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Sahaj Marg, a contradiction in terms

Contradiction's and Harmful effects of SRCM

To add to the problem the concept of sitting which is used in SRCM is no different then mental sex, it is very dangerous for unmarried women's they are told to love master and keep master in their hearts which ideally should be the place for their spouse, after they get married the struggle starts about whom to love they are told to love master but their heart says this love is for my spouse, and they get troubled since there are always problems associated in marriages hence they tend to go back to their shelter in order to get a temporary relief in-turn they do not realize that this temporary relief will cause a permanent damage, there is very less scope of a sustainable marriage incase women is involved in SRCM. Their marriage is bound to break, thereby leaving them with nothing, SRCM as it is present only to take and since women now have lost everything will ultimately loose SRCM also they will find it heard to attain any more functions and if husband refuses to pay money or case is in court therefore money becomes a problem for them, and ultimately they loose both money and the pseudo support of SRCM, SRCM is there only for money this fact people realize late and when they do so relationship had already crossed the recoverable state.

See testimonial of people who experienced emotional problems after getting involved in this mind controlling cult

Another testimonial where people testified that they become EMOTIONLESS and are unable to decide between good and bad.

This is the only reason why SRCM has started marring inside their community, people are forced to renounce their identity and get married to people from a totally different background, result is once again a disaster, hence it is once again clear what are the aspects where SRCM is causing harm to the society and people associated with it

Main problem with people intoxicated with SRCM is they spread their disease, they are more dangerous then any other group people because they do not keep their disease to themselves they always try to spread their disease to others and this is the reason why they are so much harmful to the public in genral.

They are mentally slave people they are unaware of what is happening to them they tend to blame everyone else about their problems without realizing core of the problem is present in them which is teachings of SRCM. Once they are free from mind control of SRCM they will realize the truth. They fail to understand that no misery is undeserved, if they are in trouble or their marriage is in trouble problem is in them, there is no blame outside, they fail to see that what they are blaming on others is actually their own projection it is their in them since they do not realize that it is their problem and it is them who have to resolve it and not the other person they become more and more miserable. There is no brutality which cannot be conquered by love, but for a person who is immune to love of society family and spouse will fail to read this love and immediately blame others, this also is the outcome of teaching of SRCM. Which is why it is so dangerous

Become free from obligation of obeying a master, become free from obligation of working for mission and become free from spreading method, become absolutely free and declare your freedom to the world and specially to those who made u a fool and made you a mental slave, become free and work for the society you own a lot, pay back to the society, pay back to your parents and pay back the love of your spouse. Return love for love, do not replace mother with master, mother is the highest ever pure and ever chaste, she has no substitute, especially an external person cannot be replace to the grace of mother. Do not be a fool any more and leave SRCM Chari Group immediately.

Their Hippocratic nature is evident from the fact that they use name of Raja Yoga to fool people, whereas Sahaj Marg (tm) has nothing to do with what is called Raja Yoga, it is used as a selling point and incase anyone uses Sahaj Marg they take drastic steps like filing court cases against them and reserve their trade Mark name, this group declares itself as spiritual organization but behaves just the opposite, They have not invented Raja Yoga and their practice also has nothing to do with Raja Yoga, but they use this name. These people are stupid in themselves and are trying to fool all those who are seeking truth.

Normally only those people become part of such groups who are undergoing any emotional distress or are feeling lonely in their life's they seek support in these cult's which they find. When their life takes good turn, they are not able to get out of these cults and continue their association not understanding that life has all aspects in it, there cannot be bad part in your life without producing any good result similarly there cannot be any good part in your life without producing any bad result. hence All must remain un-altered when good or bad both phases cross your life. these cults will provide no help, in whatever phase you are in. hence do not be dependent on anyone hold fast to your Atman, everything in this world of yours will ultimately "PASS" nothing is going to stay with you forever, and there is no cure to miseries of this world, hence be sympathetic to those who are suffering and go beyond all joys and miseries, only this attitude will help u remain unaltered, when you understand that nothing will cure your miseries, do not invite more trouble in your life by getting associated with this cult, get disconnect and become absolutely free, non-dependence is only thing that can help you grow and become strong. Become strong and face life as it comes without any thought of remorse and pain, feel only joy, there is nothing good nothing bad in this world it is same thing just manifested in different form. Knowledge will help and dependencies will never help. Get out of this cult and love your family and society. Loving Master (Chari) or working for mission or spreading method not is a spritual practice, your fiath and trust is just used for selfishness of Mission and Master Know this fact, that you are used, and get out of this cult.

For those who are not really involved in SRCM but are aware of its existence, may kindly note the level of ego and self attachment of those who are really involved in this cult, just say few words which may not sound music to these infected people and see their response… you will be surprised by their reaction, they are so much intoxicated that it becomes really impossible for them to even think of the idea that they have a separate identity from SRCM, and this is what all the cults do, they give people an Identity, to which they declare that they belong, this is not a spiritual practice at all, at-least this is not what Raja Yoga has to say, one can only find his/her true self when s/he becomes free from all Identities, the hurting point in SRCM is they de-associate people from their original identity and give them a new one, this is just shifting burden from one shoulder to another, this concept in no-way will be beneficial to anyone, it will only cause pain to those who love the infected person, and also to the infected person, as Mother is now replaced with Master, mother will suffer now, as her child has declared a new spiritual mother, this is stupidity beyond imagination if looked properly.

You don't have to be associated with anyone, neither you need to depend on anyone for YOUR growth, if it was possible that any growth from outside was possible world would have been totally different, We all must understand one simple concept, neither pain nor happiness can be added or subtracted from what is present, as they both are actually the same, hence all those who preach that there can be happiness without pain are fooling you, it is not possible, this is law of nature, and no-one who is bound by this law of nature (i.e all those who are mortal) have any power over nature, only that person can help who is beyond nature, who can actually declare that s/he is immortal and hence is divine, but since, myself and defiantly you also have not yet come across any such object which is immortal hence, do not depend on those things which are mortal, seek that which is immortal, seek and you will find, throw off all the dependencies and throw off all obligations and pressure, and thus divine will be known to you. And this is what the Upanishads say "Neti Neti" not this not this, remove everything, what remains after removing the protons, and electrons this is what is God as known by those Rishi's who understood the Veda's and the Upanishads.

Only freedom can help you realize your true self and ignorance and dependency will only add to your misery which is shifted to you, by your own effort, your misery will produce joy to those who are in SRCM, as there has to be a balance, there cannot be a high rising wave without creating a hollow somewhere, similarly your joy will produce pain to some-one else. Hence get aware of this law, understand nature as it is and not as preached by those who themselves are slave to this nature, be unattached with absolute devotion to your spouse. As s/he is the only person from where you can start your journey towards your self.

In the same context note what Adi Shankaracharya had understood, he as we know him was not God, his true self was known to him only and this is what he preached :-
"Brahma Satyam Jagan Mithya Jivo Brahmaiva Na Aparah" Brahman (the Absolute) is alone real; this world is unreal; and the Jiva or the individual soul is non-different from Brahman.

The Atman is self-evident (Svatah-siddha). It is not established by extraneous proofs. It is not possible to deny the Atman, because It is the very essence of the one who denies It. The Atman is the basis of all kinds of knowledge, presuppositions and proofs. Self is within, Self is without; Self is before, Self is behind; Self is on the right, Self is on the left; Self is above and Self is below.

Brahman is not an object, as It is Adrisya, beyond the reach of the eyes. Hence the Upanishads declare: “Neti Neti—not this, not this....” This does not mean that Brahman is a negative concept, or a metaphysical abstraction, or a nonentity, or a void. It is not another. It is all-full, infinite, changeless, self-existent, self-delight, self-knowledge and self-bliss. It is Svarupa, essence. It is the essence of the knower. It is the Seer (Drashta), Transcendent (Turiya) and Silent Witness (Sakshi).

I have been asked by few SRCM zombies that why i am reffering to Shankaracharya, SRCM people say that for faith one needs to "reduce the insistance on logic" and we know that Shankracharya had just the opposite view, he proved that blind faith is of no use. Faith can also be logical, he was the one who proved that if faith is not logical it is bogus, blind faith is what sucide bomber's of islam also have, if we go by this POV their acts of killing people is justified, is it not? And this is why I am saying that faith must be supported by logic, else it will produce only zombies, like abhysis of SRCM, sucide bomber's of Islam etc. Help your self and help others also to renounce this cult group

In context of SRCM, they expect too much, i was reading one of the recent speech of Chari given at manipakkam people were moving out while he was still present, he got up and started saying that I am transmitting you the divinity, I am doing this and that and while i am still here you are going? i was really shocked that his ego has become so large, he is full of what is called as "Ahamkar". these poor people in SRCM they are running here and there after nothing, without realizing that if they cannot get peace at their home, they will never get peace anywhere, all bliss all love and all pleasure is in contentment, if we are content with whatever we have, and remain happy in all situation's we will ultimately become divine, whatever we do must be done with complete devotion, all these sitting and ashrams etc are just mind game, we feel pain coz we are controlled by mind, we feel pleasure coz we are again controlled by mind. If we can remain happy while helping others and content with whatever we have we are surly close to divine, we don't need a master to do that job for us.


  1. do you know wat ur talking...did some one come to you and force u to join in srcm..or did ur wife say that i love my master instead of loving you..y do u exploit some ones reputation just because you have a computer..see every one should love god more than any one else.tell some one that u will give eternity to them and im god then all will love you..ur after all a normal human being..wat can u do..expect to be loved by others but not more than god..wat else do u want except to get eternity with out any other just be care ful or ill sue u for japrodising some one reputation for no reason..

  2. You talk so much about God, can you explain what is God according to you ? criminal chari ? since you are a mindless obedient zombie, hence nothing much can be expected from you, dear to sue me, you first need to have enough guts to come out in open to post such messages, till you remain anonymous, and threaten people that you will sue them, this shows how brave you are... go get some more transmission, if and when you feel courageous enough to threaten people with your real identity, come back here again.

  3. dear friend
    Let me appreciate you for taking pains for spending your time to explain spiritulity and for starting a starting a website even. i was searching some info on meditation. your points refering to spiritulity are very good,it reveals your good nature and emotional heart. But it seems many of your comments are highly imbalanced statements? Why dont you analyse and critisize the method or their master in a more balanced way?.
    Doctor Shridhar Kumar.
    my email -


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