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A Fake spiritual Guru

Common sense tells us that we must always test claims of people before we accept them as fact, we may accept a person as good by assuming good faith, till that person does not demonstrate him/herself to be otherwise, but as far as accepting any claim, it must be proved and must satisfy our intellect.

In-case of Sahaj marg, there is no proof, no logical conclusion, nothing exists to establish the validity of this system. The most prominent aspect which is clearly visible in sahaj marg is elevation of ego, and breaking of families associated with it. Since our objective is to enable people to think for themselves and do not fall in trap created by cunning and manipulative guru of sahaj marg (California based) and his army of lusty preceptors, we tried to find out as how do we distinguish between a fake and an real enlighten master.

To start with here is one video i found on youtube, where someone is explaining precisely the same thing.

I do not know as who this person is, i have never heard his name, nor i have visited his website or website of people dis-satisfied with him, nevertheless, I find his explanation to be worthy of discussion, and putting P. Rajagopalachari under the scanner of this person's explanation.

In his statement person in video has explained certain characteristics of an enlighten master and those of fake cunning guru's.

I will list down the gist of comments made in this video and below each comment i will put what chari say's:-

1. It is very difficult to prove that a person is enlighten because such a person would never say that s/he is enlighten.

Here is Chari claiming that he is a liberated one

I told Babuji one day in Shahjahanpur, I think it was in 1968 or '69. He congratulated me and said, "Now you are liberated."

2. True enlighten masters are very simple, and down to earth, mostly they are not even noticed, because they never declare themselves to be a master.

Chari is fighting battles in courts to prove that he is an enlighten master.

3. Even if animals pass by an enlighten master, they forget their birth enmity towards other animals, like snakes and mongoose, in presence of an enlighten master, they forget their birth enmity towards each other.

Chari himself has various criminal cases against him which are related to violence, fraud and cheating, people who are closely related to him, like general secretory U.S bajpai, vice president A. P Duari, and all most all members of his inner circle, they all have criminal cases against them for violence

4. In case of any natural calamity, place where an enlighten master is present there will be little or no effect.

Recently there were floods in Chennai, this is what happened in Sahaj marg head quarters

"The flood this November has been the worst so far. Water has never entered the cottage, but last night there was nearly two feet of water inside the cottage. The compound wall in the rear - Lion gate to the cascade, behind the Babuji Mantap - has collapsed. In the general dining area there is more than six feet of water. At the North-Eastern end, there is reportedly nearly ten feet of water. The parking area in front is under five feet of water. The ashram has been evacuated yesterday late evening, and today all will be moved to a Kalyana Mantapam [wedding hall] in Mylapore, along with residents behind the ashram in the Garden Road. The Police Commissioner has promised to assist with boats, which will hopefully arrive in a few hours time..."

5. An enlighten master would never force anyone to do anything.

Here is Chari forcing people to buy his costly book messages from brighter world:-
So I would take this opportunity of imploring you all to read these messages again and again. Read it with, you know, an open heart so that the meaning goes into you direct into the heart without going through the brain. We have to bypass the brain if you are going to be a spiritual person seriously interested in your evolution. Anything that you subject to your brain for evaluation will only doom you to further slavery. I hope you will take this last warning of mine to heart - put away your head completely.

And here is Chari hammering stuffs in his victims:-

See, this sentence is to be hammered into your hearts. If you can't accept it, somebody should hammer it. Keep your Master happy under all circumstances.

6. All enlighten masters do not depend on any books, their knowledge come by itself, because soul has infinite power.

Chari has been trying very very hard to sell his book, "Brighter World" In my books of Sahaj Marg, what Babuji wrote, often a book is one sentence. But that sentence has to be opened, analyzed, gone into, day after day, and then you will find that it is really a book. Please try it. Thank you.

7. A fake guru would not allow you to react, whereas an enlighten master will always encourage you to react.

Chari has always been saying one must not react, the only requirement to is to become a mindless obedient drone. No questions. Totally unquestioning obedience is the only requirement of this spiritual way that I know, Sahaj Marg. The moment you start asking questions, it is implicit that you are questioning the wisdom of your Master, the intentions of your Master and his existence itself - never done, except at the peril of your own evolution.

Hence we find that Chari and his sahaj marg, does not even stand anywhere close to a definition of true enlighten master or a true spiritual system, across a very amateur standard of spirituality.

Open your eyes and look at this fake manipulative and cunning guru, get rid of him, and start living a free life, which is truly spiritual. Do not fall in traps of sahaj marg.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for exposing the fake spiritual guru.such wicked minded people can tarnish the age old populartiy of spirituality.

  2. Excellent work. We must always question our masters, especially if they try to force feed us and start acting weird. It's important that we strive for wisdom ourselves in our own minds, rather than depending on our teachers' wisdom all the time. Our teacher's aren't gonna be there forever.

    The person in the video is Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh. Dunno much about him though.

    He has some good teachings, which I'm currently going through on Youtube.

    His website is:

  3. Hi,

    I am a member of this system. I don't say you are wrong. Just analyze yourselves before you make such statements.

    Yes our soul has Ultimate and Infinite Power in it. With his speeches and books we just unravel hidden truths of us [and our soul]. In this mechanical world it is hard for us to concentrate to maintain a balance with material and spiritual lives. Faith and Belief will give abudant power for one to travel thru ultimate path to reach eternity from this material world.

    As you said, don't always use your brain where we need to use our heart. There are names in name of God for different religions. But in fact they all are one. Even we are part of that Oneness. We just got scattered into fragements with different forms of life. Once we evolve our souls and rediscover ourselves we will again bound into that oneness.

    Hope you will not make such unlogical comments again.

  4. I don't say you are wrong.==>Hope you will not make such unlogical comments again.

    Effect of sahaj marg on victims brain.

  5. I don't how Shashwat could say that he has been ruined by practising Sahaj Marg. Sahaj Marg does not ask you to be a brahmachari, and break all ties with family. I am amazed to find that with a few questions you have arrived at a conclusion that sahaj marg is a fake! Yes, Chariji is trying to sell books, because that is the only source of income. Sahaj Marg is free. They do not ask you pay money for teaching you what is spirituality, how to achieve it, etc. The only source of income is selling books published by the ashram.

    And you have said that "place where an enlighten master is present there will be little or no effect" when there is a natural calamity. You forgot that even Dwaraka, where Lord Krishna was born, has gone under water.

    You may have an axe to grind (for reasons unknown to us), and you would have, due to your foolishness, made your life miserable, for which please do not slander a great soul.

  6. Dear Vijay,

    You cannot know how sahaj marg ruin's its victims life, till you are brainwashed by this cult, to know what sahaj marg does to its victim, you need to become unbiased and neutral and look at sahaj marg from an outside perspective, which you cannot do, because you have been brainwashed and drained out of logic, but recovery is possible, read my article How to leave sahaj marg.

    Sahaj marg does isolates its victim from friends and family, they have even said so in their website (, if you have some other version of sahaj marg, then you are next in line with kasturi, narayana, navneet saxena, raghevendra rao and many more.

    About the source of income, well once again you contradict what sahaj say's in their website, (, they have not mentioned that source of income is only and only book, rather it is donations.

    You have said:-
    "They do not ask you pay money for teaching you what is spirituality, how to achieve it, etc"

    Is there any cult which openly charges money for its teachings? all cults manipulate exactly the way sahaj marg does to milk money from its victims, however, sahaj marg does asks money to its teaching, kindly listen to my interview with grandson of lalaji he say's, money is asked to enter into so called mediation halls.

    About Dwarka, you demonstrate all the symptoms of sahaj marg diseases, namely, loss of focus, inability to think, absence of logic and irrational behavior.

    The person in video said, in "place where enlighten person lives, or has a presence" he has not said forever, but during their lifetime, its understood, Dwarka, was submerged in sea long after lord krishna left earth and his grandson was taken out of dwarka by arjun, after that dwarka was submerged, not during the life time of krishna.

    but you cannot think this, because you are totally brainwashed drone of sahaj marg.


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