Monday, June 01, 2009

Corporate policy of layoff

These are hard times, there is an apparent slowdown in economy world wide, with people loosing their jobs, don't have money to spend, thereby causing more losses in various other area's which in turn causes more job-loss.

There is one thing common world-wide in this times of recession, lay-off, which people across the globe have now accepted as part of life.

There are some companies which are honest and are transparent in their undertakings and there are some companies which have stick to manipulative tactics throughout their life span, the honest companies, when they face losses, their employees know that their company is loosing money and need to take some difficult measures for the survival of the company, honest companies present their condition in-front of their employees and then present the list of lay-offs, employees of such companies are also honest because they have been working in an honest environment, they understand and accept whatever their company has to offer.

Whereas the cunning and manipulative companies use manipulative and cunning tactics for cost reduction, the cunning and manipulative company will create an impossible kind of working environment so that employees leave their jobs by their own, puzzled, as what has happened to these people who were soo good the previous day and have changed suddenly!!!

Now coming to Sahaj marg which is the topic under discussion in this blog, recently the cunning and manipulative leader of this cult has announced a series of cost cutting measures in his organization which is not making enough money as he was anticipating.

Parthasarthi Rajagopalchi has made a long speech announcing these cost cutting measures and also announcing the near impossible condition of survival inside the cult for its members.

On the face of it, it appears to be a good move as it will enable people to think as they will be able to get some time of their own when they spend time away from this cult, but it has a hidden meaning as well. We will try to understand his trap of change in time and no food policy of SRCM once again by taking the analogy of a corporate body.

When environment is made hostile and it become hard to survive in a company, the best brains which will get any job any where, will be the first to leave, only the rotten bottom employees remain in an organization where working conditions have become hostile, primarily because they cannot get job anywhere else.

Motive's and intentions of Chari has been exposed now, and many people who were working with him now know the true face of Chari, he needs to save his face more then he cares about mission or Ram Chandra Saxena for that matter, primary reason of this sudden tughlaki order from chari is this only, he is now threatened by some people inside the mission who know more then what they are suppose to know, now Chari need to find a way to keep them at bay, and this sudden order is the proof of it.

Now lets focus at some aspects of what chari has actually said and lets analyze it

Chari has said:-

I remember way back, I proposed to Babuji Maharaj that we have a bus to convey people from Shahjahanpur station to the ashram. He said, "I like your idea, but I do not want too much comfort. It is against spirituality."

It is not clear as when babuji said that, but the point that Chari has made, that babuji was against the idea of having a bus to carry zombies from station to zombie manufacturing camps as It is against spirituality . It is well known that zombie's are carried from station to zombie grounds on each of his birthday bash organized in various towns of India, even if we have a look current registration form available at other section of the same web-site, it talks about comfort dorm's (, buses are available from station, so these acts are against spirituality, and chari has been doing this act, which according to himself is against spirituality, but still brainwashed zombies think and claim that sahaj marg is a spiritual system!!! either people living in comfort dorms are not spiritual people but PIG's (as Chari calls them) or are fools of highest order (as i call them)

Chari has further stated:-

He had a big family. Babuji has very vividly said how even in the coldest winter of Fatehgarh, he used to sleep with his whole family under one torn blanket.

It is so astonishing that chari is giving example of lalaji's family who is no-where related to sahaj marg, but he has never ever uttered a word about babuji's family!! WHY??? why Chari has never said a single statement about family members of babuji?

Here is the reason why

Chari started his speech by saying:-

I'm sorry to say that I don't see this nowadays. And perhaps it is my fault that I have permitted timings to be changed, routines to be changed, requirements to be weakened. Being led to believe that if our requirements are stringent, people will not come. We have made the mistake of not obeying Babuji's principles where he said, "I want quality, not quantity." I believe that somewhere along the way in the past forty five years, this mistake was made by me first, that we started thinking of numbers and not quality so that today we have a great deal of numbers and not much quality.

This man is shameless, he admits that he has not been obeying his own master and has been vomiting countless speeches about obedience!!! this can happen only in sahaj marg, reason as why he took help from criminal minded people is pretty straight forward, he needed to maintain his control over the property of the mission created by babuji and he needed goon's and criminals as well as police officers and people in judiciary on his side so that he can maintain the power and control over mission which rightfully belongs to someone else, he has snatched the home and property of others and needed protection, and this is the only reason as why only criminals or police officials and members of judiciary are the working committee member of SRCM controlled and run by P Rajagopalachari.

We need to be vigilant against such fake, manipulative and cunning individuals who would go to any length to get benefit for their own self.

your safety is in your own hands


  1. Hey shashwath,
    I am curious about your story and I just have few questions :

    1) When, where and why did you join sahaj marg ?

    2) What exactly prompted you to leave sahaj marg ?

    3) I saw you mentioned that someone brainwashed you. Who and and what did they say ?

  2. Hey shashwath,
    Its me again. I could not find answers to the above in your website. Let me know. Also, did you join on your own or someone from your family forced you to join ?

    When did you say 'enough is enough', I am leaving sahaj marg. Who said/did what to you to feel that way.

    I appreciate if you can provide the above answers.

  3. Your questions resembles that of a madman, they don't have any substance in it, this blog and all comments deal with sahaj marg and shree ram chandra mission and it is not at all about me, there is no point in pondering over my association with this cult, if you try using your common sense, you will come to know that there is nothing valuable in this cult, it is only and only harmful, divert your queries towards sahaj marg rather them me, it will serve the purpose of this blog and your interest as well.

  4. Now I know how much of a fool you are. May be a learned fool. Looks like someone hurt your ego real bad and I understand this has nothing to do with sahaj marg and it is about yor personal venegeance. May be your ego will not accept it but its the truth. I pray that god give you wisdom.

  5. Also those are all relevant questions to understand truth. Also, I have searched on great spiritual gurus till now and everyone has someone like you even vivekananda and paramahamsa. People like you can onlly make their greatness spread.

  6. "Now I know how much of a fool you are. May be a learned fool"

    Well i will classify this as grade IV simile, otherwise a "learned fool" doesn't makes much sense to me!! A person can either be a fool or a learned man, normally a person cannot be a 'learned fool" at-least this does not happen in the world where humans live, but because you are a brainwashed zombie of sahaj marg, it is impossible for you to understand this, which human consider as "COMMON SENSE" you lack that, and its not your fault, its because of the practice you do as part of sahaj marg system.

    "Looks like someone hurt your ego real bad and I understand this has nothing to do with sahaj marg and it is about yor personal venegeance."

    And to me, it looks like that my classification of your question to that of a mad-man hurt your ego and you made me a "learned fool", did you, by any chance, read this blog??

    "May be your ego will not accept it but its the truth. I pray that god give you wisdom."

    Well is ego some other person, individual or some other entity? pls define ego, and how is it different from my own though process? there is no point in using wired statements which you yourself don't understand, i invite you to define ego, according to your understanding of sahaj marg, it will be a nice discussion.

    You have concluded about truth so soon, my refusal to share my personal experience with an anonymous commenter on my blog has made you realize the truth, alas... if it was that easy to understand and realize the truth, you would not have been a brainwashed zombie of sahaj marg today!!

    You are praying to God, to grant me wisdom... have you ever prayed to God, to grant YOU wisdom? what was the result of that prayer? when did you prayed and how, when and where did you realize that God has granted your wish and you have become a man/women of wisdom? if you are not a wo/man of wisdom, then either you are not interested in wisdom yourself, or your wish has not been granted till date! if later is the case, what is the point in praying for me?? If you yourself are not interested in wisdom yourself why are you praying for me? if you are a man/women of wisdom, what are you doing in sahaj marg?

    In any-case, i would like to know name of one person who has gained wisdom when some unknown person prayed to God for their wisdom, do let me know so that we can validate the value of your prayer!!

    try and use your "common sense", you have it, just that you have forgotten that you have common sense also.

  7. Reply to your second post:-

    "Also those are all relevant questions to understand truth"

    But you have already understood the truth, read your previous comment, I will put it here for you:-

    "May be your ego will not accept it but its the truth"

    Don't you think you are confused about what you are writing? go back and take some rest, sleep well and come back for discussion fresh.

    "Also, I have searched on great spiritual gurus till now and everyone has someone like you even vivekananda and paramahamsa"

    I don't know much about who was exposing vivekananda or paramhamsa, what i know is they were not scared of anyone, because they were speaking the truth, they were not violent people, they did not torture women, they did not forced divorces, they did not asked for money, nor did they captured homes of other people and used "black money" to buy properties.

    Speaking the truth is not bad, if you disagree with me on any topic, feel free to prove me wrong, i will accept and will remove this blog, see my open challenge here

    People like you can onlly make their greatness spread."

    So according to you, greatness of great people need someone to spoil their greatness to become great !! lol

    All zombies of sahaj marg are as foolish as you are, without exception, dear, Greatness of great people does not need any medium to spread, their greatness speaks for itself, its cunning, manipulative and criminal mined beasts who need someone else to manipulate other for them.

    Get rid of sahaj marg, you can become normal.


  8. Regd "they did not asked for money, nor did they captured homes of other people",

    Do you how Rockefeller foundation was started or Indian institute of science started ? It is because Vivekananda asked to donate money.

    Also, Swami vivekananda had property dispute with his uncle.

    So, these legal issues will be there een for most spiritual people.

  9. Vivekanada proposed the idea for establishing an institute in india, Jamshedji did the rest, Vivekananda died in 1902, and IISc was established in 1911. Money was taken care of by the tata group, and not by the muth.

    Vivekananda had renounced the world and had become a sadhu, he was not involved in his family.

    Sahaj Marg makes a person loose their thinking ability, and they become like you.

  10. Dude, get the facts ..Eventhough he became a sadhu, It is clearly written in a book that he had a property dispute with uncle.

    And, who funded Vivekananda's trip to USA ?. Someone had to donate the money to him. Who funded Paramahamsa yagananda ? Someone has to donate him.

    Dont spread falsehood and hate man ..It will serve you and also greater humanity.

  11. Which book? you have written that book?

    lets decide what you want to discuss!! Vivekanada's trip to USA or Criminal Chari criminal acts, Chari claims that he is master of sahaj marg, but the case is pending in court, chari has used force and money power to threaten family members of babuji and lalaji, they both claim that Chari has given them money and threatened with dire consequences if they don't agree with them, chari has tortured women and children, proofs about the same are listed in my website and this blog.

    We are trying to unmask this criminal who is faking as a spiritual person, whereas in reality he is a criminal minded beast.

    Check out my interview with Lalaji's grandson, all your doubts will be cleared.

  12. My challenge : If I give reference to that book, will you accept your defeat ?

    You are like G.B Singh for Vivekananda man.

    G.B Singh ~ Vivekananda = Shashwat ~ Rajagopalachari

    There are people who still believe that Obama is a non-us citizen and he is not born in Hawaii.
    You are like one of them.

    Get over it and be a man.

  13. Where is the book you were referring to? link you have given is not a book, but an article written by an individual, with no proofs associated with it!!

    If you are interested in discussion about Vivekananda, G.B Singh is the right person to do, i am not. If you can disapprove any of the charges against Criminal chari, i will remove my website, here is the challenge

    Now what Obama got to do with sahaj marg? its not your fault, you have lost your mental balance because of transmission.

    Appropriate word for creatures like you is "Zombie"

    Go back, take rest, sleep well and then come back for discussion fresh


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