behave well. The feeling is important; the horse must look at you and recognize you.

Comment: He likens an Abhyasi to an animal who needs to be seduced by any means possible including a shower of love and even a 'cube of sugar'.

So here also we do the same thing. You know, Kerala is a tough nut. But my first apprenticeship came because, when I was serving in my company, I had to do some work here to sell things. And I was very successful, because I got along with everybody. I never made friends. Even today I tell my son, Krishna: "I have no friends. I have only one friend; He is up." But through Him, you know—it is like a waterfall is there, but water is also here, if you convey it properly, in a river or a stream.

Comment:Imagine how manipulative this person was - got along with everyone but made no friends. He is a seeker who wants everything but wants to give little!

So everything comes from there; not only Sahaj Marg. Love comes from there. God is love. So when you have God in your heart you are capable of loving properly. Not this sham business of lust mixed with opportunity. Do you understand? So in spirituality when you are able to harness the hearts of your people, they work as if they are not working for you, but for themselves—which is true.

Comment:As we know there is nothing but blood and tissue in the heart. 'Lust mixed with opportunity' is a clever guilt trap becuse it means nothing but appeals to the puritanical instinct of Indians.

Now these people may think, "What is this? Somebody comes from Madras and builds." I'm not building for myself. I may come here or not, it doesn't matter. But, this is for the people of Kerala. They are expected to use it more than anybody else. And why should they use it? Because they see that somebody has come who is interested in their welfare—interested enough to put money. As I said, it is going to cost half a million dollars. The land we got free, thanks to the generosity of people like Somakumar and Ravi. That is the first step, you see. You make a heart so nice, so tender, so loving that they are willing to give you anything. You follow? It should be like that in marriage also. Not something you ask and you get. You give, and all this bribery business—'I give you a nice saree; you look after me'—not like that. This must work [pointing to the heart].

Comment:Later the master will tell you that everything that the money buys is fraud but here he harks over the half a million dollars he is going to spend for the Ashram. Now he is cleverly denigrating marriage. In fact, marriage is a social contract between two people in the real world. It must necessarily , like all contracts, depend on honest give and take transactions. After listening to this all abhyasis who feel the urge for this give and take will feel guilty.

You know, Kerala began very late in Sahaj Marg. Tamilnadu developed. All over India it was developing. Gujarat was developing. Uttar Pradesh—you know, it's a mad state. It is the state of Lord Krishna, and there is mad love, love without discipline. In Tamilnadu it is too much intellectual. So they want intellect in everything. They will say, "God has a brain, so why don't we use our brain?" They don't understand truly the love, the value of the heart. Even in music, you will find North Indian music is more beautiful to hear, melodious. South India Carnatic music is more grammar, percussion and technical. So, even though I studied Carnatic music for eight years and I played the flute, when I heard Maali (T.R. Mahalingam)—he was a Carnatic man, but he was totally unorthodox—I gave up my Carnatic tradition and went to the North Indian tradition. I had to play in my marriage with my guru, and he found that whatever he had taught, I was playing in a different way, you see, with him. So, after the concert, he said, "I think you have changed your style." I said, "Yes, I'm sorry to say, but—I have not changed the music; I've only changed the style." So like that, we go towards the heart means, it goes. In music especially, it is more and more of innovation from the heart. Whereas, if you innovate from the head—like you have a metronome, tick, tock, tick, tock—it's not so good. People may admire it who are intellectual.

Comment:This is a classic example of preaaching something and practicing something else. Look how he denigrates his guru by ridiculing him and trying to sound more spiritual than him. Rest of the passage has nothing important - finding a type of music good or not is personal preference. Some prefer melody - others prefer strict form. It is personal choice and there is nothing bad about one or the other.

So what we have done here, thanks to Somakumar, Ravi, and some of our prefects… Some have been very 'Kerala' prefects. Even prefects—they have not worked. They say, "Why should I work?" They accept the prefect certificate, then they say, "Nokatte,"that means 'let us see.' "That fellow [referring to himself] has come to Pathanamthitta once. He will not come again," they will say.

Comment:This is the worst form of ridicule to people who have donated their land to the ashram. It is a way of trying to make them guilty and thus under your power. This is a frequently used technique by parents especially in north india where they subtly insult their own children in front of everyone ( ... for their own good!)

So that we have everywhere. We have Punjabi prefects who are totally Punjabi. We have Tamil prefects who are entirely Tamil—Tamil culture, Tamil music, Tamil language. And they will say, "Why doesn't he speak in Tamil? This is Tamilnadu, you know." But I must speak a language which everybody understands, and that is the language of the heart. When you tell a child 'no', it understands, but it is not yet French—it is too young. And, you say "Oui, oui, cheri. [Yes, yes, dear.]" and it understands. How does it understand? You tell your dog, it understands. You tell your cow, it understands. It is not words we really understand. It is the feeling and the emotion behind it that we understand. I can smile and say, "Oh, these French are stupid, you know," but it will not fool the French. Isn't it? So reality has a way of touching hearts, whether we know it or not.

Comment:Look at the play of words. In the first para of the speech he says - 'no emotion in sahaj marg' - and now he says that the only language cows dogs and humans understand is the language of emotion! Amazing!

So that is what we should convey. And this can be conveyed only when you become selfless yourself. Babuji told me a secret long ago. He said, "Remember, you are in this business of being a prefect for their good; and you are working for me. In between you have nothing to do." But that 'nothing to do', many prefects say, "Oh, then I sit with my eyes closed. It's a wonderful thing. And we get coffee and free food after that!" [Abhyasi: "In Kerala?"] Everywhere! So we are in between, like the pipe between the water and the consumer. Or like the electrical wire between the powerhouse and the consumer. It has to convey. So I asked Babuji, "What do I get out of it? I mean, you must give me something, damn it!" And Babuji said, "If you give food with your hand, your hand has the smell of food. That is yours. And if you distribute roses, it has the smell of roses. And if you distribute spirituality, you will have some spirituality left in you." And he said even the best prefect retains twenty percent of the transmission in his own heart.

Comment:This is a motivation para for the perceptors - a false assurance that as they commit the fraud of transmission (convey) something gets left behind in them. The fact is that there is no proof that Babuji transmits anything because he is dead long ago. However the perceptors have been made to believe in transmission so they are being 'bribed' by your smart businessman master by 20% of all goods and services flowing through the pipeline that runs through their territory. How does Babuji know that twenty percent is retained - how do you know chari was told this ridiculous proposition of 20% retention by Babuji - he may have made it up.

You know when you convey water through a canal, much of the water goes into the ground; that is its reward. Now in modern technology, because we get less and less water in most countries, we line it with plastic and make the water not go into the earth. One day the earth will rebel. So, Babuji used to say, "In this business you get twenty percent commission." In no business transaction do you get twenty percent commission. But our prefects, some of them, they want to count the twenty percent and see if it is really twenty percent. That doesn't happen. But when you have faith, like Somakumar said in his talk now, you find that you're changing so much that sometimes you start weeping yourself. "How did I change so much?"

Comment:Understand that commission is a financial term and can be measured in units of currency. What units is spirituality measured? How is it that 20% is retained by perceptor? It would be far more beneficial to the poor perceptor if 5% of all donations recieved are given to them as commission rather than 20% of unmeasurable and useless spirituality.

Now, those who have hard hearts, those who are in life only for business, for power, for supremacy, to dominate others, they don't want their hearts to change. Recently I lost an abhyasi who stopped meditating. He was giving excuses that he is very busy, he is travelling abroad, this that and the other. But the real fact is, as reported to me by somebody else, that he is the financial controller of a big organisation, and he has to deal with money. And he felt his heart was becoming too soft so that he could not do his business effectively. And he stopped. What shall we do with such people? The world is full of such people. Sahaj Marg tries its best. We can break a mountain with a transmission, but what about the human heart? We are forbidden, also.

Comment:Again a guilt trap for those who do not find time to meditate and for those RICH that want to leave. If the master is divine and in touch with Babuji and almighty - why does he need someone else to tell him what the real fact. Soft heart and hard heart are imaes that the master wants you to see so that he can exercise effective control. The fact is the hearts of all people are more of less of the same density. A person with hard heart will find it extremely difficult to survive in this planet.

Babuji made it very clear that we can deal only with those who are willing to be transformed. We cannot compel. Many people have asked, "What about God, can He not change [people]?" He said, "Then what is the pleasure? There is no pleasure in changing somebody just like that. We have dogs, we have lions, we have cows. We can train them in a matter of a few months. But human beings—some will never change." Babuji used those words, and I said, "Babuji, you said 'never'?" He said, "Yes. I am sorry to say it. They will come here again and again and again and again, until big tragedies, big losses make their hearts slowly melt. It may take a hundred lives, five hundred lives, five thousand lives—only they can decide." And then when these big tragedies happen, you know like a millionaire, one who has two thousand million dollars, and his wife is dying of cancer and he can do nothing. Then he begins to realise that his money is useless for the real things of life. It can buy you yachts; it can buy you Boeing 747s, private planes. It can buy you all the beautiful cinema actresses, and anybody else you want. But it cannot buy you health; it cannot buy you love. There may be a thousand women travelling with you on your yachts, but none of them love you. They are there for your money. That he finds out, you see. "I have spent millions. Thousands of them eat with me every day, you know, caviar and, I don't know what else, brussel sprouts! I spend lavishly on them. Every day they consume hundred bottles of champagne. But not one of them loves me." Then he begins to realise that money is a fraud. Everything money buys is a fraud. It is temporary; it has no permanence; it does not last. The only lasting thing is love. Then he thinks of his nurse who has been nursing him patiently through twenty-five years, and she is secretly in love with him. He marries her. But to come to that stage you have to go through a lot of illness, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, a lot of betrayal. That's a long way, you know. It can go on life after life.

Comment:Pleasure is an emotion and emotions as you have seen in the first para has no place in the sahaj marg. Why is the master then bothered if there is pleasure or no pleasure in changing someboby just like that. See how he denigrates human beings to something lower than dogs, lions and cows. But wait - you can avoid being called worse than a dog only and only if you allow yourself to be 'transformed'.
The storycited here is a modern version of one of the stories read in every hindu household in satyanarayan katha. You may be able to remember it - only the saviour there was styanarayan and here it is sahaj marg! Inthe end of the para he says 'life after life' which indicates reincarnation whereas here the official website of SRCM says that they do not believe in reincarnation. Duplicity? can you see? The fact is there is no proof that there is life after death. We live on only through our opffspring and not by entering into a new body - at least that is what we know scientifically.

So sometimes I have felt—why do we take so many lives? Suppose I am prone to anger, like Ravana. In one life I get over that. I become so angry, I shoot somebody. I am taken by the police. I go to jail. I live all my life in jail and die. At that time I decide—never more will I get angry. It's a deathbed resolution. It goes with the soul. In my next life, I am very gentle. But I am arrogant about my service. "Without me, you cannot exist," like a nurse. And I see that whenever I am arrogant, the patient is dying. Then at the end of that life, I say, "No more arrogance." You see this girl who is simple, she has no education, and she is successful with the patients because she sits, loves them, kisses them. Whereas I am arrogant in my starched uniform and with my stethoscope. So, no more arrogance. So, anger gone; arrogance gone. Like this, one by one, we have to lose. So it takes so many lives. It is like a boy who fails at geography, therefore he fails. He says, "I must study geography." Next time he is very good at geography but he has neglected mathematics.So we have to get completely an integrated growth where all characteristics are balanced. Without balance, there is no spiritual progress. We must have money, we must have health, we must have power, we must have joy, but everything for the sake of others, not for yourself. This is the secret of life. When this happens, then whatever people may think of you, inside your motor is the best, like a Mercedes Benz: silent, noiseless, very powerful. This power nobody can see, therefore you don't use it. It doesn't have to be used, because from your heart everything comes. They recognize. Like you go to a cowshed and all your cows recognize you because you are feeding them every day. Mooo! They come. And you pat them on the neck, give them a banana and they are happy. So unless you are able to win hearts, there is no work which can succeed.

Comment:Anger, pride, joy, happiness, humility, sacrifice, attachment are all important emotions and they make us differnet from the ant or a cockroach. They are necessary to live. If you feel no anger when the terrorist tries to put fire to the Taj hotel or no pride when you have put in a good days work and created something - you are turning into an android. Emotions are the most important thing in us being human. Imagine two million emotionless people listening to Gandhiji ot Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. Nothing in this world will get achieved without emotion and passion. We would have a world full of half awake automatons mumbling around waiting to die hoping that they are not reborn as a cockroach!

Of course today you see they are paid more and more, but that is in the nature of a bribe. Once upon a time, somebody used to get ten rupees, today they get a million rupees. Like Bill Gates has a wealth of about fifty-eight billion dollars. What will he do with it? He is a rich man. But if the share price falls by a dollar, he will be worth thirty-eight billion instead of fifty-eight billion. Somebody can commit suicide if his heart is not strong. Another says, "Well, this is only paper. Tomorrow, if it rises, I am again worth [more]. If it falls, I have nothing. So, I'm not rich. It depends on the rise and fall of the stock market." You know, it's like a ship. Its safety depends upon the rise and fall of the water. If it is violent, what happens to the commander? He will have to pray, and they do pray. The mast breaks, the engine runs down, and you are going like this and like this, and people are in danger.

Comment:Notice how obsessed the master is with money. How he pumps up everyone's base emotion of 'fear' artificially. Fear is an important emotion for the 'fight or flight' response. It puts us in crisis mode and bonds us together socially to face the enemy. Here master uses fear as an emotional tool to bond against a faceless enemy much like Bush's War on terrror.

A little wind and the sailor loses his ego. A little fire and the fireman loses his ego. Like that, to lose the ego, normally we have to lose something on which our ego is fixed. Therefore a rich man has to lose his money. A man who is very proud of his health has to lose his health. A man who is very proud of his power has to lose his position. "Oh, I have been president of America for two terms"—it is cut. And then he is building his own library—memoirs.

Comment:More obsession with money and its loss. More spectre of fear - the oldest rule in the book of religion - scare the shit out of them.

So please remember all of you, that the characteristic that you are most proud of, is the one you have to throw away first. "No, no I am very well-educated. Kerala is the land of education." My friend Ravi said, "We are all literate." What do you use your literacy for? What haveyou used it for? Until this Gulf money started coming to Kerala, it was a lousy state where people chewed tobacco and ate kaccha supari—paaku [betel nut]. Isn't it? Now because money is coming, Western money, Gulf money, there is some sense of culture, some sense of dependence on other people that we are prosperous. Before we thought 'Kerala for Keralites'. Evide poyi Kerala for Keralites? [Where has the idea of 'Kerala for Keralites' gone?]" We have to be beaten before we will recognize. "E Parashurama kshetram [This is the land of Parashurama]." O adheyo? Parashuraman evide poyi? Evide kaanunnilla. [Oh, is that so? Where has Parashurama gone? He is not here.] So you see, we are beaten with the stick of which we are possessive. "I am egoistic," I say. Somebody takes that stick and hits me on the head. And we say, "Ayyoda! [Oh!] he took my stick and beat me with it." God has no weapons; He uses your own weapons to kick you in the back, first.

Comment:See how he wants your personality to be devoid of all self respect and pride. He wants the Keralites to be shameful of their education by belittling their (lack of)achievements despite being educated, shameful of their money because it has come from gulf and before that money came they were betel nut chewing peasants and belittling the biggest connection Kerala has with Aryan North that is of being the land of Parsurama. This man is evil.God is supposed to be benevelant. Why should he feel the need to kick you on your back? If I were god, I would file a defamation suit against master for implying that i would cause harm to my own shareholders (aka Rmalinga Raju)!

So this we must understand, you see. My ego has to go by my having to lose that upon which I have totally depended for my life. [If] I am depending only on money, my money will have to go. Overnight, a billionaire is a pauper. He has to sell his yacht, he has to sell his girls away, he has to sell his caviar and his champagne—whole cellars of them. And then he comes. "Oh Roberto, what happened to you?" "C'est la vie. [Such is life.]" Then he becomes repentant because, now he has to go and ask people for something. You know the old tradition that monks, sannyasis had to beg for their food, was to kill their ego. The man will never ask somebody. 'You say you are thirsty. Why didn't you ask for a glass of water?' 'No, no, I don't like to ask for water. I will go and buy. Sept franc. [Seven francs.]" Okay. 'You really wanted to go to the toilet, when we were in that house for two hours." "No, no, I preferred not to go. Indian toilets are messy. I'll go back to the hotel." Ego, isn't it? What is good for a human being is good for another human being. So sannyasis, monks, rishis, they have the tradition of having to go to do yaachaka (begging) as we call it. It's not really begging. You only say, "Bhavati bhikshaam dehi"—I have come to ask; if you have, please give me. And this you collect and take to your ashram, cook and eat—all of you. So even the begging is a collective thing. It's not for you yourself. And if still you have something left over, you give it to another ashram. Nothing is to be kept.

Comment:Again see how master is obsessed with money and now girls - who the Billionaire has to 'sell' away! Gawd! He must learn the ancient Bhikshak tradition and beg for donations and open his books for scrutiny to see if he is not keeping the donations balance at the end of the accounting period as reserves and giving them away to other ashrams.

So you see, the old Christian tradition that before we go to bed, let me make my enemies my friends. I shall have nothing on my heart which will ruin my sleep, make me wake up worse than I went to bed and then I have more enmity: "Because of that fellow I did not sleep." So the heart must be pure when we go to bed. So we have the evening cleaning. The heart must be purified in the morning totally again, and so we have the morning meditation. Before going to bed, we have the evening cleaning process that takes care of whatever is residual. That is the beauty of the Sahaj Marg system. It has been tailor-made in such a simple fashion that any stupid human being, whether he is an Eskimo in Lapland or a cart puller in the streets of Kerala or a pilot flying a Jumbo, anybody can do it very easily—no effort, no time, no money. And I'm surprised, you see—what keeps people away? It is their cultural arrogance, linguistic arrogance and their national arrogance. All making up one solid mass of ego, like cheese, when you cook it, for a pizza; you can't digest it. And pizza is so popular! Manassilaayo? [Understood?]

Comment:The only arrogance i see here is in sahaj marg who say that 1. you can not discuss it intellectually 2. you should ignore all scientific and biological evidence to see that heart is just a muscular tissue pump and it is not possible to fill it with anything other than blood 3. that you can clean the heart whereas it is niether desirable nor possible to clean the heart except by introducing a stent to clean up clogged arteries that go into the heart.

So what are we to say? Every one of you should love in such a way that you have kavarchi, you know, aakarshana shakti [power of attraction]. And how will it come? When you are not there and only the other person is there. If you give a sitting just to put on record that today I gave seven sittings, that is for yourself, isn't it? Babuji never said he has transformed so and so; he never said that. In fact once, one very senior officer of the government came. He said, "Babuji, can you show me two people whom you have liberated? Then I will join your Mission." I was going to hit that fellow in the face, you see. It's like telling an apple tree, "Show me an apple and then I will accept you are an apple tree"—and they are hanging from the tree! Isn't it?

Comment:More arrogance and more emotion (anger - to hit another human being in the face) where as he advocates that it has no place in sahaj marg. Also inherent dislike for questioning because the ego of the master is too great to be affronted even by a 'high ranking' government servant.

So we have fools. And fools—why are they fools? Because again arrogance will not allow them to say that, "I do not know." "Oh yes, I know everything. Spirituality—chi chi! It's a cult." Like they have in Europe, the problem of the cult. Only fools talk about something they don't know, with the vehemence of somebody who knows everything about it. "Oui, oui," they say. So you see, talking about something about which you know nothing in a way that you know everything, is the first sign of arrogance and ego. Pride! And then when we ask you the first question, you say, "Do you know anything that you are asking me a question?" "No, no, brother. You said you are a scientist. Can you tell me the velocity of light?" "Look in a textbook. Who are you testing?" One who dare not be tested will refuse to be tested, as if he knows everything and you are insulting him by asking! You understand?

Comment:More hatred towards people not following sahaj marg! See how cleverly he has used science and scientists to buttress his argument that he should not be questioned but obeyed without questions.

So these are the signs by which humanity can be easily understood. You can look at a man's face and know what he is. Reading is no difficulty. But we don't know what to expect when we read. Therefore we say, "I cannot read." You understand? Most prefects have this problem. They say, "I am not able to read. I have been a prefect for fifteen years." Because I think we expect something in writing, or some cinema-like pictures, whereas the reading is here [points to the heart]. So please remember that, all prefects, and try to put this [points to the heart] to use when you give a sitting—look at your heart. Suppose I am in an air-conditioned room with glass windows. And I see a tree swaying. I know there is a breeze blowing. If I want to feel it, I have to go outside. One is visual; one is from the heart.

Comment:Another impossible direction by the master - 'look at the heart'. You can not - if you do you will have to look at someone elses that too in the OT during an open heart surgery. And last thing you will find there is the answers to the questions of humanity. What you will see is a blood soaked throbbing muscle organ contracting and expanding till you bypass it when it is difficult to see how it is different from the muscles of your thigh or your bum.

Now we are looking for visual evidence in everything that we do. Babuji said "Always look only to the heart. Your eyes, your ears, your nose, they have nothing to do with it." Can you touch somebody and say he is spiritual? Of course Master can, but can you? No. Can you look at somebody and say he is sick? No—unless he is a very good doctor who thinks of the patient. But modern doctors, they have to look at reports to see that the patient is sick. They don't know that he is sick. They say, "Give me the blood report, pulse, scan, MRI," you know. And after the patient spends twenty thousand rupees, they say, "You are not well." "Mama mia!" you say, "I knew it when I came here." That is today's medicine. Today's priest, he does not believe in what he is preaching. And if you ask him, "Father, do you believe?" He says "My son, my problem is the same as yours. I lack faith." Very humanly, and very humbly, he says, "My son, my problem is the lack of faith like you have, but I depend on God Almighty to cure it." And you think he is a very good man because he says it in a nice, mild manner. So this is the hypocrisy of medicine, of law, of churches, all over the world. I don't mean only Christian—Hindu, everything. They are all churches.

Comment:He says look into the heart because he wants you to remain confused. Only if you are confused will you follow his stupid orders and accept his conflicting and often dichotomous dictats, incredible ideology and subtle but atrong threatening suggestions to cough up your money.

So it is also good in a way because it puts humanity back on its own. We have to create a new sense of approach to the Almighty. We have to learn that I don't have to go to church. I have it right here. I don't have to depend on a priest. He is right here inside me. I do not have to look to books for behaviour, morality, ethics. They are all inside me. Why have they not shown? Because you did not want to listen. You kept the book closed. Open it. So we say, "Open your heart." Then you find that God is there, the priest is there, the book is there, and you are there. And if you permit that to go on, you are progressively gone and He is progressively growing until the God that was in me but whom I have neglected, whom I have not listened to, whom I have ignored totally, is now me—and I have no problem.

Comment:I promise you with all the conviction i have that if you open your heart you will find no book, no priest , no god .. nothing except blood and tissue.... and you will die in the attempt.

So this is what we should achieve or try to achieve, and this is what I pray that all of you will be blessed with.

Comment:Realise the truth behind this fraud religion and leave sahajmarg now.
Thank you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obedience and intelligence

A person obeys another person because he is influenced by a stronger power, whether it being wealth, intellect, experience, or a higher position. Human beings have been obeying and disobeying since the beginning. They have been thought that obedience is a virtue and disobedience a vice, but this is not true all the time. The person obeying authority must be able to recognize irrational and rational authority, because not being able to do so can become dangerous. When people become a part of a cult or a gang it is usually at a vulnerable time when they are recruited and they were not able to recognize signs needed to make a rational decision. These people become followers to leaders with narcissistic personalities who believe they are some sort of messiah that will make the world a better place.

Obedience is simple, obedience needs no intelligence, all machines are obedient, there is nothing like an disobedient machine, intelligence is human, if anyone is asking for a complete obedience, that person in essence is asking you to become a machine, which s/he can use for his own selfish motive. When a person is obedient, he thinks he is not responsible for the act, take the case of Nazi’s after the second world war, in the Nuremberg trials, all the Adolf Hitler’s top men simply said they were not responsible, they were simply following orders and don’t feel guilty of the crimes they committed, this is what sahaj marg intends to do with its victim, make them machines, and make them commit crime against humanity, and make them feel, they are not responsible, however no court of law, which is based on reasoning will accept their argument and it is them who will be punished, as a reference take the case of Ikuo Hayashi. A perfect example of human converted into an obedient machine by a claimed spiritual guru.

Obedience has a simplicity, disobedience needs a higher order of intelligence, any idiot can be obedient, infect only idiots can be obedient. The person of intelligence is bound to ask WHY? – “Why am I suppose to do it?” and “unless I know the reason and consequence of it, I am not going to involve in it!” An intelligent person is responsible.

Intelligence is directly proportional to responsibility.

Responsibility is not a game, it is one of the most authentic ways of living, , but it does not mean disobedience for the sake of disobedience, that would be idiotic too, we must use our own intelligence, and when we use our own intelligence we are responsible and grow mature, and hence even though we accept opinion of others but we have agreed to the opinion and that is not obedience but responsibility.

Just to go against obedience is not going to move intelligence higher; it remains on the same plane. Disobedience does not mean saying an absolute no in every situation, it simply means deciding whether to do it or not, and it is defiantly not the question of hating the person seeking obedience or hating to be told what to do, it is just being responsible.

The way of disobedience is not stagnant, just going against every order and feeling anger and hate and revenge towards the person. The way of disobedience is a way of great inteliigence. So it is not ultimately obedience or disobedience. Reduce the basic facts, its simply a question of intelligence—behave intelligently.

It is easy to throw responsibility, If Adolf Hitler had been victorious, Martin Heidegger would have said, he is victorious because he followed my philosophy, Martin Heidegger was a great intellectual as compared to Hitler, Hitler was just a retarded person, but powerful and we follow the powerful. We are brought up to follow the powerful, the teacher, the priest, the God, essentially whoever has the power is right. “might is right” and you have to follow it, it is simple because it needs no intelligence.

Now there are few questions here, can a totally obedient person be intelligent? From the points presented above, certainly not, and here comes the next question, answer to which will be a nail in the coffin of Sahaj Marg.

Can an idiot realize the ultimate and lead others to the path to the ultimate? And answer is certainly NO.

So as I have said time and again, people in sahaj marg are idiots because they have lost the power to use their intelligence as they have become absolutly obedient, hence they cannot utilize their own wisdom and realize what is known as ultimate truth, to realize the truth we must be intelligent enough. And an intelligent person cannot be part of sahaj marg. Sahaj marg and intelligence are anonyms of each other. Sahaj Marg is path of foolishness and only foolish people follow it. Those who disagree are welcome to prove otherwise.

This is what Sahaj Marg is all about

It is of course necessary that a disciple obeys the Master implicitly. The great Indian mystic Kabir is stated to have said that while a disciple should not take alcoholic drinks, nevertheless, if the Master orders a disciple to drink, the disciple should not merely drink but should drown himself in a vat of wine so that the liquor should pour into him through every pore of the body. This emphasises the degree of obedience that is called for. By obedience and by following the Master's guidance, not only in spiritual sadhana but in all aspects of one's life, one comes to realise that the Master is not just a Master of one's spiritual life but is an all-pervasive Master with franchise over the sum total of one's human functions. The development of this attitude strengthens one's attachment to the Master and begins to develop in the disciple a feeling of total dependence on the Master.

Parthsarthi Rajagopalachari is a fake guru who is in a habit of fooling people by taking name of some well known mystique's as in above case, he has used the name of Kabir and has given a wage example for obedience for himself, Kabir on the other hand has never made any such comment, on the contrary Kabir is said to have two guru's The thesis that he had two gurus, Ramanand and Shekh Taqqi, provides an optimism that he was not prone to any one orthodox set of beliefs

Parthsarthi in essence is a fake guru, and uses names of enlighten mystique's of past to substantiate his position as a Guru. Is there anything more worst then this?

This is what Sahaj Marg is. Obedience to a Psychopath.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Sahaj Marg Trap

The whole thing looks very subtle to the newcomer, a young chap, explained the benefits of sahaj marg by some of their close relatives or someone who has won over their trust over a period of time. I believe today that anyone with a minimum of critical sense would find-out in this apparently innocent meditation classes the beginning of a long manipulation process.

People follow Sahaj Marg as it is supposed to be followed, they consider it as Masters gift.. they are carried by the collective enthusiasm and are very sensitive to the other abhyasis hearty support, not suspecting even once, that their apparent sincerity was in reality a well-trained, careful selection of words and attractive arguments.

This is all fine during the initial months of Sahaj Marg practice, but one gets more involved when they logically recognize their Master (P. Rajagopalachari) as a divine incarnation, representing the divine: His ever-present photograph is the unavoidable tool to persuade new-comers that the benefits and experience of meditation come from him and that his divine nature resides inside the abhyasi in the form of the spiritual energy who is the source of their newly acquired wisdom. By claiming that ownership, Chari becomes abhyasis inner personal guru.

Thus the importance given to Chari, while transmitting a newly brainwashed member, You just need to see the tense reactions of preceptors when a new-comer mentions he prefers to meditate without considering Chari, in essence in Sahaj Marg Chari IS the meditation. The imagined transmission is the initial drop of a slow but regular poisoning & intoxicating process, the solid milestone on which the sand castle of Sahaj Marg beliefs are built.

Preceptors would even more warmly reassure the new comer at this stage by insisting that "you are your own master", that you are the one who makes the choices. In reality however abhyasis start very gradually to be controlled. What initially was a method to observe their personal inner functioning becomes a method of manipulation.
How does that happen? In their daily life, abhyasis start analyzing their actions, thoughts and emotions thinking "is what I am doing, thinking, feeling in accordance with Sahaj Marg?" or "does what I'm doing, thinking, feeling please Master?" They are even asked to maintain a diary and submit the same to their preceptor, in addition to remaining in constant remembrance of their leader. The regular practice of this personal control becomes so automatic, that after few years they find themselves only doing things that please Chari. They are so adapted to this ideal behavioral pattern that they even enjoy it and become happy about it, which in reality makes things worse: Master becomes the source of their happiness. Abhyasis keep repeating "May master bless you" or "Thanks to Master". All this is outcome of constant remembrance, absolute control applied on them and their minds, when a person makes a statement like “Thanks to Master” or “May Master bless you” or “by the grace of Master” understand immediately that this person has crossed the threshold of inner self control and is totally under control of Chari and is on his mercy.

Through their daily worship of Chari as God on earth, they are at the mercy of all his desires, preferences and increasingly fanatic ideas. There is nothing a abhyasi wouldn't do for him: People get married, divorce, send their kids away and gobble their sufferings (these are only petty human attachments) simply because he tells them to.

Of course they claim very seriously that they do these things from their own will. It's perfectly true: Masters will IS their will. They are his instruments. Master can do anything, lie, rob, cheat. He doesn't even need to explain his behaviour, each abhyasi will individually do the job on his behalf. The supreme trick is that when they don't find any cosmic interpretation to his behaviour they will claim he is the Master, and his actions cannot be understood by the human brain since the brain is his creation, and that he behaves in that way to test their devotion/belief in him.

Succeeding such "tests" becomes a source of recognition and respect. This is how sahaj marg traps a human and converts him/her into an obedient drone.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The psycho guru, P. Rajagopalachari (Chariji)

In Indian system there is an age old tradition of guru and shishya, wherein a guru is placed at a high social status, and was placed next to parents, this was true when honesty and commitment for the welfare of the society was by and large prominent in minds of people living in that society to which the guru belonged, in-fact, in traditional Aryan system of living, every person had the potential to become a guru in later part of his life.

The early Aryans use to follow the system of 4 stages of life, wherein at each important junction of their life they use to transform from one domain of life to another, the four stages of life were named as followes:-

1.Brahmacharya Ashram.
2.Grahasta Ashram
3.Vanprasthan Ashram.
4.Sanyas Ashram

The word ashram means shelter implying that the person takes shelter successively in each of the four stages during his life’s journey,

The first ashram, Brahmacharya, is the student phase of life when the person is supposed to immerse himself or herself in learning the craft or trade in preparation for later life. During this period the person is supposed to live a celibate life (Brahmacharya means celibacy). Grahasta (meaning householder) ashram is the stage of family life. It begins with marriage and proceeds to raising a family. It involves earning a living through the skills acquired during Brahmacharya ashram. Vanaprastha indicates the departure from material possessions. The person lives with the family, in society, but in a withdrawn manner. The man no longer takes part in the commercial activities and the woman leaves the running of the household to her daughter-in-law. People in this ashram play the role of mentors. The social activities become religious in nature. The final stage is Sanyasa or renunciation. The person leaves society to spend the remaining part of his or her life in meditation and the contemplation of God in solitude. This is a very severe step and once upon a time was the norm.

It was during the Brahmcharya ashram i.e when a person is not responsible for his family he use to live with Guru and learn the skills which s/he would use during the course of Grahasta ashram.

The concept of sahaj marg which uses name of Raja Yoga as selling strategy does not fit in any of these stages of life as postulated by early Aryans, Raja yoga is also a product of that time frame only, it was never expected from a householder to become obedient zombies of person who claims to be a guru, and abuses his own country and countrymen.

Sahaj Marg has a modern day Guru (who can be termed as psycho guru) claims that they have modified this system of guru-shishya and now a person living a life of householder can continue to follow principles of Bramcharya ashram, this psycho guru is P. Rajagopalachari, Chari claims that he can intercede with God for those who follow the philosophy of Sahaj Marg, and believe that after death, that person will be reaching a place he has named “Brighter World”. Condition for reaching this brighter world is unconditional obedience to him, and not to question any of his absurd statement and become a living dead in his hand, he has not proved his credentials as a good human being till now, but still asks people to believe in whatever statement he makes, no matter how absurd his view may be, as he claims himself to be the one who can take any person who celebrates his birthday to “brighter world”

Below I am presenting some of his statement, which will show how smartly Chari has been fooling people and manipulating them in name of spirituality. Any person, who by default does not asks questions about authenticity of a person claiming to have potential to intercede on behalf of others who follow him, can be fooled by the show of money and power game as demonstrated by people around him, and luxurious ranches around the globe.

However we have observed lately that many people have begun to question their involvement in this cult and are gradually over-coming the mind control of SRCM by their own will, and leading a happy normal life, leaving all the anxiety frustration and forced beliefs of sahaj marg behind.

Some of the unbelievable claims made by this Psycho Guru are as follows:-

1. Lalaji Maharaj, whose birth anniversary we are celebrating today has ordained–it was not merely an expression of his wishes–has ordained that abhyasis should marry amongst each other, so that in two or three generations we have an exploding Sahaj Marg population

Lalaji Died in 1931, when there was no trace of Sahaj Marg, and chari announced this claim in 2002, how can a person in his/her normal state of mind believe in this kind of absurdity? But still there are people following this cult of sahaj marg, can they be said to be in normal state of mind, this is the reason as why members of SRCM are called “Zombies”.

2. So what wonders can it do if this is on a global scale? That is why Sahaj Marg is performing marriages—no questions asked, except whether you are old enough to get married, and whether you are a man and a woman. Unlike the churches in the world, we don’t perform same-sex marriages. That is unnatural. God did not intend it to be thus

Chari claims that God did not intend same sex attraction!! What kind of God is Chari talking about? Do those who have attraction towards same sex are product of devil? Then God and devil have same power over humans isn’t it? Only a stupidest assumption will make a sense in explaining the will of God!!! Can a person who talks to Ghosts claim to explain “will of God?” I leave it on the wisdom of readers to decide if a person like Chari is talking to God or devil!

3. So in India today is there an honest man? It is doubtful. Is there a man of character? Perhaps. Are there selfish liars, cheats, daakus [dacoits], unfriendly, willing to kill for profit and pleasure? Yes. Every Indian is potentially that. If they see a profit they are willing to give up everything for it. Today in the newspaper there is an article of two people who kidnapped a boy of nine or ten years old, took him to a hospital in Cuddapah or somewhere, changed his sex, and are using him for prostitution—just now I read in the newspaper.

The kind of fantasies we have, explains to a great extend the kind of person we are, there has been no such incident anywhere in India ever as stated by Chari, this cocked up story of change of sex of a boy to a girl for sex is totally unbelievable, this shows up-to a great extend the mentality of this person P. Rajagopalachari, does this makes any sense to any person that anyone would kidnap a child take him to doctor who would perform a sex change operation and then the kidnappers would use that child as sex object? This is below human thinking and demonstrates the mind set of this person, who claims to be a spiritual person, to add to this P. Rajagopalachari claims that all Indian are potentially liar and cheat, well he may be true about himself and his gang, but this statement cannot be generalized for all Indians in one go…. How will Chari explain people like A.P.J Abdul Kalam? Army personals dying for the safety of their nation? Is Chari suggesting that Indian army is there to defend liars and cheats? Shame on you Mr. Chari, you are not even a good human being, how can you claim to be a spiritual person? Looking at your own country as a nation of liars and cheats is not the way of a good human.

4. And I pray to you, beloved Master, to grant us this privilege of rejoining you in the brighter world as soon as possible

This is a terrifying statement if we understand what he is really saying. Here it seems that Chari is suggesting that abhyasis should die as soon as possible so that they can goto brighter world, can a sane person take such kind of statements as outcome of a healthy happy mind? Again I leave it on the wisdom of readers, this is horrible to say the least.

5. In today’s world Sahaj Marg, as stated by Babuji Maharaj, is the easiest and the quickest way to the goal of liberation.

This is the most absurd statement of all, who has achieved liberation in sahaj marg since its conception? Can Chari produce a list of those who he thinks have achieved liberation by following sahaj marg? And also the time taken by those who have achieved this liberation? Again wisdom of readers is needed here to understand how Chari is fooling people in name of liberation and spirituality.

All the statements made by Chari can be proved to be irresponsible and stupid statement, here I have put forth only a few of such statements so that people infected by diseases of sahaj marg can realize what they are subjected to.
Freedom from Sahaj Marg
Our world from another dimension

Be-aware of Sahaj Marg, Personal Testimonial