Monday, February 23, 2009

kasturi chaturvedi explains sahaj marg

Transcript of conversation with kasturi chaturvedi

Interview can be downloaded here

Alternate link to download this conversation is here

for transcript of this conversation see don's blog.


  1. You are misguided by none but your own prejudices. Let people judge their life and decisions on their own experiences.

  2. Hi Shashwat,

    Please try to see Divine Light in you.Everything else will fall in place.


  3. "Please try to see Divine Light in you"

    That is the statement of a zombie!! what is wrong if I see Shashwat in me? This whole business of divine light has caused numerous people to become like drones and behave like hooligans, only if they stop imagining divine light and start thinking, many more families might save themselves getting into hell.

  4. EXACTLY Shashwat, you're defenitely right and thanks for letting know the reality behind the curtain.
    Here in Europe this falselly hinduist cult with its sectarian guru (a spiritual businessman) is well known as dangerous specially for weak persons and psychiatric patients, anyhow it knows well through manipulative strategies to trap new adepts even clever ones.

    =>follow link for french Prime Minister's info/prevention/fight against sectarian /.cultic abuses and crimes.


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