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How P. Rajagopalachari manipulates people

P. Rajagopalachari has been fooling people for quite sometime now, he asks his victim for complete surrender to himself, this he asks by manipulation and distorting stories from Indian Mythology, he has used story of Parashuram many time to make his victims obedient to himself to the point that they should kill anyone he asks them to kill, and should not even think about what he has ordered.

Here is what P. Rajagopalachari says:-

One thing that our people must understand is, in obedience there is no place for thought. You are not to think whether this is to be obeyed or not. The Guru orders, you do it. The famous example in our mythology is Parashuram. When he said he was devoted and loved his father, his father said, "Will you do what I tell you?" He said yes. He said, "Cut off your mother's head." Chichick. And the head came off. Mother's head! - obedience. Of course, then the father said, "I am pleased with you. Ask for a boon." He said, "I want my mother alive again." And the mother came alive again.

Chari wants his victims to become absolute idiots, because as i have stated my times an intelligent person is bound to ask "WHY?" Chari says that in obedience there is no place for thought. You are not to think whether this is to be obeyed or not. The Guru orders, you do it.

Kindly note he is saying "The Guru orders, you do it" and then he presents a story from Indian Mythology about Parashurama. People who do not think will accept this story without questioning, as Chari has already stated that one must not think, simply OBEY.

Actual story of Parashuram is somewhat different, Parashurama did not killed his mother by obeying his Guru, but did so because his FATHER (not guru) asked him to do so...

If we follow the story presented by P. Rajagopalachari, the question aries:- when Parashuram obeyed his father, why should abhyasis obey their Guru and not their father? I am sure, a father is more loving then Guru can be in todays time.

More-so Parashurama was not present in 21st century, nor in 20th century nor in 19th or 18th century. Parashurama was present before Shree Ram of ayodhya took birth.

And there is no sure time line available in todays historical records about exact date of birth of Lord Ram. It is estimated that Lord Ram took birth on 10 January 5114 B.C i.e thousands of year back.

By distorting stories from Indian Mythology Chari is giving bad name to hindu religion as well.

Can P. Rajagopalachari establish himself as a person who can bring back a dead? if he can do that then if he asks someone to kill anyone else, it makes sense, but if Chari does not have power to bring back a dead to life, how in the world can he present such a story???

We must also know the actual story, as why Parashurams father asked him to kill his own mother?

Parashurams father was Jamadagni and his mothers name was Renuka

The story is:-

Renuka, the devoted wife of Jamadagni, had to get the Ganga water, for her husband's fire worship, and accordingly, proceeded to the river with a pot. The Ganga was flowing majestically. At that time a 'Gandharva' (celestial being) named Chitraratha was enjoying a festive bath and was engaged in frolic with his wives. Renuka was watching these activities for some time.

She had been somewhat mesmerized and after a while awakened herself realizing
her duty to carry the pot of water to her husband. She rushed back to the hermitage.
Jamadagni was a sage possessing supreme vision. He visualized
the reason for his wife's delayed arrival. He was angered at her and took umbrage
at her becoming 'impure' by witnessing Chitraratha with unbecoming interest. He called out his sons and ordered them to kill her. The children were shocked; they could not believe their own ears. How can they kill their own mother? They stood transfixed.

Jamadagni was now furious, seeing that his sons were not obeying him. Parashurama
returned after a while, and Jamadagni asked his son to kill his mother and also
the disobedient brothers.

Parashurama did not hesitate even for a moment. Readily he raised his axe, chopped off his mother's head and later killed his brothers. As he bowed before his father in reverence, the latter's anger subsided. However, five persons had been killed.

Jamadagni said: My son, your devotion to your father has pleased me. Tell me what is your desire and I shall fulfill it. Parashurama replied, O father, nothing satisfies me more than fulfilling your desire. If you want to grant me boons, please forgive my mother and brothers for their disobedience and kindly bring them back to life.As you wish, said Jamadagni. The dead rose to life and prostrated before the sage.

The ashram's rituals were resumed unhindered. Thus Parashurama saved his mother
and brothers.

Parashurama was not obedient to his Guru but to his father, he knew that his mother had done wrong and his brothers also did wrong, he did not killed his mother and brother without thinking, he knew that they did a mistake and asked his father to forgive them.

His father forgave them, Chari will make a new story out of this and claim that all father's who's children are abhyasis should be obedient to their children and state the same story.... Because he has already demanded that one must not think only OBEY!!

I hope people will verify what Chari says because he has established himself as a big manipulator. Because of manipulation of Sahaj marg numerous families have been destroyed till now, and if sahaj marg is not eradicated, many more families will be destroyed.

We need to save our family from Cults and the only way to be safe is to think, question and do not rest till you have found the answer.

Dear victims of sahaj marg, start thinking, your leader is a dangerous person, be-aware of his tactics and do not fall in traps of sahaj marg.

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