Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brighter World of Sahaj Marg

Zombies of sahaj marg believe that when a person dies, he can either go to brighter world or is sent to hell, (and no brighter world is not heaven!) unlike Hindu philosophy zombies of sahaj marg do not believe in theory of reincarnation , but they believe in doomsday which they call “bhuma” that is the “Day of Judgment”. bhuma is the day when God will take care of every humans deeds and punish or reward him according to his deeds, no-one knows when this so called “bhuma” will happen, but zombies of sahaj marg believe that it will come, at-least in known human history this day has not yet come, and there is no guarantee as when will this day come, but because zombies of sahaj marg think from their heart, so they believe that this day will come and anyone who is not part of sahaj marg will be punished by God and all those who are part of sahaj marg will be rewarded by God. This is the mental state in which these zombies live.

There is however, no explanation in sahaj marg as what will happen to people living in brighter world? are they going to stay in brighter world forever? or is it that they are also waiting for "bhuma"? Sahaj marg does not explains if concept of bhuma is applicable in brighter world or not?

This cult explains brighter world as a hypothetical place where so called elevated members of this cult go once they are dead, currently this place is occupied by Sulochna (wife of leader of this cult) Babuji (founder of this cult) Lalaji (the claimed founder of this cult), Swami Vivekananda, Gautam buddha, Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ. Only criteria to reach brighter world is to be obedient to the leader of this cult, do not question anything stated by the cult leader, follow the cult leader where-ever he goes and above all dedication towards the mission, those who give up their family for the sake of sahaj marg, a placed is reserved in brighter world for that person.

This is not enough, this brighter world is also a source of income for this cult, it is claimed that an anonymous French lady receives messages from brighter world, and these messages are sold to the members of this cult costing $ 250 per 600 messages.

A person who is not brainwashed by this cult, may get astonished by the stupidity exhibited by zombies of sahaj marg, who not only accept existence of brighter world but also buy these messages, how is this possible? How is it possible for normal humans to believe in such fallacies? Answer is:- members of sahaj marg are asked to “think from heart” (please don't laugh, this is true!!). Members of sahaj marg fail to understand that thinking process is done by brain and not by heart, and because this cult is scared of mind, (as they know very well that if a person thinks, he will for sure leave this cult immediately as sahaj marg is nothing more then foolishness) so the members of sahaj marg are asked not to think at all. Since this cult is highly manipulative, they never say directly that one must become stupid, instead they say “think from heart” and don’t use your mind. This is their way of keeping people stupid, who worship a criminal.

Here I would like to put forth a question for all those who are member of Shree Ram Chandra Mission, why is sahaj marg so against intelligence? Can members of this cult explain as who gave human intellect? Doesn’t it come from God? God has given us a tool to distinguish the right from the wrong. If we don’t use it and as the result follow the ways of perdition, who’s fault is it? As Galileo said, if God did not want us to use our brain, why he would give it to us?

We must acknowledge the divine origin of our intellect. Knowledge and reason come from God. Ignorance comes from non-God or Satan i.e people like Chari. Anytime we shut down our brain and believe in things that make no sense we distance ourselves from God and get closer to Satan.

Even though our intellect is limited but this is no reason to go against it. We are given a measuring tool to separate right from wrong. It is imperfect but this does not mean we should through it away and do without it.

If the concept of brighter world, those stupid messages from brighter world, and all of the gobblygoody theories of sahaj marg do not make any sense, isn’t this proof enough that the sahaj marg has got nothing to do with spirituality? Can stupidity be compared with spirituality?

Is it possible that by leaving one’s job, family and other social responsibility if one travels to various places only to celebrate chari’s birthday Chari can reserve a place in brighter world???? Is this not stupid? All a person needs to do to come out of mind control of sahaj marg is to start thinking, and reject the absurd philosophy of sahaj marg.

There is no place anywhere which goes by the name of brighter world nor anyone who die’s reaches that place, brighter world is simply a cocked up place by criminal minded Parthsarthi Rajagopalachari, only to make money. Stop being fool, start thinking and take care of your responsibilities, by serving Mr. Chari you are going no-where but only distancing yourself from your society.


  1. First of all we are not a cult, we do not believe in any such thing as going and burning in hell, our master has not promised us any such place in the brighter world if we celebrate his birthday. We only practice Raja Yoga a form of meditation, to free us from wordly attachements. No one is making money here, my master has provided free meditation to all.
    I would suggest you get a life, involve yorself in some healthy activities like sports or reading books and not spreading vicious rumors.

  2. Hi Sharmishta,

    First of all we are not a cult,

    Can you inform us about a single person in this world who would say, s/he is part of a cult? No-one who understands a group as a cult will continue to be associated with it, because the moment anyone understands the facts, they return to their normal life with immediate effect.

    I know that sahaj marg is a cult, because I have experienced it, but this is not the basis on which I call sahaj marg a cult, basis is government reports, which are presented in parliaments of countries and are based on in-depth analysis of sahaj marg by independent researchers.

    Here is the link to one of these reports

    refer to footnote on page 81, it states that sahaj marg brainwashings people and applies mind control, and hence listed as harmful cult.

    Now the moment you accept this reality you cannot remain in this group, because it is psychologically uncomfortable to hold contradictory cognition's, if you accept sahaj marg as cult, you cannot remain in this cult, therefore you will have to remain in this mode of constant denial, as you have been made weak and highly dependent on this cult, especially transmission, without a dose of drug (transmission), you possibly cannot survive, and hence you cannot digest this truth and will remain in mode of denial till you become strong enough to face the truth.

    Abhyasis are not just technologically underdeveloped, but also morally and spiritually. Their ethos is wrong, their minds are crooked, and their ways are pervert. There is something wrong in the way abhyasis perceive the world. They have values that are out of this world and inconceivable by civilized people.

    Sahaj Marg has made them a zombie, who has no life whatsoever of your own, you cannot think on your own, you cannot decide on your own, if you want to regain you status of human, you will have to come out of denial, and accept the glaring truth in front of you, you have been fooled used and abused, now you have to restart your journey from the day you joined this cult, and erase all traces of sahaj marg from your mental arena. There is no other way possible to come out completely from sahaj marg brainwashing

    The problem with abhyasis is their religion. People are born innocent everywhere; it is the way they are educated and the values that they embrace that makes them different. Sahaj marg reduce humans into something else

    we do not believe in any such thing as going and burning in hell, our master has not promised us any such place in the brighter world if we celebrate his birthday

    So be kind enough to elaborate on what you believe? What do you celebrate a criminals birthday for? That too in different cities.. leaving you family and relatives behind? What is the purpose of group contamination ? if you can celebrate birthday of Chari you should not have any problems celebrating birthday of Osama Bin laden ? he is as spiritual as chari is and has more number of followers that Chari has !!! they both use same psychology and that is of brainwashing and producing zombies.

    Who goes to the brighter world by the way? Is this place reserved only for masters of sahaj marg? If so… Chari himself will not have a place there as his claim to be master of sahaj marg is still pending in supreme court of India, so lets wait and see what supreme court decides as who will go to the brighter world and who will not.

    We only practice Raja Yoga a form of meditation, to free us from wordly attachements. No one is making money here, my master has provided free meditation to all

    This is another lie, sahaj marg has got nothing to do with Raja Yoga, I have proved this fact here read discussion about Raja Yoga, there is no mention of transmission from criminal chari’s heart to lusty preceptors heart to victims heart in Raja Yoga, you are fooled because you did not tried to verify the credentials of the statement made to you… Sahaj marg is purly an Islamic concept and is not related to hindu philosophy, criminals of sahaj marg claim that sahaj marg is part of hindu religion only to fool people, their aim is only to fool people and make money in name of spirituality, they are businessmen and not spiritual person, which establishes them a liars and criminals harming society.

    If everything is free in sahaj marg from where money comes then? What is the need to open a bank account in Switzerland? Donation charges have been doubled in france so that money can be put in this account which is operated solely by Chari!!! (check here ). What do you think who pays for houses purchased by PR Krishna, and Chari’s numerous real state properties across the world? Chari does not get any pension either!!!

    Its your money which he has taken away from you,

    “A fool and his money are soon separated”

    Zombies of sahaj marg are fools of highest order but Chari is not a fool, he is a cunning criminal, he has fooled people into buying messages from brighter world costing $250, when there is nothing called brighter world exist, there are no messages from any French lady, he is able to milk people of their money making such absurd claims, Chari cannot be termed as fool, but zombies of sahaj marg are.

    I would suggest you get a life, involve yorself in some healthy activities like sports or reading books and not spreading vicious rumors.

    Is it possible for abhyasis to practice what they preach? I seriously doubt, because they are transmitted by a highly Hippocratic person….

    If you feel statements made by me are incorrect I have no problems correcting them, all you need to do is to demonstrate them to be incorrect, but proving what I say to be false is impossible for you, because of two reasons,

    1. You have renounced logic and rational thinking the day you joined sahaj marg and

    2. Sahaj marg is a society ruled by insanity. There is no politically correct way to describe it. Sahaj marg is a mental disease.

    The more you follow Chari, the madder you get, more tyrannous become its inner circle members and more barbarous become its people.

    The only hope for these wretched people is to help them get rid of Sahaj Marg. It is sahaj marg that is the cause of their barbarity, wickedness and intellectual torpor. People are the same everywhere. It is their beliefs that make them act differently. Sahaj marg cannot be reformed, but it can be demolished. Once it is demolished, civility will be restored and terrifying tales such as those reported by victims of sahaj marg will become history.


  3. HI Shashwat,
    I feel you are quite right.. I got into this Sahaj Marg and stayed there fore 2-3 months and understood what a fuckin mess this is.. There are doctors, engineers, top class management people etc and got me into the 'system'. I was given the transmission for 3 days and i did meditation - got an excellent meditation. I practice meditation for 10's of years now, always off and on. This system got me the best feeling of meditation, in fact during transmission i got tremendous experience that only someone with deep roots in yoga can make out. Fantastic to that extent.

    But then I was told to come for the Sunday satsang, Wednesday satsang. Whole bunch of morons i felt. Everyone says master - master - master. If you drive faster, master will be pained. "Why dont you take rest - if your legs are paining, otherwise master will only suffer". I would love that metaphysical comparison. Truly Lord Krishna reincarnated kinds. But then if Chari is so great then why doesnt he encourage usage of almighty or god or paramatma and disassociate himself. In the induction I was told, Chari is also a fellow traveller and a companion. I liked the idea. But as I went a bit deeper I found this Chari is almighty. I said what the fuck. I dont want some bloody Chari to guide me in to that. If there is a God, I think there is, and I communicate to him at my own terms, whenever I find free time and he does not mind that... Why should I involve this Chari fellow in between. And I said bye.

    My preceptor was a lady. A nice lady. I felt her and her husband as very nice and dedicated people. No qualms at that and to my experience I would disagree with you on your comments of lusty preceptor.. But yes I strongly feel that this Chari fellow must be upto something.

  4. I am out of Sahaj Marg for 1 year now and I have a great sense of relief. My life was a mess when I was in this mission. I think the meditation part of it is good. However the excessive preaching about Master and living vicariously as though it was him is making u a 'zombie'. You will realise the precious time you have lost (the time which belongs to your family) only after you are out of it. My advice to anyone who wants to come out of it is to passively detach yourself from it.


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