Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sahaj Marg

Concept of sahaj marg is fundamentally wrong. It is not a spiritual or religious system, but outcome of hallucination. Ignoring the acts of criminal minded P. rajagopalachari and his bete noire Navneet, Kasturi and K.C Naryana, if we try and analyze concept of sahaj marg itself we can come to a conclusion that it is just a business like any other business group, aim is to make money, please keep in mind we do not have unselfish people nowadays.

Before we move into analysis of sahaj marg, we must observe the outcome of sahaj marg which is present currently, I am not going to attempt to demonstrate any psychic phenomena from a scientific basis, because it will require a great deal of preparation for both the presenter as well as audience, therefore i will not demonstrate sahaj marg directly but we will demonstrate the outcome of teachings of sahaj marg which in turn will explain sahaj marg in detail.

If we have to give an psychic explanation of sahaj marg, it will require the subjective and the objective side. In case of sahaj marg we have subjective side (transmission) but the objective side is missing... (where does it lead to???)

To make this point more clear, as why sahaj marg is rotten, Take example of chemistry and physics, with which we are so familiar, and of which we have read so much, is it true that everyone in this world is able to understand the demonstration even of the commonest subjects? Take any boor and show him one of your experiments. What will he understand of it? Nothing. It requires a good deal of previous training to be brought up to the point of understanding an experiment. Before that he cannot understand it at all. That is a area difficulty in the way. If scientific demonstration mean bringing down certain facts to a plane which is universe for all human beings, where all beings can understand it I doubt that there can be any such scientific demonstration for any subject in the world. So, on the face of it, it is absurd if this be the meaning of scientific demonstration, the bringing down of intricate facts to the plane on which we are now.

The next approach should be the correct one, perhaps, that certain facts should be adduced as proving certain more intricate facts. There are certain more complicated intricate phenomena, which we explain by less intricate ones, and thus get, perhaps, nearer to them; in this way they are gradually brought down to the plane of our present ordinary consciousness.

Therefore choosing the second option, lets try and bring down sahaj marg to our plan and understand it, first step is to observe the immediate outcome of sahaj marg which is present in our own time, currently, right now, we will not go into past, nor we intend to predict the future, we will observe the ground reality which is present currently.

After Ram Chandra expired in 1983, battle for ownership started, this in itself demonstrates that Ram Chandra was not an enlighten person nor was he a person who could enable people become more subtle and loving, because if this was the case, people who were very close to him would not have become lusty and power hungry.

There are at-least 5 branches of sahaj marg started by Ram Chandra (aka babuji). We will not consider off-shoots of lalaji because it has been established before that lalaji has nothing to do with sahaj marg. ( see here .)

Five people representing sahaj marg currently are:-

1. Navneet Saxena (

2. K. C Narayana (

3. Kasturi Chaturvedi ( as in case of other cult’s she is also scared of criticism hence their blog is blocked

4. Raghvendra Rao (

5. P Rajagopalachari (

Therefore first outcome of sahaj marg which is evident by the fact presented above, and which we can easily understand using common sense is "division". Sahaj Marg is divisive, we can safely conclude from this, that anyone who is going to get involve in sahaj marg will eventually become like the people above, who cannot stay together with their group or society, and will branch out claiming themselves to be the rightful owner of sahaj marg.

The second outcome of sahaj marg which is visible is "greed" which always results in "violence", "manipulation" and "cunning approach", example is capture of various properties and hostile takeovers of one group over other, this is also a sahaj marg outcome (see here). There is no denying fact that P. Rajagopalachari was associated with Babuji, and from the letters written by Babuji himself it is evident that Chari was close to him as well, now looking at the behavior and acts of P. Rajagopalachari, we can safely conclude what type of teachings he has gone through and what has made him the kind of person he is today, its SAHAJ MARG, P. Rajagopalachari not only claims himself to represent sahaj marg, but also claims that babuji appointed him as his successor, and all he is doing is propagating the teachings of babuji. Therefore "greed", "violence", "manipulation" and "cunningness" forms the character of sahaj marg, and are integral part of this concept.

Third outcome of sahaj marg is "divorces", this in turn destabilizes the society and makes sahaj marg an anti-social and harmful cult (see here). Sahaj Marg as a concept is directly responsible for all the divorces happened inside this cult, because it teaches that "Master" is most important person in life of its victim, no method is defined in sahaj marg for roll-back process, sahaj marg explains only how one can join it, (three sitting with a lusty preceptor) there is no process defined on how to un-join sahaj marg, this one way approach is what is responsible for divorces.

Fourth outcome of sahaj marg is suicidal tendencies, (see here) and statement from one of the representative of Babuji

And I pray to you, beloved Master, to grant us this privilege of rejoining you in the brighter world as soon as possible

Note:-Only dead people live in "brighter world"

We do not intend to discuss all the googblygoody talks about sahaj marg, that it has to be felt, and there is some kind of transmission happening in there, and if you imagine smoke going out from you back you are actually elevating spiritually, because there is no evidence nor any logical proof nor there is any attempt from srcm to explain these claims by explaining certain lower aspects which can be explained and understood, which in turn would testify for something higher if there is anything of that sort, for example imagining smoke going out from your back side, how anyone can become spiritual? there is no answer to this, neither there is any attempt from those propagating it to explain it, therefore we have the liberty to accept that, which is visible and is evident. Now what we have understood, clearly demonstrates and points out, that sahaj marg is not a spiritual practice but a mind controlling, brainwashing cult (the concept itself), which is divisive, harmful, induces suicidal tendencies, instigates divorces, induces hallucination and reduces capacity of rational thinking, negates positive human growth, and suppress natural spiritual quest. (no particular group but the concept itself).

This confirms that sahaj marg is not spiritual or religious group but is a harmful cult similar to jim jhones Peoples temple or AA kind of a thing.

These are the basic characteristic of sahaj marg, and any group which claims to teach sahaj marg is basically propagating qualities explained, these are part of sahaj marg, and any group claiming to teach anything other then this, is not teaching sahaj marg but something else.

Have a look at all these glaring realities about sahaj marg and instead of trying to squeeze oil from stone, become normal and get rid of sahaj marg and help others also to get rid of this disease.



  1. You appear to have an axe to grind. And you continue to write about it. If you are dissatisfied with it, why harp on it? It is obvious that this vilification of the present master Chariji is stemmed from the anger and disappointment of the descendants of Babuji Maharaj( Shri Ramchandra Saxena), and you are their mouthpiece. The personal letters and other documents produced here support this theory. From where else could you get these documents? They want to control SRMC. It is ludicrous to suggest that only the offspring of a Guru should be the successor. Spiritual Gurus are not like royal dynasty where only the yuvaraja would become the King when the King dies. Now that the son and grandson of Babuji Maharaj had taken the Ashram at Shajahanpur. Ok, I wonder how many new ashram they could build in India and abroad after they became Master. Chariji has at least propagate the idea of simple meditation technique. Chariji has also admitted that there are court cases against him filed by the descendants of Babuji Maharaj, but he has always held Babuji Maharaj in high esteem and in all his speeches he quotes what Babuji said about Sahaj Marg. The newspaper cuttings are all from Hindi tabloids. Why no English national newspapers carried such stories?
    The so-called upholder of spirituality headed by the descendants of Babuji is trying to kill Sahaj Marg. Is that their intention? Then alas, what Babuji had been trying to built, his offspring are bend on destroying. I pity them, and I pity you too. Stop this slander and continue with your life, which you have yourself stated is in a mess.

  2. "If you are dissatisfied with it, why harp on it?"

    its very simple logic, but because of sahaj marg infection, you cannot understand it, we expose true face of sahaj marg to ensure trust is exposed to everyone, and prospective victims of sahaj marg make an informed decision, not like us, who were fooled into the system.

    "It is obvious that this vilification of the present master ------ From where else could you get these documents?"

    Nothing can be obvious to someone trapped in sahaj marg, victims of sahaj marg can't think, the legal documents presented in the site are court order available for public viewing, one need not become a detective to obtain them, i get these documents from someone in india only, but it is impossible for you to understand from where i get these documents, because you are victim of sahaj marg and cannot think.

    "They want to control SRMC. It is ------- yuvaraja would become the King when the King dies."

    I am not judgmental about who wants what, i am presenting the facts for public viewing with an open challenge that it will be removed if proven wrong, if you feel they are wrong, pls prove it to be so, i will remove it.

    "Now that the son and ---- after they became Master"

    You are wrong, Chari and his goons attacked home of babuji and physically assaulted family members of babuji and captured their property, and you feel it is spiritual act, its understandable because you are a victim of sahaj marg and cannot think. As far as i know, babuji's grandson is not interested in spreading his business in name of spirituality, they are quite content with whatever they have and want to preserve their family tradition. They are simple people, not like criminal minded chari and his goons who want to milk money from people in name of spirituality and spreading the diseases of sahaj marg.

    "Chariji has at least propagate the idea of simple meditation ---- he quotes what Babuji said about Sahaj Marg"

    Osama bin laden is also propagates islam, and i am sure you support him as well, because he has taken name of islam in far away places where people were not aware of it. you cannot think. you are absolutely wrong in your second point, chari makes up stories about babuji and spoils his name, same has been confirmed by many members of this cult who were with babuji, Chari is a big lair. I would be highly grateful to you if you can provide me the link where chari has admitted the truth that he is not president of SRCM, but a case is pending in court about the same, i could not find it in sahaj marg website, do inform us where he has accepted the truth.

    "The newspaper cuttings are all from Hindi tabloids. Why no English national newspapers carried such stories?"

    Daink jagran is the most read newspaper in world, there are reports published in english newspaper also (the pioneer) you can find them all in our website, you are ill-informed, and this is the only reason why you are in sahaj marg today, the moment you realize the truth, you will find sahaj marg will vanish from your life.

  3. "The so-called upholder of spirituality headed by the descendants of Babuji is trying to kill Sahaj Marg. Is that their intention? Then alas, what Babuji had been trying to built, his offspring are bend on destroying. I pity them, and I pity you too. Stop this slander and continue with your life, which you have yourself stated is in a mess."

    its your point of view and many including me do not agree to it, i think, if there is any honesty present in sahaj marg, its in family members of babuji, chari on the other hand is dis-honest how can he be spiritual?? MeThinks its chari and his gang which has destroyed sahaj marg and no-one else.

    You don't need to pity anyone other then your own self, first pity yourself, see what happens, validate the results and then attempt to pity anyone else. Fools pity everyone other then themselves.

    If my life was in mess, is it not my duty to ensure no-one else suffers the same fate? should i ignore the evil and let is flourish? I am not that type of person, If i feel something is wrong, i will express it, if someone can change my view, i am open to it. Prove me wrong that all you have to do.

  4. I find Sahaj Marg wonderful as a concept and a practice, but I don't buy any of the "Master worship" childishness. This is more a result of people's nature, who need whom to worship, than of the path itself. My advice is to learn and practice the method, but avoid any exchange of power, via worship, or money, or goods of any kind. Paix!

  5. Eduardo,

    you are saying that the religion of sahaj marg is fine, but if you follow it, you will become a zombie!!

    does not make any sense, these gooblygoody talks of brighter world, chari praising himself claiming that it is coming from a person who died quarter of a century before, believing in such craps will convert you into a mindless drone, hence there is no point dividing sahaj marg further into practice and concept, see sahaj marg as totality, include all navneet, kasturi, chari and others who claim to represent sahaj marg and then let us know is it worth a pinch a salt?

    get rid of nonsense and live a free and normal life, you don't need to imagine smoking from your back to become spiritual.


  6. ever heard of Ram Dass?? You might better find your spiritual path in a simpler system. Definitely no heart centred path involves this kind of communication on the web. Anger is interesting but we can let it go.
    namaste, indira

  7. Let us know why u angry with sahajmarg? If you don't like this way... leave it. Don't spread blunders. I am very much sure you are a big fraud. First you ask abt urself? You will get answer. Can u show us other spiritual way for devine growth, then i will accep. If this way is wrong; why you are not reporting to Government? why they are not taking any action againg SRCM? If this SRCM is looking for financial growth, i am sure this will never grow up. I have a small advice to u. Stop blunders and do your job.

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    No-one is angry with sahaj marg, just that we have realized that this is a cult, very harmful for society and breaks families, we are expressing our views and there is nothing wrong in this.

    Why do you want to know about the messenger? if you disagree with the message prove it wrong, that is all you are expected to do.

    And YES, there is another spiritual way for your divine growth, it is your family, see god in your parents and worship them as such, your partner is your companion and no-one else, try this path, you will surly be happy content and become spiritual.

    If you think government has not taken any action against this cult then you are mistaken, have a look at our website Freedom from sahaj marg you will get all the information as what all actions governments have taken against this cult.

    We are doing our job, and we are doing it better then yours, you are causing harm to the society by being part of such a cult and by fooling others to become a mindless drone of sahaj marg, we are opposing this cult.

    I also have a small advice to you, leave sahaj marg and become a social human.

  9. Shashwat buddy, nature will take care of you. When ur nose touches the grind stone let go of your ego and start crtically thinking:) Till then live in your lala land haha

  10. When Zombies of sahaj marg cannot refute a logical fact by their fantasies of brighter world and their super human lalaji, babuji, chariji trio fail miserably in front of bare minimum natural thinking process, they come up with comments like the one posted above

  11. Shashwat
    Why should someone try and prove things to you. I couldn't careless what you think and what you write. My sincere advice is visit an Ashram in India and see things for yourself and thereafter shut up.

  12. when you couldn't care less about what i write than why did you bothered to leave a comment here?

    And why do you suggest that anyone should take the risk to getting close to a dangerous manipulative cunning and infectious groups such as sahaj marg, when they can get all the information on internet within the safety of their home? try starting from here

  13. Thank you Shashwat well written article an eye opener.

  14. Mr. Shashwat, not only is your knowledge of English grammar circumspect, your psychopatic obsession with Sahaj Marg and repetitious arguments appear to be a means of making money off Google's Adspace and/or whoever else is funding your 'research'. You obviously don't have any other occupation.

    If you're intelligent enough to see through the system, please allow other's the same ability to decide based on personal experience or first-hand knowledge.

    And just as my calling you intelligent won't make you so, your calling Sahaj Marg a cult will not turn it into one.

  15. Namaste,
    I must say the effort you have taken to maintain your blog and website and harness all of your energy into criticizing and warning people against this system is commendable.I follow my master Chariji in Sahaj Marg but no negative vibes to you.Clearly you have a purpose and a motive, but it is evident that the way of the mission practice as continued by the descendants of Babuji is not successful so they probably hired you to get them some brownie points on the world wide web or you might be a distant relative or well wisher.Whatever it be brother,a meditation organization is for providing results towards the development of humanity and in no way like a family business where you pass on the position to your descendants.Everybody realizes this and that is why Chariji has made Sahaj Marg what it is and the futile attempts to malign him will always just remain at that.If people opposing him really thought they have the right of succession as given to them by Babuji and the Spiritual capacity,why does the whole world then see their inefficiency to continue babujis work and the futility in your attempts in spending your lonely days in creating so much hate against a system that has already taken deep root in our changing and evolving world.Peace to you and hope you truly achieve your objectives.

    P.S Do not bother replying to this message,i do not feel the need to visit this website a second time,just like you have not taken the time and effort to visit SRCM a first time.(but so much hate,rebel without a cause..Good Luck!)

  16. Hi,
    We all create our own reality 100% through our perception. Our beliefs play a major part influence on what we perceive. Therefore, we all need to look at ourselves as to what are we doing, why are we feeling the way we are feeling. Criticising or praising others is only a camouflage we use to avoid facing ourselves.
    Lets stay close to ourselves!


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