Friday, February 06, 2009

Frustration in SRCM (part-2)

In my previous post i had given the link of SRCM UK balance sheet, which shows that SRCM has spend more money in UK and has made less money in 2008 as compared to 2007. SRCM has approximately 400 members in UK, and has earned GBP 118,330/- whereas in 2007, they were able to make GBP 149,607/- i.e a clear loss of GBP 31,277/-

This loss is not limited in United Kingdom, but SRCM has posted huge loss in almost all countries SRCM is present.

This huge loss explains the reasons for frustration in ranks of SRCM as they are not able to make any money and in order to vent their frustration, they are blaming those who simply oppose the concept of sahaj marg as spiritual method, SRCM is a business house selling sahaj marg, and this is the reason as why they have invented these messages from brighter world which costs over USD 250/- per 600 messages.

Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari claims that the founder of this group Ram Chandra Saxsena aka Babuji, who died in 1983, sends messages to an anonymous french women, these messages are published in form of a book, on a "very good quality" paper, and sold to the members of SRCM.

SRCM has promised that they will publish 3 volumes of these messages last message which will be publish, will be that message, which the anonymous french lady receives (in her dream) on 31st December 2010. This women, (who's identity is kept secret for reasons best known to Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari) gets a message from someone every night in her dream. It is unknown if the french lady knows Hindi or Urdu or English, as Ram Chandra Saxsena spoke only these 3 languages. This secret, underground, hidden and (so called) lady then informs SOMEONE(?), about the dream she had the previous night, her dream (in french) is than translated from french to english, by that SOMEONE, and then it is published.

Last set of 600 messages were sold at $250 or Rs 10,000/- INR, price of new set of messages are not disclosed as yet, but it is said that these messages will be published on a "very good quality" paper, one message in each page, hence it is expected that cost of these messages will be much higher then $250. I will publish the cost of spirituality as soon as i come to know it.

Amazing.... how is it possible that any sane person fall in such a foolish trap and buy anything of this kind which on the very onset of it, establishes itself as a lie...

Much to our surprise, it is possible, and there are people who believe in such kind of things and buy these messages spending hefty sum of money from there pocket, such people are not to be blamed, because they are told, if they give money to SRCM they will become spiritual, here is what Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari is saying while marketing this strange concept of brighter world and associated messages from this strange place:-

One cannot say which message is more important, which is less important, because they are all very important. And I am myself quite amazed when I read the messages of volume two. I have been reading them as they come in to me and they are profound in their implications for our spiritual evolution

This is not enough to sell this awkward concept of brighter world, Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari uses fear, intimidation and also pushes greed in the unsuspecting victim of sahaj marg so that they purchase these costly books. Leader of this cult is fully aware that people have smartness handy nowadays, with internet on their fingertips, the moment anyone develops any doubt, they look for an answer on internet to find out if there is someone else who has experienced a similar situation, Chari knows this fact well and he is also aware of blogs and website on internet which are exposing his lies manipulative tactics, this is the reason as why SRCM working committe members themselves have come out in pulic and are asking people to unjoin communities related to SRCM from orkut, this is asked so that nobody uses orkut or any other web-commuity to find out truth of SRCM, if they do so, they will find our commnuity and read us, and the moment anyone reads us, they will develop doubt, and this doubt will eventually lead to clarity and hence freedom from SRCM. (Chari asks his zombies to become absolutely obedient to him)

He says to become spiritual entire universe must become obeditent to him:-

In spirituality we obey for our own benefit. You obey; you benefit. You don't obey; you don't benefit.

Chari is suggesting here that only those who are obedient to him has benefited in entire human history, the greatest help to human kind has been done by the scientists, how many well known scientist like APJ abdul kalam, Einstein, kepler and likes were obedient to Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari??? just compare contribution of scientist to human race and contribution of members of SRCM to human race, it will become crystel clear as how harmful Sahaj Marg has been to humanity at large.

Chari further say's:-
So you see, spirituality is perhaps - why perhaps - is certainly a curse for those who are here because they don't want to give up the joys of this existence. And they say, "What spirituality? What is the hurry? Let me live while life is there, while I am young, while I have the power to enjoy it.

All these gooblygoody talk of spirituality is only to make money, Chari referrers to spirituality only to sell his costly book, cost of which is suppose to counter the loss he has made in his business.

To make money chari further make mockery of spirituality by saying:-

So these important messages which we have reiterated time and again, in our assemblies, in our satsanghs, they are there, you know, in His beautiful, simple language. All requesting, not ordering. It is strange that we don't want to obey a Master who never orders, because we are too much in the tradition of being ordered around by gods, by gurus, by commanders, by captains, by governments. We are too much used to the twin instruments of religion - fear and temptation - so that we come to Sahaj Marg with suspicion based on centuries of bad experience given to us by our culture, by our tradition, by our religion. Do and get; don't and suffer

Spirituality is not at all dependent on any such messages from these invented sources. Chari is instilling fear in his zombies by saying that those who do not obey him will suffer. And remember all this suffering will come if you do not obey his order and his order is BUY THESE MESSAGES FROM BRIGHTER WORLD costing well over 10,000/- INR or $250/-.

Such tactics of making money is very shameful.

There are criminals in our society, there are people who commit fraud, there are people who are very selfish, but none of these kind of rotten part of our society use this type of cunning method, to fool people and milk them of there money, the method used by Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari.

Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari has a message for those who criticize sahaj marg:-

You know you can read anything and criticize. It is easy to criticize especially if you are a fool, because then you have more to criticize, because you know nothing. So those who criticize without reading, without understanding, without any desire for self-improvement, without any intention of carrying out what is written, they are the greatest critics. "No, no this is all rubbish. No, no this has been said over and over again." Yes, you have been drinking milk everyday. You have been earning money everyday. You have been miserable everyday

Is it possible that a fool can criticize anything? Are criticism free from questioning? is it possible that those who are criticizing sahaj marg are not subjected to logical interpretation? Than why to fear criticism? What is there in criticism which will not help eventually?

Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari fears criticism, because he know that those who are criticizing sahaj marg are speaking the truth and he wants to label critics as fools!!

If critics are fools then why are you afraid of fools?? have a look at what Dr. Adtiya Arya is saying to people in orkut...

Dear Brother,

I thank you on behalf of Master for mentioning S.R.C.M. in your profile. I trust that this is done with a purely good intention. However, lately some miscreants have started misusing such mention of S.R.C.M. on the internet. I would request you to edit your profile immediately and remove any mention of S.R.C.M., S.R.C.M. website or of revered Master and unjoin any SRCM community and also ask anyone you might know to do so immediately.

With love and regards,

Dr. Aditya Arya
Member, Working Committee, Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Jt. Commissioner of Police
Rashtrapati Bhawan
New Delhi 110 001

Why fear criticism? if your system is true and is a "fool"-proof method, why you should be scared of something like orkut?

This fear of criticism is a proof enough that Sahaj Marg cannot stand in front of logic. If spirituality of sahaj marg makes one feel scared of fools, can such a system lead to truth of existence??? This is the question to be asked.

Your time is over Mr. Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari, now your deeds are visible in full public view, truth will come out as who is a fool!! Those who challenge Sahaj Marg or those who are obedient to a madman.

Who is a fool, those who would buy messages from brighter world, or those who say there is no such place called brighter world, its a creation of chari's cunning mind to make money for himself.

Who is a fool, those who accept messages which are said to be coming from a person who died 27 years ago or those who say it is stupidity to spend money for such fallacy and to become spiritual.

Who is a fool, someone who buys books not because he wants to read it, but because if he doesn't buys that book he will not be spiritual because he is not obedient?

For someone who can think, its pretty obvious who is a fool, I need not name such people in this blog, because this blog is dedicated to foolishness of sahaj marg.


  1. I would suggest you to consentrate on your own development ..... because as you said that Chari should not fear from fools .... then the same applies for you... If Chari is wrong then nature will punish him. Please concentrate on your development.

    What you are doing is the same for which you are blaming ....... do not popoularize yourself in this way... Yogies work for society but they do not reveal their identity

    my email ID is ----

  2. Dear Piyush,

    Nature punishes culprits through people only, I am not asking anyone not to read what chari is saying, but i am asking people to see, read and judge what he is saying, he has been fooling people for quite some time, he sends his goons to harasses family of babuji, and claims he loves babauji, all that i am saying is just look at his deeds, he tries to hide and manipulate his cunning deeds, I am exposing those deeds, may be all those people (Don, frank, micheal, elodie, aliexs, vincent and many more) are natures hands punishing chari for his deeds.

    I am not a yogi, and i do not have any intention to popularize myself in any way.... All i want to make people think and decide independently, obedience to chari will not lead to knowledge of cosmos, its foolishness to believe such a thing.

    Chari says so, i say just the opposite. now its the readers who would decide what is correct.

    Opposing nonsense is not foolishness, but asking people not to use orkut, or not to read what is written to those who disagree, is foolishness. This is all what we are saying.

  3. Shashwat,

    I am interested in what happened to you while at SRCM. If you have posted it somewhere before please direct me to it.


  4. dear brother,
    stastically you are wonderful,rather criticising srcm,can tell me what are you doing for others,"or even for urself" i hope a post in reply.

  5. What i do? is it not evident? try activating your brain, its there, just that you have forgotten that you have a mind too..

  6. this cult is a rotten, decayed system whose only pupose is to capture as many weak minded persons as possible.
    it just breaks families, which is against all rules of spiritulism

  7. This system does not enhance one on the spiritual plane. it just makes you slaves





  9. this cult is the most rotten organisation which indirectly tries to fleece money from its abyasis and also brainwashes them to do it in many different ways. it is also a curse to married people.

  10. Dear friends ,pls do ur work ,
    Dont waste ur time useless thinkings.SRCM is the only system which leads to GOAL

  11. The goal is to become a slave to Guru. Wasting valuable time and money to attend Guru Birth Day Celebrations. Own family, parents and relatives are secondary to these slaves. These zombies will attend every Sunday to get the energies into the heart from Guru heart thru preceptor heart which is a bullshit. This is completely fake meditation and get the mental imbalance. For a true meditation, please follow Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

  12. SRCM is in suspect at Guru Ratings link below.
    These days nobody has the capability to transmit energies. The energies are already there in this Universe. Everybody can gain this cosmic energy thru meditation by following Patanjali Yoga Sutras. No need to give up any of your routine practices like going temples or Church etc. SRCM is deceiving the people in the name of meditation and Pranahuti. The procedure mentioned on SRCM site is just Guru bhajana and is closer to Sufism. Meditation doesn't need any prayers. If you want to pray, you can pray your God or this universe for giving us this lovely life,food, shelter, rain, energies etc.

  13. SRCM concept is just like Brahma Kumaris. Please read this link.
    Only SRCM followers will go to brighter world. Actually there is no such brighter world as per Vedas, upanishads and Bhagavadgeeta. SCRM is cheating the people with unquestionable mental submission to Chari. He is not capable of transmitting any power. He has already disturbed mind with various court cases. These zombies cannot see themselves as individuals apart from the cult group. They lose their ability to socialize outside the group.

  14. As per Patanjali, Meditation needs worship of god, non-violence, truth in word & thought, study of vedic scriptures, breath control etc. But SRCM meditation doesn't follow all these. It just needs unquestionable surrender to Master. It is the transfer of energies from spirits of their brighter world to Abhyasi. This happens from Chari's heart to Abhyasi heart via Preceptor heart. So, the abhyasi turns towards SRCM and against to religion as the mind is programmed such a way. These zombies live outside our conventional society, ignore own family relations, attend Guru birth days, attend every week for these spirit energies (not divine or cosmic energy), pay heavy donations to SRCM, get mental imbalance etc. All this seems psychological terrorism.

  15. Dependence on Chariji and his teachings may lead to inability, unable to think independently and unwillingness to act. SRCM may produce depression, anxiety or fear of mental illness. Abhyasis may feel unable to function in normal life and their physical health may suffer. Estrangement from non-SRCM spouses and children is common, often leading to family breakdown. Followers fear dire consequences and incurable illnesses if they leave this cult movement.

  16. There are many fake Gurus and fake masters in this spiritual business to attract the people with free meditation. Unfortunately, the wise people like Engineers, Doctors etc are also trapped into this. Please wake up and think whether the Guru teachings are accepted by everyone. Here are some interesting videos on spirituality.


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