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Sequence of Events (SRCM-1983-1984)

In my previous post i had published interviews and testimonials of some senior preceptors of Shri Ram Chandra mission, and all of them in one voice said P. Rajagopalachari was not elected as president of SRCM, but started his own group in parallel to what was functioning since 1945.

People who have testified till now are:-

1. Kasturi Chaturvedi

2. Dinaysh Kumar Saxena

3. Manbhawati devi

4. K.V Reddy

5. Punnet Saxena.

6. Amreesh Saxena.

Dispute between both the parties is still pending in court, and according to functionaries of SRCM-1945-India, there are violent clashes between the two group in court premises on each date of hearing.

Legal dispute is between Indian SRCM-1945 and California based SRCM-1997. Attempts for amicable settlement of the dispute was attempted, which failed, and matter reach in Indian court in 1984, and in USA court in 2000. (see here).

Matter is still lingering in court. (see here)

However we attempted to find out sequence of events which led to this situation, and is largely responsible for downfall of sahaj marg system of meditation, which currently is nothing more then a cult, involved in property shenanigans, poisoning, incest, divorces and other similar activities.

This all started immediately after death of the founder of Shri Ram Chandra Mission.

Sequence of events are as follows:-

1. Founder died on 19th April 1983.

2. Meeting of working committee of SRCM was held on 10th June 1983, in which P. Rajagopalachari and Sharad Saxena presented their claims for nomination. (Umesh did not present his claim in the first meeting) no decision was taken at that time, it was agreed in the meeting that both the claims will be examined and decision will be taken in next meeting.

3. P. Rajagopalachari started influencing members. between 1st meeting and second meeting (according to Manbhawti Devi).

4. During this period, Umesh Chandra presented his claim.

5. Second Meeting (scheduled in 10th June 1983 meeting) took place on 6th and 7th Feb 1984 (two days).

6. In this meeting all the 3 claims were examined and Umesh Chandra was declared as president as his nomination letter was considered to be genuine by the members of the working committee.

Following people were present in the meeting:-
1. Mr. P.C Chaturvedi (Chairman of the meeting)
2. Mr. P.C Saxena.
3. Mr. B.M Heble
4. Mr. R. Rajagopalachari
5. Mr. R.L Mimani
6. Mr K.V Subba Rao
7. V.R Vipat
8. Dr. S.P Shrivastava
9. Mr. K.C Narayana

7. After this meeting, S.A Sarnad (who was appointed secretory of SRCM in 1982 by the founder) circulated the appointment of U.C Saxena as president of SRCM on 15 Feb 1984.

8. P.C Chaturvedi who was chairman of the committee which appointed Umesh Chandra Saxena as president of SRCM is father of Kasturi Chaturvedi, (who some say drifted towards Chari, then moved away from him) but while talking to me, she did not mention that she ever endorsed Chari's nomination as president, she told me that Chari was never appointed as President of SRCM, which is consistent with the resolution adopted in 1983-84 meeting's.

What followed there after is legal battle, which is continuing even today.

9. According to K.V Reddy, who was overseas secretory of SRCM since 1980, K.C Narayana was neutral till 1991, started his own group ISRC with a commitment to umesh chandra that his group will be merged in his, once the legal skirmishes are over.

If we read the documents containing minutes of working committee meeting of 1984, we will find that there were serious efforts to pacify P. Rajagopalachari, who are furious because he was not elected as president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, and was adamant to break away, as the nomination letter produced by him was found to be result of forgery, still P. Rajagoplachari started his parallel organization and spoiled the very essence on which Sahaj marg system is based. (brotherhood amongst followers), as is case with other personal religions of the world namely Islam and Christianity.

Hinduism however believes in "Vasudeva Kutumbakam" (entire world is my family). Struggle for money and power defines sahaj marg. We all must be aware of these facts before we venture out in these cults.

I personally feel that information presented by various bloggers and website owners are enough to convince any normal thinking person that Sahaj marg (as it is today) is no-where related to spirituality or love, but for those who are trapped in, it will be difficult to digest these informations.

When i spoke to Dinaysh Kumar Saxena (grandson of lalaji), I realized that people in sahaj marg are intemidated, they are made to believe that they cannot survive outside sahaj marg, and mostly people are trapped in SRCM because of fear and psycological barries, they have had developed faith in this group, and when i read statements by those involved and i read them saying "My Mission" i sense the psycological manipulation here, where members are made to identify themselves with this cult. This treand is very dangerous, as any identification with any object is not spiritual, spirituality means freedom, identification is slavery which causes miseary.

In course of this faith, members are trained in not to use their thinking capacity and are made obedient so much so, that they fail to see the obvious.

I will cite an example here.

In year 2007 P. rajagopalachari celebrated his 80th birth anniversary (see here) I will reproduce what is written in that link:-

Sahaj Sandesh No: 2007.20 – Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dear Sister / Brother:

Registration for July 2007 Celebrations

The last date to register for Rev. Master’s 80th Birth Anniversary celebrations has been extended to May 31, 2007. Please ensure that all abhyasis who are planning on attending this auspicious and joyous occasion submit their registration forms by this date.

Now have a look at celebration for the year 2009:- (see here) it says:

Wednesday the 15th April 2009

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Pranams! We are deeply grateful and joyous that our Beloved Master has graciously permitted us to celebrate His 83rd birthday at Tiruppur, India.

Only two years have passed between 2007 and 2009, and P. Rajagopalachari has crossed 3 years. i.e according to sahaj marg logic 80+2=83.

We cannot expect those people to think who belive that 80+2=83. All the documents which we have presented here, will not convince those who believe that 80+2=83, those who know that 80+2 <> 83 but 82, will leave this cult immediatly and those who believe that 80+2=83 will continue to be an abhyasi.

Who can help those who do not care for their family, lie, manipulate and fools their family members because they have faith that 80+2=83!!

I cannot, but i can surly help those who still know that 80+2<>83.

With love

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  1. Hi Shashwat,

    There is a minor correction needed in pt 8 which states "P.C Chaturvedi who was chairman of the committee which appointed Umesh Chandra Saxena as president of SRCM is father of Kasturi Chaturvedi"

    Shri P.C. Chaturvedi wasn't the father of Kasturi Chaturvedi. Her father's name is "Shri Ram Das Chaturvedi" who was also fondly called as "Chaubey Ji" by Pujya Babuji Maharaj.


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