Sunday, February 15, 2009

Leaving Sahaj Marg.

Most of the people who are trapped in this cult of Sahaj marg, feel helpless when they realize that they have been deceived, this is because brainwashing and mind control of Shree Ram Chandra Mission is based purely on emotional manipulation.

To understand the psychology of a man trapped in this cult of sahaj marg, we can take an example, as an analogy we can take example of a marriage, consider the condition of a man, who is deeply in love with his wife, and his wife, apparently shows him love and commitment towards the relation, but later the man finds out that his wife has been the biggest cheat and manipulator that he has ever known, the man come’s to know that his wife has not only cheated him, but she developed the relation with him, keeping a particular aim in sight, and used him for many years before he finally came to know the truth!!!

The situation of the man, as explained above is the situation faced by the members of sahaj marg, when they realize that they have been deceived, manipulated and cheated, they feel deeply hurted, but because of their emotional attachment, and dependency on preceptor and transmission, they are neither able to leave sahaj marg, nor able to continue with it.

People with any kind of addiction like cigarette, drinking, or drugs, have already experienced the consequences of addiction. Such kind of people know very well, that smoking is causing them harm, drinking is causing them harm, but they feel helpless in front of their desires, and they are enslaved by these addiction and finally if they are not able to conquer their addiction problem, these addictions eventually eats them up!!

Same is true with addiction of transmission, infect any kind of addiction is very harmful for psychological health, and plays an important role in weakening the will power of the victim

Depending on the level of attachment, some people are able to leave and become normal sooner than others who find it hard to realize a life without sahaj marg.

I will cite an living example for this, take the case of debashis,, who has recently left Chari group, but is still looking for some kind of help in order to get out from the trap of sahaj marg, his post is published in messages section of blog about Kasturi Chaturvedi.

Dear Brother,
I am an abhyasi currently located in Singapore. I have been practising Sahaj Marg since 1993. We used to have a very knowledgable preceptor named Brother Bala who was appointed a preceptor by Babuji in 1977 and I used to practice under his guidance. Unfortunately, brother Bala passed away in 2007 and since then we have been quite disillusioned by the new management. I feel that we are moving far away from spirituality and becoming a commercial organization.
I protested against the state of affairs and was ostracised and harassed in several ways. Since then I have stopped going to the Satsanghs.

There are several interested seekers here who are looking for guidance…. We donot have any good preceptors after Brother Bala to guide us. There are some abhyasis who have practised for over 10 years and decided to discontinue the practice because of the new management. Could you please discuss this situation with Sister Kasturi and let us know how to pursue our spiritual journey? Since we are physically far away, is it possible to give us a distance sitting or appoint a preceptor in Singapore who can guide us?
February 11, 2009 10:38:00 AM PST

By the statement of Debashis above, it seems that he has realized that sahaj marg is causing trouble, he understands that any further association with sahaj marg will cause problems but instead of letting off the source of problem, he is unable to leave and get out from the trap of Sahaj Marg, he still hopes that something good can come out from sahaj marg.

What is clearly visible here is, that Debashis has been made completely dependent on transmission, and he is willing to imagine transmission. He is addicted to transmission, and will feel uneasy if he does not get a dose of transmission, and these people call this addiction, SPIRITUALITY!! In reality however, this is what is called "the emotional dependency", once this dependency is achieved, subsequently the victim is manipulated, used and abused, SRCM uses its victims for making money, offers them gateway to God by selling them books costing more than 250 Euro's, SRCM also uses its victim for "free labor", they call it "voluntary service to the mission". This voluntary service is used during functions like celebration of Chari's birthday, threatening those peoples who are against sahaj marg, victims are brainwashed and are also used as construction laborer's for building ashrams for SRCM and also in construction of homes for Chari and his son P. Krishna. Recently during floods in India, humans following philosophy of Sahaj Marg to realize God, were used as free laborer's to reconstruct Sahaj marg's damaged base in south India.

Freedom from Sahaj Marg means freedom from this addiction of transmission, freedom from manipulation, freedom from constant pressure, anxiety, frustration, and fear, it also means absolute independence, and regaining of self respect and sense of honor, which is suppressed for good reasons in sahaj marg.

If a system can produce a person like Parathsarthi Rajagopalachari, we can guess the depth at which sahaj marg degrades humas, the level to which this system can harm and degrade a human, can be understood by understanding the scale at which Parathasarthi Rajagopalachari manipulates people.

Friends, it is possible to bring down this tall tower of lies, it is possible to liberate the members who are trapped in sahaj marg and find it hard to come out and start over again, It is possible for them to become normal and become happy again, leaving wounds of sahaj marg behind as a bad dream, it is true that emotional manipulation and addiction of sahaj marg is hard to wipe out, but it is only that, just hard, but not impossible, each and every one of us, is capable of understanding the simple logic, that God is not slave of criminals.

We all should know that the very concept of God sending messengers to be known and worshiped is absurd. All those who come pretending to bring a message from an invisible god that only they can see are charlatans and their claims are bogus.. The moment we understand this, fall of cults will begin, there cannot be any representative of God, nor anyone can transmit divinity, spirituality is knowledge of God, which is to be learned and discovered by our own unique way, for living in this world, each society has its own rules and we should follow the rules of the society we live in.

Before I advice you on how to leave sahaj marg, you should keep in mind that you will face resistance from those who are still brainwashed and are trapped in Chari’s “mayajaal”, you should be ready to get ostracized, called deaf, dumb and blind, threatened and even begged, cursed and prayed at to come to your senses. But once you are determined to get to the bottom of your predicament, it will become lot easier to overcome the control applied by Chari’s SRCM, and you can live a life of freedom, free from all manipulation and there will not be any need to deny inner voice and feel trapped in illogical and manipulative environment, moment of freedom is not far, all it takes is will power, and inner self reliance, need to listen to logic, and make the jump out from trap of sahaj marg.

To leave Sahaj marg, one should start with apathy; there is no need to announce your discontinuation, develop apathy towards SRCM, and slowly de-associate yourself from all activities followed by SRCM, the important aspect of recovery is not to create a vacuum of faith, one should replace sahaj marg by his/her original religion or ideology!! replacement is better than total rejection of faith, as total rejection of faith will cause a vacuum which you might not have experienced before, and at the time of emotional turmoil, its better to take help of your tried and tested faith instead of falling in trap of any other similar cult.

Mostly members of SRCM are Hindu’s and Christians, if you are a Hindu, start your daily worship and start chanting vedic mantra’s everyday, in short become a normal hindu again, same holds true with those who are Christians, Religions are not bad per-se, there are many people who are religious and lead a happy life, without getting trapped in these illogical fallacies of brighter world and obedience to a manipulator. All this you need to do without announcing your departure from sahaj marg, you need to keep this departure from sahaj marg to yourself... when the drones of SRCM start asking you questions as why you do not attain their weakly brainwashing session, you simply inform them that you have some other work. Do not announce your freedom till you find yourself emotionally independent from SRCM.

Once you feel you are back home from a bumpy drive of SRCM, and you feel strong enough emotionally and have gained enough knowledge about truth of sahaj marg, declare your freedom, and do not keep what you have gained (freedom from Sahaj Marg) to yourself, but make sure you get your family and loved ones out as well, cite yourself as an example and tell them that going against your religion for a fake cult is stupidity, and what you have gained can be gained by each and every member of SRCM.

Point wise summary for "Guide to freedom from sahaj marg" is as follows:-

Step 1 :-

Develop apathy towards Sahaj Marg.

Note:- Do not feel good or bad about sahaj marg, remind yourself that you have got nothing to do with Sahaj marg. This step has to be internal and you should not tell anyone about this, that you are planning to leave sahaj marg, all you need to do is to remind yourself that you have nothing to do with sahaj marg, (This will help you detoxify yourself from all the poisoning they have done to you)

Step 2 :-

De-associate yourself from all activities of SRCM, e.g stop going to brainwashing session of SRCM like sitting with preceptor, and stop attaining what they call satsangs, immediately. Your preceptor will force you for sitting once he discovers that you have started avoiding it, be careful of these preceptors, they are very dangerous, and are instrumental in keeping you trapped inside this cult.

Note:- This step is very important and is very delicate as well, it can take lot of time, depending on your level of brainwashing and the limit to which they have been able to manipulate your thought process, don't give up this fight, and you will be able to cross the threshold needed, and you will stop feeling the need for transmission or dependency on preceptor. just hold on to yourself and do not fall back to manipulation at the stage when you are fighting the war of independence from sahaj marg.

Even if the preceptor is your relative, resist their pressure, you should know that these people are loyal only to their mission, and for them, family, society and love is a form of distraction, they have only one family and only one love which is their master mission and method. Do not get fooled if your preceptor (who happens to be your relative) forces you to stay connected with SRCM. Tell them freedom is your birth right, and s/he cannot force you to follow something which you do not agree. You can tell them that you are thinking about sahaj marg, and have not reached a conclusion.

Step 3 :-

Come back to your original faith. Get back with rituals of your original faith, like if you are a hindu, start visiting temples instead of sahaj marg ranches, visit church if you are a christian, and alike.

Note:- You should try this step along with Step-2, while you are de-associating yourself from activities of sahaj marg, instead of creating a vacuum replace sahaj marg with your own religion and instead of imagining transmission, take refuge in temple or church as the case may be.

Step 4:-

Once you have gained absolute freedom from SRCM, and do not feel any kind of bondage from SRCM announce your freedom and work towards getting your friends and family out from the traps of sahaj marg.

Note:- This step is most important, because by explaining others you will gain a lot of insight, discussion is very important, but make sure you start explaining harms of sahaj marg only after you have gained absolute emotional freedom from sahaj marg, otherwise you may fall in their emotional trap again. So gain emotional freedom from sahaj marg, and then inform everyone that you have left it, and it is possible for everyone to achieve this freedom.

These steps should work, if you can find a way of your own as how to get rid of sahaj marg trap, feel free to share it with the world.

SRCM is based on manipulation and fooling its members, they use spirituality as a tool to make money, and if people become knowledgeable, if people get enlightened, and realize the fact that SRCM by selling messages from brighter world is simply milking them, Sahaj Marg will fall, and it will be erased from history.

The day of freedom from SRCM is not far, with every single person leaving sahaj marg, the very foundation on which sahaj marg is build (manipulation) is shaken, and with every ex-member joining our voice and starting a blog or helping another victim of sahaj marg come out from emotional manipulation and control of SRCM, foundation of sahaj marg will be broken eventually and soon we will find that number of people getting rid of sahaj marg manipulation gains an exponential growth.

We all are with you; all you need to do is to start. Start with questioning; ask for logic behind costly messages from brighter world, answer to your question should be enough to make you start your journey towards "freedom from Sahaj Marg"


  1. Those who can see and understand will precisely do so. Those who don't will not.
    So stop making this your life goal. Waste not ur precious time on this blog.

    Apki Shubh Chintak!

  2. Dear "Shubh Chintak!"

    frankly i could not understand what exactly you want to say!! those who understand by default, will not get trapped by sahaj marg in the first place, my attempt is focused on those who are not able to see and understand, because they have been enslaved by sahaj marg. My attempted is to make people realize the true face of sahaj marg.

    And why do you think that I am wasting my precious time on this blog?? I will ask you one question here, can you ask the same question to Parathasarthi Rajagopalachari? ask him as why is he wasting his time by brainwashing people and asking them to give their money to him and work for free in his ranches and homes!!!

    I have started this blog when i could not tolerate the nonsense propagated by sahaj marg, and clear abuse of spirituality and terms associated with it...

    In manu smriti it is said "dharmo rakshati rakshati" Dharma protects those who protect it. Just that i could not bear the pain of seeing the bad name these charlatans have bring to Hindu religion and my country India, Criminal Chari say's that all Indians are potentially selfish liars, cheats, daakus [dacoits], unfriendly, willing to kill for profit and pleasure

    how can a self respecting Indian tolerate such a thing???

    Unlike you i am not immune to suffering of my fellow humans, i will not let people suffer, being manipulated, used and abused, in name of religion, spirituality and country, I am sensitive towards pain of people, and i will do all that i can, to make sure that i do my part in helping people heal the wounds of sahaj marg, and help them recover and lead a normal life post sahaj marg experience.

    I know it is very difficult for a brainwashed drone to understand that there can be people who are seriously concerned about well being of fellow humans, as abhyasis are made immune to all external understanding, external means outside the cult, which includes their family also.

  3. i do not know much about this thing (my mom follows it) but from your post it seems debashish is contradicting you.

    he says SYSTEM- correct
    MANAGEMENT- incorrect.

    Please answer my following questions:

    I what is your explanation (LOGICAL) for so called transmission which can be received at a particular time anywhere in the world (sunday 9am) .

    II different feelings generated by :
    1.morning & bed prayer
    4.universal brotherhood prayer
    5. Sunday satsangh

    III why only some certain persons can become preceptor if this whole thing is an illusion?

    - amar
    (i am 20 now and i think my mom will make me join SRCM)

  4. Amar,

    your mother has been brainwashed by this cult, she does not have her own thinking capacity, nor can she allow you to think independently.

    Read our website Freedom from sahaj marg also join our community for further help

  5. When I met kasturi behn in 1995 she did not talk of Chariji as a manger. I was with her for 3 full days, and to all abhyasis she said follow your master, and not me. To me in a very personal conversation she said that for you Chariji is a master, but you forget that for me he is a fellow abhyasi under Babuji. she implied her equality in status with Chariji, and there was a underlying tinge of competitiveness in her. But after your interview you have justified her change of stand by saying she changed her version, because Chariji has changed . how illogical.
    Mr. Debashis is a free agent. It is ridicules that he is addicted to transmission. Trans mission is the personal right of Chariji, it is like respect, which cannot be purchased, has to be earned. Every socirty has its own rules of respect, and there is nothing you can do about. Joining the Sahaj marg is voluntary. I cannot force it on my own children, unlike religion where you are born to it. What do you know about Hinduism, and its many dimensions, its greatness, and its vileness(the four varnas)-if you are born a scheduled caste in remote village, and been a victim of it you will not praise Hinduism. Then where will go for detoxing yourself out of it. It is exaggerated sense of self importance that makes you write these blogs, which are laughable, for any sane person.


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