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Sahaj Marg Transmission


People brainwashed by SRCM feel very good after transmission, why ? we must try and find out the reason, an analysis of the subject would revel that this feeling which is good, or what they call elevation is similar to the feeling what a drug addict has, he also feels bliss and reaches a state which he cannot explain, the magnitude of enjoyment while under influence of drugs is highly intoxicating, and those who start taking initially get addicted to this feeling of what they call divine bliss and then the drug captures their body, after a certain stage they cannot leave drugs even if they want to, they will begin to feel uneasy, and can do anything to get hold of drugs, same is the case with SRCM zombie?s, once the feelings capture your body and mind, you become slave and it takes a drug re-habilitation center to make you normal.

No call for reasoning, no emotional appeal can break through their armor of this self proclaimed joy, next question is what is wrong if a person feels good ? why should we oppose things which people enjoy ? this question must also be answered.

Once addicted, if they do not get transmission they will eventually feel bad and will not be able to get comfortable with their normal life, their mind is totally intoxicated with transmission, a person in a similar state of mind who is slave to such desires is very very dangerous, one such example is suicide bomber?s, can a normal person become a suicide bomber ? it is not possible till his mind is not fully controlled and operated by selfish people, and this is the state of a zombie.

As the drug depreciated reasoning power, decision making capability an normal operations of life similarly transmission also takes away these normal thinking power, no human being in his normal state of mind, can buy this dogma of brighter world, no person in normal state of mind will accept that Chari?s wife is sending messages from brighter world, next question, how is it possible that people are not even able to question such obvious things ?

Answer is brainwashing, mind control, they are subjected to such a great level of mind control that eventually they loose all their power to question in life, and hence they create problems not only for themselves but also for people around them, feeling are not spirituality. The state of ecstasy experienced by few enlighten people, is explained as neither joy nor suffering, it is a feeling-less state and any feeling is hindrance to that state which is termed as enlightenment, that is the state of absolute knowledge, absolute truth and absolute bliss. ?Sat-chit-anand? that cannot be transmitted but only experienced through the process of un-learning, when all learned explanation of God and divinity is dropped only then can true self can be understood, as learning is the only object which causes deviations from truth, as truth is already present, we need not learn it.

This state of bliss according to Chari group can be learned by ?regulating the mind? changing the object of attachment, from family to Chair, and this is how one can become divine, this is stupidity, attachment is still there, which is cause of suffering, only those who do not want to suffer must not get attached, replacing attachment is a selfish act, in this way the person who is not able to decide and has become a zombie due to transmission, will suffer eternally, as he/she has some or the other object of attachment such as spouse children pets etc. and this attachment is authentic, it causes pain no-doubt, but it is this attachment only which cause pleasure also, and that person who has never experienced love, has never been attached, escapes all miseries as well, but is no better then a wall, s/he is a dead man, life is there to be enjoyed, it must be experienced, with all the power of attachment, and sufferings, as well, there is no escaping, only suffering can make us feel pleasure, only pain can tell us what is bliss, without one second does not exist, and this is what is explained in the concept of ?advitya? non-dual. All is same.

With your will power you can get de-addicted to this transmission, start thinking and become normal. Life is not to be destroyed for a group, or a mission, it worth a lot more then any mission, any master or any method, getup and realize your self, it is not for mission method or master, it is for you

you right buddy that this transmission intoxicates one's brain and gets them addicted. But while giving first 3 sitting any preceptor does not speak any type of suggetions to control your mind. They just say that "think there is a diving light in your heart" that's it. no more suggestions. So how they control once mind? And why chariji is doing these type of activities?? What is his goal?

Question that we all should ask is WHAT WHY AND HOW.

What is mind control ?

To understand the basic we can refer to advertisements, commercial?s are the very primary kind of mind control, where you are encouraged to buy things which you don?t need, very basic definition of mind control would be that state of mind where people do not decide but act according to wish of those who are controlling them, this control can be direct as in case of cult groups, or indirect as in case of advertisements, here you own decision making capabilities are suppressed and you are moved or act according to what you are dictated to. This is a crude definition of mind control.

Why SRCM or Chari to be specific is doing this ?

This is obvious, allow me to illustrate this with an example, suppose a person named A reads few book and come to know about certain things from here and there, and then, A publish a book, or advertises himself as some-one highly knowledgeable, few people seeking information about that subject come read it and get impressed by it, few of them, who have accepted themselves as something mean and low graded will immediately accept that person as someone higher, and start admiring him, and become his advertisement agent, they in turn go round the world advertising A.

Now A is a selfish person, he wants to be worshipped, to be regarded as higher then rest of humanity gets highly intoxicated by this place where the low graded people (they can be called as animals) have placed him, his ego become so much big, that he claimed himself to be the sole representative of God on earth, and wants to be worshipped, hence he start selling his posters to his foolish disciples, claims that on his birthday he will spread divinity to those who come, and replaces himself with God. This lust for power and greed to be worshipped has demolished many people, Chari is no exception, another such example is Mata Nirmala Devi, that?s another Sahaj, they call it Sahaj Yoga

Chari is doing this only because he is highly selfish, and himself is unable to decide what should be done, he is just a normal person like us, just that he is intoxicated by lust for power, who does not like to be worshipped, who does not want slaves around him, all selfish people do the same.

The proof:-

We all know that there is a case pending in supreme court of India, about succession of Chari, if he was unselfish, he could have waited for that decision to come out and then may be he could have continued with this operation of spreading the message of babuji, but on the contrary we find that he is not only appointed himself as divine representative of God, but is also indulged in physically assaulting family members of the same person whom he claims that he love and is spreading his message, no unselfish person would indulge in

1. Court cases about property

2. Physical assault on babuji's family

3. Demanding love

4. Asking people to surrender there free will, without esablishing his credentials that, that surrender will not be used for his selfish motive.

Rajeev here demonstrated that, he is product of that selfish motive of Chari, and has been converted into an unthinking person. Selfishness and lust for power money and wordly comfort is what made chari do what he is doing.

Now this does not mean that there are/were no enlighten masters there are/were. But they on their journey towards self, realized this at the first step itself, and never claimed to representing divinity, they are always a servant to society, and master of their own self, they were people like Mahaveera, Tirthankara, Ramkrishna and Vivekananda, after they left their body, their pictures came into existence, they never allowed themselves to be worshipped, while they were preaching, and there is nothing that is preached in SRCM, only divine masters and nothing else, hence people also are unable to do anything beyond their divine masters.

One example of absolute unselfish nature is that of Mahaveera, the Jain guru, he use to put condition for begging, some of them were very absurd one, for example, once that condition was, he would accept food only from a princess who is chained, he did not eat for 13 days, he challenged existence, and said he will live only till that time, till existence wants him to live no master of past, used money

Now the last question How.

Sitting is a condition where supposedly Chari transmits divine energy from his heart to cult member?s heart via preceptor?s heart, this transmission is not possible till the cult member does not become receptive, once the member becomes receptive, he looses control over his mind, and all reasoning and logical thinking is dropped and state of absolute surrender is achieved, more absolute this surrender is, more ecstasy is experienced, this however is not divine, but simply a state of dizziness, where the cult member looses control over self, the situation is similar to what I have explained before, state of a drug addict, nothing in this world can convince that drug addict that this is harmful, not only mentally but also physically, since they surrender their mind, which becomes a habit, and hence they loose their power to think, question, and decide from right to wrong, in the world they live, feeling that something divine is happening to them and hence get addicted to it, whereas nothing divine is happening here, they are simply loosing their normal human capabilities, which they have named as cleaning, knowledge on the other-hand cannot come by this surrender, it is used for selfish motives of the person to whom you have surrendered, this knowledge of self can only come through question, going beyond mind, and to go beyond you HAVE to pass through, you cannot go in the reverse direction and claim that now I am beyond mind, infect you have become a zombie, that person is also beyond mind, but in the reverse direction.

Now as previously explained the state of surrender is needed, and when this takes place between a male and female, in the condition where male is transmitting and female is receiving, is the condition what I call as mental sex, some people object to this term very strongly, as why do I call this as ?mental sex? however you must remember, the biggest offender is truth, can there be any other name to this process ? a female receiving and a male transmitting ? in physical plane as well, this is what is sex, and hence on this plane as well, hence the pre-fix mental is added and not only sex, coz sex as we understand is on physical plane, now those who are doing this unknowingly betraying their partner?s, such a marriage can never survive, where husband and wife meditate with other person?s, harmony is lost, balance of love is lost, and hence divorce, they fail to understand the core reason behind problems in their life?s, and tend to blame to everything they can find, but since it was not the problem hence problem remains and trouble continues.

This is how, Chari for his selfish motive is destroying life?s after life?s and demolishing families after families, they want isolation of the member, they want people to be emotionally at unrest, because only such a person will tend towards such cult?s who seek refuge from world, they are week people to start with, and become more and more week as they remain in this cult. After having seen many lives after lives getting demolished by this cultic thinking I have taken up this task of exposing this dangerous cult, and I will not leave this cult before it pay?s for the pains of those to whom, it has caused tremendous pain and suffering.


In Chari we find that he is :-

1. No Knowledge of religious texts (According to him Religion Divides people, has no udnerstanding of religious concepts) hence he should not make comments about topic which he has no idea, it is like commenting about life on other planets about which he has no idea.

2. He is not sinless (Has been accused of murder and forgery, case is still pending in supreme court of India, its a sin to lie, and he has lied to you, another aspect, Has been involved in physical assault on family members of Babuji, was asked to leave Shahjahanpur in 15 mins by D.M and was put under IPC 398)

3. Has selfish motive (His motive's are utterly selfish. He wants to be loved and asks people to dedicate themselves to Sahaj Marg, even celebrates his birthday!! that demonstrates the height of ego present in him) Highly selfish person.

Hence in totality we find that Chari is not capable of transmitting, and is just a fake, cult leader destroying life's after life's.

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