Monday, October 06, 2008

Effects of SRCM poisoning

How SRCM affects you:-

Practice of SRCM makes people weak, with poor logical thinking, takes away their reasoning capability and destroys their mental strength, in addition to this, people in SRCM are left with almost NULL decision making capability.

When i am saying this i need to demonstrate as how this is possible in a so called spiritual group ? read on....

For normal person's it become hard to understand as why a cult member behaves in a particular way, for example, why a cult member ignores all love, affection and emotions of other person's except the object of control ? this is related to functioning of brain. The mode in which our thinking develops is according to "crest" and "truff" of our left and right portion of our brain. The left portion of mind is the intuitive, the immediate reaction's are controlled by the left portion of the mind and all logical and reasoning thoughts are controlled by the right side of the mind. take a simple test, visit THIS LINK This will demonstrate functioning of left and right brain.

Now having understood the difference between logical thinking and immediate response of brain, we must now see how SRCM effects this capacity of our's.

Now this "mind control", in SRCM is achieved during what they call as "sitting", where a person is forced to drop all logical thinking, and become absolutely receptive, and ask no questions and accept everything without questioning, as "sitting is "MUST" for growth in SRCM hence this behavior of accepting things without understanding becomes a habit, and it then enters the member's daily life. Daily life is not so easy, hence their action's which they do without understanding, without realizing the consequence of their action, causes them and their loved one's enormous pain and suffering's.

So as to say, that people in SRCM always take decision's based on reactionary part of their brain, which due to imeginations of TRANSMISSION become corrupt, and this is how their thinking power is diminished, and all their decision's normally go against all logical thinking also most of the time it goes against them.

more info can be obtained here



This software helps in identifiing mind controlling aspects in home. pls get some info, mind control will be explained

In nutshell, people in SRCM loose their

1. Thinking power

2. Reasoning power

3. Capability to judge

4. Capacity to calculate consequence of their action's

5. Loose all contacts with the external world

Now if these peoblems were only associated with psycological aspects, they could have been solved eaisly, but since the problem in SRCM is related to physical aspect, hence it is close to impossible to make these poor suffering people understand that they are distroying their own life.


  1. I am well aware of the distruction of my child to this group and how critical and control she has become. I can do nothing to change it. It is heartbreaking. A mother

  2. Be careful, take care of your child, and do not loose hope, you will be able to get back your child from the clutches of these hooligans, these criminals cannot keep a person brainwashed for long, one day, everyone will realize the true face of criminal chari and his gang of hooligans will be exposed.



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